Ten Tigers Kicks Off new $3 Happy Hour; Boozy Bubble Tea and Patio Opening March 22nd

by Prince Of Petworth March 17, 2017 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

3813 Georgia Avenue, NW

From Ten Tigers Parlour:

$3 Happy Hour – Starting this week, guests guests can enjoy $3 Sapporo drafts, house wines and a rotating selection of cocktails during Ten Tigers’ new daily happy hour. Hours are between 5-7pm on weekdays and 2-5pm on weekends.

Delivery – Also new this week, the kitchen is now offering delivery service via Caviar and Grubhub. The full menu – with the exception of the soup dumplings – is available for delivery within DC.

Outdoor Patio Opening + Boozy Boba Tea menu launch – On March 22, Ten Tigers will unveil its renovated outdoor patio – complete with a fireplace and heat lamps – and new boozy boba tea menu! Menu below – all are priced at $10:

The Crenshaw: Three Olives Vodka, Green Milk Tea, Melon Syrup, Sweet Tapioca Pearls

Limehouse: Jim Beam Bourbon, Lemon Infused Syrup, Lemon Tapioca Pearls

Long Thailand: Thai Iced Tea, Sailor Jerry Rum, Sweet Tapioca Pearls

Jian Blade: Sauza Signature Blue Tequila, Chili Lemon Infused Syrup, Chili Lemon Tapioca Pearls”

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t been since they closed Chez Billy. Am I missing out? I love the cuisine and food options, but the interior pictures look weird. Who wants to eat on a wicker bench at a coffee table? Also heard they filled in the beautiful, vaulted ceilings in the bar. I used to love the bar area in Chez Billy on a cold day. Then the patio on warmer days.

    • PetworthGuy

      I’m also curious. I’ve heard mixed reviews lately, some about price (dumplings) and others about taste. I live literally across the street in the swift, but for whatever reason I haven’t paid them a visit yet. Today might be the day, given the new $3 happy hour specials.

      • Ben

        I went a while back and my main complaint was the seating. Awkward for eating. Tom’s review was spot on.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        ha! Petworthguy, I used to live there, maybe I know/knew you! I haven’t visited 10 Tigers yet because I’m still so bummed that Chez Billy is gone….i almost don’t want to mess up my memories….

      • textdoc

        The City Paper had an article recently about how people had been complaining on Yelp about the price of the dumplings; in the article, the chef defended the pricing.

    • ftoast

      I’ve been twice, for drinks only. The seating in the bar room is fine; no wicker benches.

  • Near Northeast

    I was excited at the prospect of another lunch option in Petworth, but it turns out they only serve sweet pastries during the day, which makes it pretty useless to me. Oh well.

  • DVD

    These guys should focus on improving service and food before expanding hours of operation. I have been twice and been disappointed twice….so shame on me.

    • NHAve

      Agree. Dumplings are so-so and $$$$. After that, we decided not to gamble on the noodles and ended up supplementing at Homestead. Glad they are bringing back the patio, that was the best thing about Chez Billy.

  • J.Con

    The happy hour is well worth a visit. I’ve been twice. The seats in the bar area are normal bar-seat height and the specials were good, as was the service. Granted, there were only a few people in the bar area on the times I’ve gone, so perhaps delivering good service was easier.

    I miss Chez Billy’s too but I do like Ten Tigers.

  • Anonymous

    They’ve seem to focus more as a nightlife spot. I have a few friends who DJ here and from what I understand it’s pretty busy. In that scenario, the uncomfortable seating and lack of focus on food begin to make a bit more sense. If I lived in Petworth, I’d probably make it a point to drop in.

  • harleyquinn

    The Tea House hours are pretty great. It’s very relaxed and comfortable, but I do wish they served a bit of lunch during that time along with pastries.

  • MR

    I’m not a fan of the new concept. Is it a restaurant or a late-night techno club? Also they charge $8 for cans of Tiger.

    • Kimberlee, Esq

      I actually like that a lot of DC places are both! Mari Vanna downtown is a very nice, even upscale, restaurant during the day, and is a weird karaoke bar/club upstairs at night. And I love it. Ten Tigers has a cool vibe to it, I think, though the only time I’ve been there late night the dance floor was pretty empty :(

  • ymous

    The dining tables are no longer coffee table height; they either replaced or raised them, and they are now normal dining height. I’ve been quite a few times and always enjoyed the food. Never had any issues with the service. Good spot and much more affordable than Chez Billy (which I also liked, but which was too spendy for me to become a regular).

  • Michael Pierce

    The bad reviews are unsurprising. I’m imagining it’s like the other co-owned places around town: Occasionally great food but usually just so-so and always overpriced. And like all the other places, they’d probably be more highly regarded if they would decide between being a restaurant or a nightclub. They’re the restaurant equivalent of one of those old fax/scan/copy devices that does a lot of things, but none of them particularly well.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. Businesses that don’t truly understand the market try to be everything to everyone. Is it a restaurant? A lounge? Nightclub? I even heard they wanted to do yoga there? So confusing and can turn people off. I don’t mind pricey places in the neighborhood, but the quality needs to match the price. That’s the key. I’d go to Chez Billy at least monthly, but not Ten Tigers. My gut is they changed too much. They should have kept the ambiance and setup of Chez Billy, but if they felt changes were needed, just change the cuisine.

  • Arf

    Service better than before? Was so slowwwww.

  • Ginn

    My boyfriend and I went once since it opened. We ordered a few of the small items to split with a friend and the meat in the dumplings was raw – not sure if they even still offer that. They forgot two other items, and then when we asked for the check, they just ran the card instead of bringing the ticket to the table. They eventually fixed the situation, but it was just bad service overall and the food and drinks were unappealing. I REALLY want them to get better because I live so close and the building/decor are so cool. I think it could have a really nice vibe, but I think it first needs to figure out what it is and what it wants to be. I think they’re trying to do a bar/restaurant/club/tea house/lounge concept, but they really should pick one or two and do them well.

  • Hannah

    I’m currently at Ten Tigers (it’s Wednesday the 22nd) and they said that they don’t have the boozy bubble tea available yet, which is a shame because we came here for that purpose today because of this article.

    • FridayGirl

      Any updates on this? I was hoping to go next weekend or next week for the boozy bubble tea but if they aren’t doing it I’m not going!


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