“Taqueria Habanero keeps upping their game!”

3710 14th Street, NW

Ben reports:

“New sign (and name reversal?) to complement their newly painted facade. I also noticed they are redoing their ceilings with wood paneling and might be prepping for a mural on the incoming wall.

Think they are trying to rival Mezcalero? Fortunately despite the upgrades Habanero’s tacos are still amazing…”

Thanks to Jake for also sending a shot of the new sign – note the “99% Mexican”:


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  • Yea, I didn’t realize it said 99% Mexican until after sending it in. I wonder what the story behind that is?

  • Quincy Liquor between the two has been making improvements lately too. Waiting for their hand-painted sign to go up!

  • Where is the Ñ? For the love of jebus, where is the Ñ??

  • Anyone notice Barrilito that just opened last week one spot down from Little Coco’s on 14th St? It was formerly El Sol, then the short lived International Cafe.

    • Interesting. I wonder if PoP has seen that – usually I get all my block opening info from this blog.

  • Not to say that there aren’t a ton of super amazing restaurants nearby, but I think they have the most consistently amazing food. I can’t think of anyone else that has the same quality that permeates the simplicity of what they have.

  • Ahhhhhh those tacos! I moved out of RT and the city couple of years ago, but thankfully not before they opened, and I ate there as often as I could! My mouth is watering… Great to see them doing well. Super well deserved. People, please go eat their TACOS. NOW.

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