The Sonnet is Gonna Be Sicker Than I Thought

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2017 at 10:05 pm 9 Comments


It’s either a dope mural or a film projection outside the roof deck pool – either way – very cool. And damn this is a crazy transformation from Portner Place.

The future Sonnet:

“Your home is the center of your life. That’s why, at Sonnet, we’re putting you in the heart of the city, in a gorgeous environment that can be as social as it can be relaxing. Our luxury apartment and amenity spaces give you the freedom to fully embrace your version of the good life. We’re located right at 14th and U Street, where the best of Washington, DC, converges. And, where you can truly have it all.

Coming 2018”

You can see more renderings here.

1441 U Street, NW

  • FridayGirl

    If only I could actually afford apartments like these now that I don’t qualify for the “affordable” units anymore. Le sigh.

  • MadMax

    1) My home is definitely not the center of my life.
    2) The best of D.C. converges at 14th and U? Hopefully they don’t mean that urine / vomit soaked bus stop in front of McDonald’s.

    • Anon

      Are you really challenging the notion that 14/U is the current epicenter of DC nightlife? Because that’d be really silly.

      • MadMax

        I’m challenging that it’s the “best” of DC. A couple crappy nightclubs and bars on a corner are nowhere near the best thing this city has to offer.

        • Anon

          I mean, they’re trying to sell $3,000 500sqft 1br’s – I’m actually surprised that the presser isn’t rife with more hyperbole.

          • MadMax

            LOL fair point.

        • LosLobos

          May be we need a poll

    • Bryan

      Hard to argue with the point. 14th and U has a TJ’s, a Whole Foods within walking distance, bars/restaurants on U, bars/restaurants on 14th, bars/restaurants in Adams Morgan, bars/restaurants in Shaw,and bars/restaurants in Dupont that are all walking distance or super short cab ride away. Has Atlantic Plumbing movie theatre in case you are in the mood for a movie. The stand up comedy theatre right there if you enjoy that. Music venues 9:30, U St Music Hall, Lincoln, Blackcat, and DC9 all there that easily get the best up and coming bands and/or rather popular alt and rock bands.

      I mean there are lost of parts of DC that have a real good niche. But 14th and U takes the cake for close proximity to everything.

      All that said, the apartment will still be stupid expensive.

      • stacksp

        Wish Atlantic Plumbing was showing Get Out. I need to go see this movie sometime this week. I keep hearing rave reviews about it.


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