Scuttlebutt: Shophouse Closing Shop March 17th?


Nikhil‏ shares some scuttlebutt:

“very upset to break this news, but… Shophouse is closing ALL locations 3/17. Confirmed with the awesome employees at Georgetown location.”

Back in October we learned this would likely happen but it still stings. ShopHouse’s DC locations are at 1516 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont, 2805 M Street, NW in Georgetown, 710 7th Street, NW in Chinatown and the first floor of Union Station. Updates when we learn what Chipotle does with the spaces.

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  • I’m scuttlebutt-hurt over this. Their spicy bowl is so freaking good!

  • Thanks for ruining my day. Seriously, I wish they could have made this work. I really loved their food and made it a weekly treat. Bummer.

  • Does anyone know why they decided to scrap this concept? Not enough demonstrated demand? Food or labor costs too high? I really liked ShopHouse and am sad to see it closing.

    • I’ve never understood why, but I rarely saw either the Chinatown or Georgetown location full, and given the rent in those areas that just doesn’t cut it.

      I think their food is awesome. Major bummer.

      • I know nothing about the Gtown location, but everyone at my office knows never to go to the Chinatown one from 11:30-2 unless you wanted to wait in line 10 minutes. That’s pretty busy if you ask me.

        I am really really going to miss their delicious, spice heavy, affordable bowls. 🙁

        • maxwell smart

          10 minutes? That’s nothing. Clearly you haven’t seen the line at Cava on Connecticut during lunch. It usually wraps around the entire restaurant, out the door and sometimes down to the corner I’ve waited 30-40 minutes before. Now I only use the app and order ahead… which usually also takes 45 minutes, but at least I can spend that time doing something other than waiting in line.

  • This will only be worse if it becomes some generic “chipotle style” pizza or burger place.

  • fml.

    was hoping the day wouldn’t come.

  • maxwell smart

    I feel like some of this has to be location – the one in Dupont for instance is on the wrong side of the circle to get the lunch crowd that is the prime demographic. Most days anything above N street is really pushing it.

    • Probably has zero to do with this and everything to do with Chipotle’s corporate decision to focus on resolving concerns over their bread and butter concept.

      • Probably has zero to do with this (their bread and butter concept), as Chipotle is and has been diversifying away from their namesake operations for some time. Tasty Made opened in Ohio this past October, and Pizzeria Locale already has multiple locations.

  • Blithe

    I’m gutted by this news. ShopHouse has been one of my favorite restaurants. The food is delicious, the salads are healthy-ish, and my experiences with the staff have always been positive. So no more meatball salads — while Chipotle continues their downhill slide. Sad.

  • NOOOOOO. I love them. This is a loss.

  • Dang it, I never even made it there. Is the Chinatown location still open?

  • Chinatown does a decent business as does Dupont. It’s nice to have an alternative to the usual steam table “Chinese” (lots of stuff that basically tastes the same) and it’s certainly a healthier option than Chipotle. will be sorry to see them go.

  • Booo. Their meatballs are delicious.

  • The real tragedy is the end of Furin’s for this nonsense that isn’t even lasting.

  • I wonder if this has anything to do with their decision to expand outside of DC the other year. This makes supply chain management more expensive. LA seemed a poor choice considering that the locations are less likely to have foot traffic.

  • So sad about this! I go to the Union Station location almost every week. It’s always packed. I love those meatballs, they are freaking delicious!!!

  • What-the-ever-f*ck

    How is this possible?

    Besides the tastiness of the food, the staff (at least Dupont) are amongst the most amazing, ever.

  • Bring back Furin’s!

  • I remember the initial announcement but didn’t expect it to be so definitive, all closing at once. I like Chipotle, but I LOVE ShopHouse. Very sorry to see them go. And surprised they weren’t more successful. The Dupont and Chinatown locations seemed to always have customers. 🙁

  • So sad, this is definitely the best fast casual restaurant in town. The Chinatown and Dupont locations always seem to do a brisk business. I more or less stopped going to Chipotle once Shophouse opened a few years ago.

  • NOOOOO where else am I supposed to find chicken and pork meatballs >_<

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