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“Caught the dog pooper! I love my cameras!”

by Prince Of Petworth March 20, 2017 at 12:30 pm 64 Comments

p vid

The Tenleytown listserv getting, uh, active Sunday/today with:

“Your Dog Sh*t on my Lawn

and I caught you on video tape! Hey ***hole! Its not bad enough that your dog shit on my lawn you looked around to see if anybody was watching.

Enjoy and please let him know he is welcome to stop by and pick up his dog shit whenever he wants!”

Hopefully this voice of reason prevails:

“We’re all adults here…

Could the complaint have been raised more tactfully? Of course.

But the complaint is a valid one, and the owner of the dog should be chastised; it just could have been done in a more PG way. I have little kids that love to play on our lawn and I would be really pissed (no up intended) if some dog did its business on my lawn, much less if the owner left it there. There are laws for a reason.

Anyway, I’d love to propose that we not spend the next 24 hours each chastising the other or picking fights. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, so let’s all think happy thoughts.”

Ed. Note: But seriously, pick up the poop, man.

  • Anon

    Judging by the guy’s hideous jeans, you have to assume this is a hired dog walker, right?

    • anon

      What’s hideous about the jeans?

      • bruno

        Rich people are often badly dressed… that’s how you save money.

        • stink eye

          not-rich people are often nicely dressed… that’s how you keep from becoming rich.

  • andy2

    Shit happens…get over it.

    • BigLarry

      You are right it does happen and you know its going to happen so you should always be prepared for it like a responsible owner/neighbor and pick it up.

    • Neighborly

      The only thing more annoying than a pet owner willfully allowing his/her dog to defecate on someone else’s property and then not cleaning it up is a comment like yours.

  • TriniSoFlo

    these are good cameras. Hikvision?

  • we’re watching YOU

    How about don’t park illegally in the public space? Either get in the garage, or we’ll start the process to cover up the curb cut.

    • stacksp

      Sidewalk isnt blocked

      • JS

        And depending on the property line, that driveway may be private space.

    • Watching YOU Too & See a Legally Parked Car

      Not only is the car not blocking any part of the sidewalk, based on where the cameras are mounted that is not even the OP’s driveway. Obviously the neighbor’s house. While I do see cops parked illegally around DC all the time, this guy is legally parked in his own driveway. Don’t be so quick on the draw, @we’re_watching_YOU.

  • samanda_bynes

    is that a cop’s house? the dog just supports direct action.

    • FridayGirl

      the cop car is the best part of the whole thing, imo.

  • I love the Tenleytown listserv – what happens when an unmoderated listserv meets a bunch of uptight Ward 3 residents.

  • Truxtoner

    I love all these people telling the homeowner to get over it. Typical POP commentariat. Also, could it have been handled better? No. This was a perfect way to handle the situation. Maybe stop shitting on *pun intended* the homeowner and level at least a modicum of blame on the person who let a dog shit in someone’s yard and didn’t have the courtesy to pick it up.

    • JohnH

      My only thing is it’s assumed it’s the same person letting their dog do that in the same spot…..it’s probably not “the” dog pooper. It’s probably one of them.

    • mvs

      Agree that the homeowner handled this perfectly. Folks who do this should be called out and publicly shamed.

  • Truxton Thomas

    That poopetrator is busted!

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Hee. The levity is much appreciated. Not that I don’t take dog poop seriously, but there does seem to be a class war, police issues and fashion criticism attached here…

      • Anon

        Derision is well-deserved with this fella.

  • MadMax

    This type of exchange happens at least once a month on the Capitol Hill listserv. I love watching everyone get riled up over the guy whose yard has been defiled having “nothing better to do”. As if walking out to shit in your yard is somehow trivial and unavoidable.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I guess it would depend on the situation. If this guy regularly walks his dog in the home owner’s yard, then I agree with you, but if it was a single instance, I think it is pretty trivial. My neighbor’s cat (or perhaps an alley cat) poops in my yard fairly regularly, and I don’t call them out on some listserv. I just pick it up because such is life. I also have litter in my front yard almost daily and I don’t try to “catch the perp.” I just pick it up and go on with my day. Some things just come with living in a city.

      • Truxtoner

        I might say maybe you’re right here, except the owner of the dog should have picked it up. Accidents happen, sure. But this is purposeful and completely unacceptable. I don’t think this has to be regular to have this person deserve to be called out for it. Every dog owner in the city knows you carry poop bags with you. Anyone who doesn’t do that is an asshole. Period.

        You think this is okay, but if every single person who owned a dog did it, I promise you that you’d sing a different tune when you are constantly staring at it and stepping in it.

      • Anonymous

        Look, if a loose animal (of any kind) shits in your yard or if trash blows there, then yeah, move along nothing to see here. If an animal that is literally attached to a person shits in your yard, the person needs to pick it up.

  • PetworthGuy

    Agreed that all dog owners/walkers should pick up after the dogs. No questions asked. Disagree however about the lawn….this is a city with limited green space. If you own/rent a house with a lawn that fronts a sidewalk – it’s gonna get shit on and you should expect this. It’s not ideal, but it’s one of the many compromises of living in an urban setting.

    • Duponter

      Should I also be okay if neighbors want to come over and picnic in my front yard? What are the actual limits here of property rights. I’m curious.

      • HaileUnlikely

        This calls to mind a discussion from last summer involving a dad walking his toddler in somebody else’s yard without any pants.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        In most cases, the property owner does not own their front lawn, the city does. My lot starts about a foot in front of my front door. The rest of my front yard is city owned, but I am responsible for maintaining it (similar to a tree box). I remember a post a few years ago about people loitering on front porches and the owners not being able to prevent it because it was public property. I don’t walk my dog in people’s front yards, but somethings are beyond the dog owner’s control. As long as they clean up after themselves, I don’t see it as a huge issue.

        • HaileUnlikely

          You know what they say about assuming…my property line is 10 feet from the curb; I own the 20 feet from the front of my house up to there. Had this incident been the same distance from the curb in front of my house, that poop would be on my actual property. The property lines vary from block to block. Unless you actually know where the property line is, you’d do well to assume you’re pooping in somebody’s yard when you poop in front of their house, rather than assuming that you’re “only” pooping on public property. That way, in the event that you wrong, you err on the side of being a good neighbor rather than erring on the side of pooping in somebody else’s yard. Similarly here, unless the pooper is a property owner on the same block, he likely doesn’t have any idea where the property line is, and I’d be astonished if he actually thought about it and decided that it was ok to poop there on the grounds that it wasn’t somebody else’s yard but rather public property.

          • Dognonymous

            Yeah, that’s a wild assumption. In my neighborhood the surveys almost all stretch to the sidewalk.

          • lizcolleena

            Agreed, but now I’m curious. What’s the best way to find out where public property ends and private begins? I always pick up after my pup, but there are areas in my hood that say “no dog walking on grass” or something to that effect. I do try to keep her off it, but sometimes she pees/poops there (which to be honest I’d prefer over the sidewalk, because it’s really tough to completely clean up poop from the sidewalk – like you can get all the chunks but there’s still a smear here or there – and it’s really unlikely someone’s walking on the grass). Anyhow, I’d love to look up one particular property…

          • lizcolleena

            NM I found it below. Interesting stuff!

          • Anonymous

            You can look it up on PropertyQuest, as I did, and found that the property line for this house is very close to the sidewalk. DCGIS (on the DCOP web-site) also has maps that show the property lines. Nonetheless, the property owner is responsible for maintenance of the front yard, as well as the tree box area, and for shoveling the sidewalk after it snows. It is only polite to have your dog use the tree box area rather than the front yard, and to clean up afterwards. And remember, it doesn’t melt when the snow melts, and pushing it under hosta leaves for the homeowner to discover when they are out weeding is not very polite either.

        • ah

          Whether this place is the owner’s property or “public parking” is irrelevant. The dog walker should be cleaning up either – either he’s leaving poop in public space or on private property, neither of which is appropriate or legal.

          And, keep in mind that even if that’s “public parking” the homeowner is responsible for maintaining it, including picking up trash – so basically at a minimum the dog walker has done the equivalent of dumping garbage in public space to leave for someone else to clean up.

        • Truxtoner

          The issue is this guy didn’t clean up after the dog.

          Also the “front yards belong to the city” thing is only applicable in the old districts in DC. I doubt that is the case in Tenleytown.

          • Anonymous

            “only applicable in the old districts in DC”
            This is false, unless you have a definition of “old districts in DC” that I’ve never heard before.

      • James

        It depends on the quality and deliciousness of the food and whether or not they share. Added points for free drinks.

    • Truxtoner

      I have a dog. I try to be responsible about making sure my dog goes on grassy areas not in front of homes. Dog urine and poop kills grass. Why should a homeowner pay for me to let my dog use their yard as a restroom? This is just nonsensical to me.

    • Anonymous

      The main point here is the dog poop being left on the lawn for the owner of the house to take care of. If this was a video of someone who was upset because a dog pooped on his or her lawn even though the owner stopped to clean it up, mockery of the property owner would be way more justified. I don’t object to dog owners allowing their dogs to poop on the strip of grass in front of my house that borders the sidewalk. I get highly upset when dog owners don’t clean up after their dogs.

    • Kevin


      You may be perfectly fine with “compromising” about dog poo on your front lawn, but you hardly speak for everyone living in the district.

      Let me guess: you’re OK with the rats in your back alley, right?
      You’re also OK if people park their cars blocking a crosswalk, right?
      How about front porch package theft?

      All three of those things happen in “an urban setting.”

      Personally? I have front and back cameras. If I saw some jerk letting his/her dogs poop on my front yard, you can bet his/her picture would be blasted on every listserv and pinned to every tree within a five block radius.

      I cannot, for the life of me, understand idiots who want to excuse unlawful behavior.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        PG is saying he is fine with it if the owner picks up the poop. Since you (or your landlord if you rent) likely don’t own your front yard (check your survey), there is nothing unlawful about a dog pooping in your yard as long as the owner picks it up.

        • JS

          You really need to stop saying “most” people don’t own their front yards – this is not true for many, many neighborhoods.

          • HaileUnlikely

            And regardless of whether the statement is true with respect to “most,” we’re not talking about most properties here, we’re talking about one specific one, and for this one, either it is true or it isn’t, percentages be damned.

          • Truxtoner

            And is almost certainly NOT true in Tenleytown.

          • Anonymous

            And, as I stated below, certainly not true for the homeowner who posted on the Tenleytown listserv. His property line is very close to the sidewalk.

      • PetworthGuy

        I never said I was “OK” with any of it. It’s just a reality. Obviously all of those instances are inconvenient, but will I call the police and complain on message boards about it? No. And my point was that the owners should pick it up…which is not illegal. i am not condoning illegal behavior at all. If they pooped and left it there, that is unacceptable.

  • Christopher

    I think it’s cool that the sun breaks through the clouds just as the dog finishes up. Great cinematography.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the protocol for dogs peeing and pooing on the grass island between the sidewalk and the curb? This is clearly city property. Personally, I don’t have issues with it so long as the owner picks up the waste.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      That’s where I aim my dog whenever possible – public property, I pick up his business, all good!

      • BigLarry

        Is Elvis a large yellow lab?

        • Elvis’s Mom

          Ha! No, he’s a small black fluff

      • Truxtoner

        I think this is fine if you must, but even this is problematic because dogs will tend to use the same spot or the same as other dogs’ use and this just kills the grass, which is already hard to keep alive in that small stretch between the sidewalk and the street.

        Sure, it’s better than a front yard. But I try really hard to find a larger public space and not let my dog pee all over the grass in front of someone’s house where it’s inevitably going to die.

        • Elvis’s Mom

          I get what you’re saying, but living downtown, there are not a lot of public space options, and rest assured there are those who will scream at you for letting your dog even pee on the grass in a public park! I feel like the sidewalk to curb grass is the least offensive place, where it’s possible. But my dog is also inclined to rock the cliche and pee on a fire hydrant, too.

  • navyard

    Isn’t anyone going to comment on the dog-walker adjusting his junk while the dog was pooping?
    Yeah, I love the guy scoping out the neighborhood to make sure no one is watching. What a tool.

  • Rich

    So, let me get this straight. the person who went to the trouble of videoing this expects the video to change the behavior of the guy with the dogs?

    That assumes a lot of things–like the guy will see the video, others will recognize the guy (jeans aside there isn’t much that’s distinctive) or his dogs, others will care, the guy with the dogs will care, etc.

    This seem like the usual (for DC) high dudgeon about something that bothersome with no effort to actually do something about it. It’s always up to someone else.

  • Anonymous

    Not that it matters, according to PropertyQuest, the property line for this home, on this side of the house is within inches of the sidewalk. At any rate, the streets in Tenleytown usually have a grassy area between the sidewalk and the street, as they do here, and that is the appropriate place for the dog to go, and, of course, the owner should be cleaning it up afterwards.
    IIRC, this individual had also posted information on the Tenleytown listserv about how residents of that ANC were eligible for DC subsidies for exterior cameras provided the homeowner is willing to share the footage with the police if it would be useful in solving a crime.

  • Gilla

    I always pick up after my dog. However, people that have “don’t poop here” signs in their yard are being disingenuous. When my dog has to go, she has to go. You can’t really maneuver a dog around when they’re in the middle of doing their business. But I will always pick it up. Yes, the pee may be bad for your grass, but that’s a compromise you made when you moved to the city.

    • Truxtoner

      I hear this excuse all the time on this blog and other places. If I tell my dog no and pull him along, he will not stop to poop unless I have waited entirely too long to walk him. If your dog has to go that badly, let him poop in YOUR yard and then clean up after YOUR dog.

      • Anon NS

        I don’t have a yard. But I pay hella city taxes, and my dog uses the tree boxes. (Not yards – and I always pick up.) I’m not going to feel bad about that.

    • Manamana

      I’ve had dogs in the city for many years, and here’s what i do: they’re on leashes when I walk them, so I have control over where they go. They don’t go on private property ever, so they don’t kill anyone’s grass. I don’t think anyone decision to live in the city would somehow justify my dogs’ killing their grass.

    • Former Parkview Resident

      It is absolutely possible with proper training and reinforcement. Our dog is trained to check in with us when we stop and does not go to pee or poo unless we tell her to. We also make sure she gets adequate opportunities to go anytime we go out. The fact that your dog does not do this is not because it cannot; it is because it was never taught to do it.

  • Reality

    Seems childish to me. I don’t own a dog but sometimes people out walking dogs get caught with a “second call of nature” in 1 walk and there aren’t any bags left. So what? This comes with owning a lawn. Unless this is repeated over-and-over, just be an adult.

    • Anon NS

      I’ve been caught without a bag. In those instances, I do the adult thing – go home, get a bag, walk back and clean up. Or, find a piece of litter and improvise.


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