• Anon NS

    Should be noted: This had been the oldest continuously operated lesbian bar in America.

    • Anon NS

      (I see now it was noted in earlier post)

  • Eric

    A Compass Coffee is moving in?

  • anon

    It truly is the end of an era and it makes me really sad. My now wife and I had our first kiss here 7 years ago. I was hoping someone would buy it and reopen or restyle it, but I guess that was a pipe dream :-/

    • Anon NS

      I met a couple at Rehobeth a couple of years ago that met here in the early 1970s. So cute.

  • northeazy

    Nellie’s should buy it. Call it NeLie’s or something.

    • LincPark SE

      Good idea.

    • SuzeDoom

      Yes!!!!! Second Nellie’s location would be amazing! And would keep it in the queer family.

      • PJL

        Nellie’s hardly needs a first location, let alone a second.

  • MadMax

    That begs the question, what is the most ironic / juxtaposed / opposite thing you could open in the former Phase 1 space?

    • divebar311

      SoulCycle or Lululemon?

    • John

      Mike Pence’s Pizzeria

    • PJL

      Any establishment, like a bakery or wedding planning venue that tries to cite religious freedom as a basis for refusing to serve certain clientele.

    • Grimz

      Sweet Frog

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    Man, that’s sad. Lots of good memories here from watching jello wrestling to dancing.

  • Effie

    This is really sad, and also happens to be part of a larger discussion as to why queer spaces are disappearing (especially queer spaces for women). So sad and not good for quality of life.

    • MadMax

      My (total) guess is that as the culture becomes more mainstream and accepted, especially in a progressive city like DC, that there is less need to have “safe space” places where only people of one type hang out. Rather they can feel pretty openly free to be who they are at any bar throughout the city. Now if only we could get the hate crime number down…

      • PJL

        Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Regardless of things becoming more accepted, safe spaces like this are still very much needed…even in DC.

        • MadMax

          Yeah I don’t mean to imply they’re not needed at all, but from a business owner perspective you will see decreased foot traffic and revenue as your previous customers find other places where they are equally welcomed. Each individual person may find benefit, but as a whole the communal “need” may decline.

  • soozles

    So sad to see this. I enjoyed many fun nights here when i was coming out, dancing and hanging out. It’s the last of the city’s lesbian bars. Remember Hilltop (?) across the street? Or the oddly named Hung Jury in NW? And the old Wonderland on Kenyon. Sigh.

    • anon

      Was Wonderland a lesbian bar?

      • soozles

        Back in the day it was a mostly black lesbian bar.

  • Anon

    Wonderland was not a lesbian bar it was called Nob hill an old black gay bar from the 70’s. I went the as a Howard student coming out in the late 80,s. RRely saw ant women in there. One of the oldest gay spots on the east coast.


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