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New Italian Restaurant, Rosario, opens in Adams Morgan Today – Check Out the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth March 20, 2017 at 11:00 am 17 Comments

2435 18th Street, NW

The former Toledo Lounge space (briefly Libertine) has been fully transformed. Rosario’s website says:

“The new spot, Rosario, is a tribute to chef Rosario Patti, a mentor of Smoke and Barrel
chef Logan McGear.

We hope you enjoy the delicious food, handcrafted cocktails, and exquisite Italian wine selection, all presented to you in an atmosphere that will transport you to a sensual dining experience.

Executive Chef

Chef Logan McGear has a far more diverse culinary background than his Arkansas roots might have you believe. Although it was a connection to his home state, and experience with BBQ, that ultimately brought him to Smoke & Barrel in DC in 2011, he’s always drawn from a global arsenal. His early career in Hot Springs began in 2003 as apprentice for Chris Rix at French-Asian fusion bistro The Exchange and in 2005 for Mirabelli Restaurant Group at Pompeii Cafe & Wine Bar.

As someone with a thoughtful understanding of cooking technique, lusting after further cultural growth his ambition led him to the tutelage of Chef Rosario Patti in 2007, the namesake of our Rosario. Rosario and his partner Santo had restaurants previously in Manhattan and San Francisco before relocating to a slower paced Arkansas. McGear has always loved Italian food so it was only natural for him to seek a position under a hero of the category in Little Rock. It was there that he sharpened his focus upon a regional fare, and began to understand the intricacies of Italian, when one looks beyond the Americanized iteration.”

Check out the menu:

Rosario_Menu (PDF)

Wine_Cocktails (PDF)

rosario facebook
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  • MT

    This place is AWESOME!

    • DC20009

      Looks good, but how do you know it’s AWESOME if it isn’t open yet?

  • APinMtP

    Same owners as SnB and the Pints??

  • OldinAM

    I could find nothing on the website or menu or here about what hours it is open. It would be wonderful if it were open for lunch but I suppose that’s very unlikely.

  • lucie

    I would love there to be a vegetarian option, but aside from the salads and one or two apps, I don’t see one. Wouldn’t be too hard to put a veggie pasta on the menu.

    • JPA

      Vegan Chicken Marsala and Vegan Chicken Parm.

      • Emily

        Why would you assume vegetarians/vegans want to eat fake chicken…? It’s typically the last thing they want to eat.

        I too am rather surprised they managed to not offer a single vegetarian pasta on their menu. If I’m at an Italian restaurant, I expect (and am 95% correct – this being the 5% I’m wrong) there will be at least one non-meat pasta offering considering a secondi menu is generally meat. It’s not that hard to offer a pesto/red sauce/alfredo/cacio e pepe sauce.

        • JPA

          Wow, no assumptions here, I merely quoted the menu. My apologies for simply providing information.

        • JF

          I am super excited about the vegan chicken!

      • lucie

        Vegan chicken is gross. Can they just do a pasta without bacon/ham?

        • CE

          Yeah, that’s disappointing. I was looking forward to trying this place, but I don’t love eggplant that much, and it’s the only real option.

          Why would you do vegan chicken instead of just good vegetarian dishes? So irritating.

  • yiribad

    By ”sensual dining experience” does that hint to poll dancing waitstaff? That said, I’m so glad their cocktails are handcrafted. If I have to drink another factory made negroni, I’ll have to stop posting my dinners on instagram..

    • Michael Pierce

      Poll dancing just HAS to be a DC thing, right?

  • Bob Chipeska

    Tons of buffalo everywhere. Didn’t know the Italians were into such meats.

    • Deerborne

      Probably mozzarella di bufala?

  • Zachary Lancet

    Looks like a solid edition to the block. Italian Water Buffalo Mozarella is common.


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