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  • alpinepaq

    I know this comment is going to be lost to the oblivion of a PoP post past it’s prime, but Dan, if you’re listening, tell me you’re not more than a little peeved by the line on the sign which proclaims “Washington DC has gone through an amazing renaissance in the last 5 years…”
    5 years? Good gracious, my dear noob, I suppose that must be when the author of the sign arrived town?

  • dcd

    I know I’m not supposed to comment on grammar. And that’s a policy that makes a ton of sense (and has worked to my advantage) when people are dashing off posts for the comment section. That said . . . the Project Mission section of the plaque is virtually indecipherable. It’s not some internet screed, it’s a permanent plaque that’s supposed to describe the organization responsible for the mural. Do better, Art Whino.

    • FridayGirl

      +1. Seriously. I want to go over there with a red pen and fix it. But I won’t. Also, the muralist info section sounds like a middle schooler wrote it (how many times can one start a sentence with the guys first name? At least use his last name and call him “him” sometimes.)

    • Michael Pierce

      Maybe an actual blind wino wrote it.

    • MadMax

      Yeah that’s pretty bad. I get what they’re attempting to say, but it makes me cringe to read it in that way.


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