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Today’s Hawks around Town is a Tough One

by Prince Of Petworth March 30, 2017 at 11:00 am 17 Comments

Photo by MrsWard

Thanks to MrsWard for sending from outside the American Indian Museum. I know it’s natural but…

If you spot a hawk or any other bird of prey around town, lunching or otherwise, and get a good photo please send in an email where you spotted it to [email protected] and I’ll add it to the queue. Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.

  • Ally

    So, I know I’ll get backlash for this, but … The good way that Pets of the Day makes me feel, well, this is the opposite of that. I love nature, and I’m glad that the hawk got a meal. But, it is depressing as heck to come here for news and see animals dying daily. Just not my thing. I would love beautiful photos of hawks, but a struggling animal about to be eaten? I don’t know… might be one of those things that maybe you link off to it but not have it right on the main page for those of us who are a little sensitive to the suffering of animals?

    • Mootje1

      I just came here to comment the same thing. It’s not that I’m a total mush (I have been to my fair share of slaughterhouses for work), but it just makes me sad… Maybe a “photo after the jump” could be used? :(

    • Truxtoner

      Agree with this. It’s nature, but nature is also pretty fucking brutal and awful for most things alive on this planet, including most humans. Life is short and I’m sure some biological malady of nature awaits most of us, so can we live our short times here looking at cute puppies please?

      • Or the eagle cam – dceaglecam.org. The second eaglet just hatched about 5 min. ago! And the first one is a perfect little fluffball eating like a trencherman. (Although that means you might have to see a dead fish being ripped apart in the nest.)

  • Lets Go Whalers

    I assume the people complaining about this pic are all vegetarian (or even better, vegan)? Otherwise, you should be aware that what goes on behind the scenes for your meat consumption is far, far worse than what is happening in this pic.

    • Truxtoner

      Wow, what a profoundly enlightening sentiment. I had no idea that steak I had last night came from a cow that didn’t throw himself onto the blade freely so I could eat!

      I’m not a vegetarian. I’m well aware where my food comes from and how it gets to me. I also don’t want to see photos of that either.

    • Just sayin

      Eh, just because I know what goes on at the slaughterhouse doesn’t mean I want a picture of it when I scroll through my fun-work-break blog.

      • hahaha very good point!! I’ll try to seperate out gory ones after the jump in the future. Appreciate the feedback!

    • TooMuchTuna

      What bothers me is that the prey here is being eaten alive! A little bit different than a slaughter house, no?

      • No. This photo shows (perhaps) a live bird in the moment before it is killed by the natural predator for it’s natural dinner. But I’m pretty sure the hawk doesn’t want dinner flapping all over the plate, so will in fact, kill it thoroughly and promptly before eating. So not eaten alive.

  • heckyeshawks

    Just commenting to say that I love the hawk posts! I grew up in DC and always noticed them way up in the sky circling by the beltway, but I never got to see one up close. Seeing them posted here is super cool for me so please please keep them coming!

  • Josh

    i thought they were “doin’ it.”

  • PFlyer
  • Truxton Thomas

    I think if we can handle reports on murders, rapes, missing children and abused pets, we can handle pictures of birds eating other birds.

    • Anonymous


    • Joshua


    • Smilla

      I love the hawk photos and I *particularly* like the ones in which they’ve caught prey, because it likely means that they are thriving in the city.


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