“While guns are always a controversial topic, I am getting a *little* sick of politicians from other places determining what is best for the people living and working in DC.”

by Prince Of Petworth — March 22, 2017 at 1:45 pm 31 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

While guns are always a controversial topic, I am getting a *little* sick of politicians from other places determining what is best for the people living and working in DC. Per the WaPo,

“A freshman Republican member of Congress from Virginia has introduced legislation to void D.C.’s strict gun laws as one of his first bills, sparking a retort from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that he should pay more attention to the lax gun laws in his own state.

Rep. Thomas Garrett’s bill, filed March 15, would eliminate the city’s prohibition on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines while making it easier for residents and visitors to carry concealed firearms.

It is the House counterpart to legislation reintroduced this year by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

“My citizens should be able to come to their capital and protect themselves, just the way they can at home,” said Garrett, a former state senator who represents Charlottesville and a conservative swath of central and southern Virginia. “This should be something that D.C. leadership looks at. It’s their responsibility to protect their citizens.”

Perhaps in a countermove there should be a push to remove the metal detector, security checks, and strict gun regulations at his places of work, just for balance.

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  • ET

    First, no citizens can go to the Capitol with guns the Capitol Police will arrest them. The same would likely be true of federal agencies. Two, crossing state lines with guns is usually frowned upon by law enforcement in every place in the US. This is especially true when you come to the DC by airplane so good luck explaining that to TSA I am sure they will understand. Three, given the security concerns of the 25 or law enforcement agencies that operate in DC it is likely that all of them would consider anyone wandering around all parts of DC with assault rifles (even if the activity is legal) to be terrorists and will be treated as such. Three, again given the security concerns in DC this is also highly impractical but no current Republican member of Congress who looking to get the NRA gold star would ever let practicality get in the way of some good old-fashioned grandstanding idiocy.

  • Kingman Park

    Sounds to me like he’s trying to help out gun manufacturers in his state, probably in return for some campaign contributions, because that’s worth putting the lives of DC residents at risk.
    Similar to how that arrogant fuckwad Andy Harris blocked our marijuana law to help out Emergent Biosolutions, a MD supplier of pharmaceuticals, specifically drugs that assist with chemo symptoms.

  • accendo

    Awww, does the poor Congresscritter need to go fap to more firearms at the Dulles Gun Show Center or something? Hands off DC, Congressman!

  • wdc

    Hasn’t Rubio seen the Florida Man twitter? And he thinks these people should be armed?

  • Reality

    Republicans love to meddle in DC business. They need to pay attention to their OWN districts! We elect our own leaders, we don’t need congressmen from across the country experimenting on DC.

  • stacksp

    People are that afraid to come to DC that they want to bring guns to see the museums and monuments etc…?

    • skj84

      I’m not even kidding I know someone who did that. My friends brother came to visit a few years ago and when he realized there were metal detectors at the museum doors had bring his guns back to the car. He was carrying hand guns because he thought DC was “too unsafe”.

      • Emmaleigh504


      • Anonymous


  • SW,DC

    so many ppl are confused about DC gun laws. The proposed changes just make it possible to get the guns. It doesn’t make carrying them around legal. Also – I’d be interested to see how many of the guns registered in DC in 2016 were used in violent crimes. I doubt very many. Why would I give my fingerprints, the serial number, a ballistic sample, make and model AND pay to use that gun to commit a crime – when I could go to a gun show in GA, buy as many guns as I can afford (with NOOOO paperwork) then drive them back to DC a go crazy. That doesn’t makes sense.

    The only people that benefit from strict gun laws are criminals. You could go bash someone’s head in with a pipe – but you don’t because that’s not your nature. So will owning a gun suddenly change your nature? Doubt it.

    So silly that people are constantly becoming victims in DC, literally daily. I bet criminals wouldn’t be so quick to fuc* around if sally sue popped 4 380 rounds in their ass! Just my 2 cents. But I don’t care either way. I will continue to collect weapons, here in DC – and get them registered.

    My gripe is really with the TYPE of weapons we can get. I want some BIG GUNS!!

    • AJSE

      jfc you are the problem

      • SW,DC

        how so?

      • anon

        Disagree, the problem most definitely is NOT the law abiding citizen who takes time to follow the law and register their weapons. The problem is the shitbags who buy hot guns or steal guns then commit crimes with those guns. Have we gone mad?

        • SW,DC

          exactly! and making it harder for law abiding gun owners to get one doesn’t deter those shitbag criminals. like, at all…

          • erahk0


    • Howdy

      Move on out to VA, where literally every gun is legal to own except the Streetsweeper shotgun.

      • SW,DC

        yea, but I like DC…

    • Evan Tupac Grooter

      Owning a gun will not change your nature… except for the fact that the largest share of gun deaths are suicides and by making suicide attempts more lethal, you will increase the number of deaths from suicides. Here’s an excerpt from Harvard Public Health:

      “more people in this country kill themselves with guns than with all other intentional means combined, including hanging, poisoning or overdose, jumping, or cutting. Though guns are not the most common method by which people attempt suicide, they are the most lethal. About 85 percent of suicide attempts with a firearm end in death. (Drug overdose, the most widely used method in suicide attempts, is fatal in less than 3 percent of cases.) Moreover, guns are an irreversible solution to what is often a passing crisis. Suicidal individuals who take pills or inhale car exhaust or use razors have time to reconsider their actions or summon help. With a firearm, once the trigger is pulled, there’s no turning back.”


      • textdoc

        +1. The United States has a HUGE number of gun suicides.

    • Anonymous

      Am more concerned with Sally Sue popping any rounds in my ass as a bi-stander or because she mistakenly thought I was a threat. We are an urban area; we live close together.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    I don’t agree with him, but regarding the part in bold, I think (I read it yesterday) the article says that his spokesperson said he would support allowing guns at his place of work if the person has a concealed permit.

  • erahk0

    While I don’t like outsiders meddling with DC’s laws, even those infringing on the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens, I don’t like some of our laws too; like DC’s restrictive gun laws, nor do I care for our recidivist criminal justice system. It’s a pity the poor woman found yesterday, stabbed to death in her own ne dc home did not have a permit to own a gun. Hypothetically, had she had full right to protect her own life, she might be alive today. Actually, simply demonstrating possession with some ability, might have been enough to thwart or scare off her intruder without even firing a shot.

    • anon


    • Anon Spock

      Where to start:
      How do you know she didn’t have access to a gun? You can get guns in DC to keep at home…some hoops to jump through but doable.
      There are numerous examples of someone with a gun not getting it out in time to do anything or shooting bystanders in the process.

      • erahk0

        You’re right, she might have had one, but I clarified with a hypothetically if.. I really doubt she did.
        And again you are right, a registered DC resident can legally own a gun & matching ammunition after going through DC’s onerous processing. There are numerous examples of men and women effectively defending themselves and others with a firearm in their home.

    • Kevin

      If you had legitimately followed the story, you’d have seen that she was a NC resident, and therefore couldn’t have had a gun here if she wanted to.

      I swear to Dog, one day you gun loons will look at this objectively, and not just vomit up whatever half-assed theory strikes your brain.

  • Vicki A Lancaster

    Join and support Americans for Self Rule a non-profit Political Action Committee founded to protect the democratic will of DC residents from Congressional overreach and to promote the District’s right to independent, democratic self-governance.http://www.americansforselfrule.org/

  • ANON

    No one needs guns. We are the only developed country in the world with so many hand gun deaths and children dying. Americans and their obsession with guns is the problem.

    • erahk0

      I wish that no one needs guns, but that’s a very nice utopian or idealist thought. I think the people most obsessed with guns are the folks wanting to make all guns illegal. Most average gun owners are into their firearms like some are into sports, cars or music. They are not zealots and not criminals. Yes, it is true that the US has greater gun violence than any other developed country and to that point; If more people were better educated and had realistic opportunities to get out of poverty, then maybe the gun violence would improve.

      • Anon

        Poverty, as well as income gaps, exist throughout the world. Countries with greater gun regulation have fewer deaths from accidents and gun violence. In fact, deaths in other countries are only a handful. These are facts, not fake news, regardless of what the NRA tells you. I don’t want children to die, so Americans can continue to obsess about someone coming for their stuff.

  • PeaceCountry

    Oy. Born and raised in rural Alberta. As in Canada. 17 years in the States and a green card holder now and I Do Not Understand American gun hysteria. Gun control works like a charm, even in the backwoods, redneck area I come from. (For what it’s worth, socialized health care is pretty damn awesome too.)


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