Dio Wine Bar coming to H Street, NE

904 H Street, NE

The liquor license placard for Dio says:

“A wine bar that will serve food and alcoholic beverages. Total Occupancy Load of 24 seats.”

Their facebook page says:

“Dio is a natural wine bar with light fare and a hip atmosphere.”

Washington City Paper reported:

“Khoury-Diaz is starting small, literally. Her bar named after Dionysus—the god of wine—is about 900 square feet and will focus on natural wine. The white-hot style of winemaking calls for minimal intervention both out in the field growing the grapes and once the grape juice is being made into wine.”

Updates as they get closer to opening.


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  • nice. i like pursuit wine bar but will check this place out too

  • Damn and I was hoping it would be named after Ronnie James

    • It’s about time someone opened a metal wine bar! Just because I rock, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good grape.

  • If Holy Diver will be playing on an endless loop, count me in

  • justinbc

    Back when I was selling wine (10 years ago) you couldn’t give this “natural wine” stuff away, they all severely lacked polish. It was more of a marketing scheme than an actual technique…the number of wineries who could technically call themselves “organic” or something similar are significantly more than the number who feel the need to in order to cash in on that market. Hopefully they’ve improved the methods substantially since then.

  • A wine bar next to a DTLR. Doesn’t get more DC than that.

  • That building was permitted by DCRA despite not meeting DC code for fire safety. DCRA was alerted to the problem but did nothing and now unsuspecting buyers are probably going to wind up paying a premium for a substandard product.

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