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rr race

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department wishes to advise the public that the 2017 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017. In order to facilitate this event there will be no vehicular traffic allowed along the routes of the race.

The race is scheduled to begin at approximately 7:30 am; however some street closures will begin as early as 2:00 am. All streets affected by this event are expected to be reopened at approximately 3:00 pm.

rr map
Map via 2017 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon


Half Marathon / Full Marathon Turns:

Start on Constitution Avenue, NW just east of 14th Street NW

· Right on Virginia Avenue, NW

· Right on 18th Street, NW

· Left on E Street, NW (eastbound lanes)

· Left on 19th Street, NW

· Right on Constitution Avenue, NW

· Left on 23rd Street, NW

· Enter Lincoln Memorial Circle

· Merge right onto Parkway Drive/Beach Volleyball courts

· Continue straight onto Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway

· Right at Virginia Avenue, NW and merge onto I Street, NW

· Continue on I Street, NW to Potomac River Freeway

· Right onto Potomac River Freeway and continue south to horseshoe turn

· Continue north on Potomac River Freeway

· Exit left onto 27th Street, NW

· Right onto Virginia Avenue, NW

· Right onto Rock Creek Parkway

· Continue north on Rock Creek Parkway

· Merge left on Shoreham Drive, NW

· Right on Calvert Street, NW

· Merge right on Adams Mill Road, NW

· Left on Columbia Road, NW

· Right on Harvard Street, NW

· Right on 5th Street, NW

· Merge onto 4th Street, NW

· Left on Bryant Street, NW

· Right on N. Capitol Street, NW

· Left on K Street, NE

· Right on 4th Street, NE

· Left on H Street, NE

· Right on 13th Street, NE

· Left on Constitution Avenue, NE


Half Marathon Turns only:

· Left on N. Carolina Avenue, NE

· Merge onto C Street, NE

· Merge right onto 22nd Street, NE

· Turn right onto E. Capitol Street, NE

· Half Marathon Finish (near RFK Lot 3)

Marathon Turns only:

· Right on 14th Street, NE

· Right on N. Carolina Avenue, NE

· Left on 13th Street, SE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, SE

· Right on 11th Street, SE

· Left on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Left on 3rd Street, SE

· Right on E Street, SE

· Left on S. Capitol Street, SW

· Cross the Douglass Bridge

· Turnaround on S. Capitol Street, SW north of Malcolm X Avenue, SW

· Continue north on S. Capitol Street, SW

· Left on Douglass Bridge access road

· Right on Anacostia Drive, SE

· Full loop around Anacostia Park Skating Pavilion on Anacostia Drive, SE

· Left on Nicholson Street, SE

· Left on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

· Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

· Left on L’Enfant Square, SE

· Left on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

· Right on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

· Right on K Street, SE

· Enter Randle Circle, SE

· Left on Ft. Dupont Drive, SE

· Left on Ft. Davis Drive, SE

· Left on Ridge Road, SE

· Left on Ely Place, SE

· Right on Minnesota Avenue, SE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE off-ramp

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Merge right onto C Street, NE

· Left on 21st Street, NE

· Left on 22nd Street, NE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Marathon Finish (near RFK Lot 3)”


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