Heads Up: Here are all the Road Closures for Saturday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

rr race

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department wishes to advise the public that the 2017 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017. In order to facilitate this event there will be no vehicular traffic allowed along the routes of the race.

The race is scheduled to begin at approximately 7:30 am; however some street closures will begin as early as 2:00 am. All streets affected by this event are expected to be reopened at approximately 3:00 pm.

rr map
Map via 2017 Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon


Half Marathon / Full Marathon Turns:

Start on Constitution Avenue, NW just east of 14th Street NW

· Right on Virginia Avenue, NW

· Right on 18th Street, NW

· Left on E Street, NW (eastbound lanes)

· Left on 19th Street, NW

· Right on Constitution Avenue, NW

· Left on 23rd Street, NW

· Enter Lincoln Memorial Circle

· Merge right onto Parkway Drive/Beach Volleyball courts

· Continue straight onto Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway

· Right at Virginia Avenue, NW and merge onto I Street, NW

· Continue on I Street, NW to Potomac River Freeway

· Right onto Potomac River Freeway and continue south to horseshoe turn

· Continue north on Potomac River Freeway

· Exit left onto 27th Street, NW

· Right onto Virginia Avenue, NW

· Right onto Rock Creek Parkway

· Continue north on Rock Creek Parkway

· Merge left on Shoreham Drive, NW

· Right on Calvert Street, NW

· Merge right on Adams Mill Road, NW

· Left on Columbia Road, NW

· Right on Harvard Street, NW

· Right on 5th Street, NW

· Merge onto 4th Street, NW

· Left on Bryant Street, NW

· Right on N. Capitol Street, NW

· Left on K Street, NE

· Right on 4th Street, NE

· Left on H Street, NE

· Right on 13th Street, NE

· Left on Constitution Avenue, NE


Half Marathon Turns only:

· Left on N. Carolina Avenue, NE

· Merge onto C Street, NE

· Merge right onto 22nd Street, NE

· Turn right onto E. Capitol Street, NE

· Half Marathon Finish (near RFK Lot 3)

Marathon Turns only:

· Right on 14th Street, NE

· Right on N. Carolina Avenue, NE

· Left on 13th Street, SE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, SE

· Right on 11th Street, SE

· Left on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Left on 3rd Street, SE

· Right on E Street, SE

· Left on S. Capitol Street, SW

· Cross the Douglass Bridge

· Turnaround on S. Capitol Street, SW north of Malcolm X Avenue, SW

· Continue north on S. Capitol Street, SW

· Left on Douglass Bridge access road

· Right on Anacostia Drive, SE

· Full loop around Anacostia Park Skating Pavilion on Anacostia Drive, SE

· Left on Nicholson Street, SE

· Left on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

· Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

· Left on L’Enfant Square, SE

· Left on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

· Right on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

· Right on K Street, SE

· Enter Randle Circle, SE

· Left on Ft. Dupont Drive, SE

· Left on Ft. Davis Drive, SE

· Left on Ridge Road, SE

· Left on Ely Place, SE

· Right on Minnesota Avenue, SE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE off-ramp

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Merge right onto C Street, NE

· Left on 21st Street, NE

· Left on 22nd Street, NE

· Right on E. Capitol Street, NE

· Marathon Finish (near RFK Lot 3)”

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  • Remember that even if you are outside the blocked streets, you will not be able to drive anywhere because hundreds of people trying to drive downtown don’t know about the blocked streets and get stuck. For at least a mile in every direction from the blocked streets, you need to expect confused people jamming traffic. Just don’t plan on driving anywhere that day unless you park a mile or more away.

  • saf

    I hate this event.

  • I love this event.

  • This is really the worst — I have to be at BWI for an 8am flight — any suggestions how to get out there? There’s no MARC on Saturday. The route is like having a giant blockade against getting away north from the city.

    • Take Amtrak. I think it’s only ~$10 more than MARC.

    • 8 AM flight means you are leaving DC no later than 6:00 AM, right? You will have no issues. Race doesn’t even start until 7:30, they don’t block off major crossings prior to that,and traffic will be light at that hour. I’ve had something planned for outside of DC pretty much EVERY year this race has been run and have had little difficulty getting where I need to be. And I live right ON the route (like it runs past my front door). It just takes a little bit of planning and flexibility.

    • Small correction – there is MARC service on Saturday, it just begins later in the day. Seconding what JS said – prices for Amtrak tickets range between $16-26.

    • Mug of Glop

      If you’re driving (or cabbing), you could take 395/695 across the river to 295, and that to the BW Parkway. Alternatively, I doubt that the eastern/southeastern half of the course will be completely blocked off to traffic by the time you’d be headed out for your flight at 6-ish am, so they’d probably let cars across (but not along) the course.

    • Well, it would be helpful to know where you are starting, but assuming you are “inside” the course you can take Rhode Island Avenue or New York Avenue. The course follows North Capitol Street *under* both of these major thoroughfares. As someone else pointed out you should be well on your way to BWI before many of the roads even close.

    • @Logan4ever – I’ll bet you could get a hotel room near BWI for about $75. Personally, I would take the MARC on Friday to save some stress.

    • And if you live in Logan Circle (as your name suggests) then it couldn’t be easier for you. Straight out Rhode Island Avenue. You probably won’t even see any evidence of the race on your way out.

    • Take the green line to Greenbelt and use the shuttle that runs from there to BWI. Runs every 30 minutes or so.

      • Does that shuttle still exist? I know they were planning on scrapping the route recently.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Presently, yes. I don’t think the metro can get you to Greenbelt early enough for that plan to be of use for an 8 AM flight on a Saturday, though.

    • 295 to BWI should be clear when you need to head out. Numerous ways to get to 295/495 from every part of the city. Every major artery in the city can get you to either.

  • I hate this event. I have to fly out of DCA that morning. This messes me up every year.

      • Not open that early on weekends. Also, the last time I took the metro on the morning of this marathon, it was a freaking nightmare.

        • Ah, well if you’re heading out that early you should be able to avoid the road closures pretty easily. How would you normally get to DCA?

    • justinbc

      You know it’s a problem every year, the schedule is posted every year, but it’s the race’s fault you didn’t pick a different time for your flight?

      • Maybe because I need to meet other people in a different airport in a different state in the morning because we are flying from different places. The more you know there bud. Thanks for your helpful comment though.

        • If you’re planning this trip “every year”, it’s clearly your fault for poor planning, not the race.

          • Oh yes, let me just simply rearrange my vacation around a race. Please take a moment to realize how ridiculous you sound. I’m just commenting on how this race sucks for navigating around and you all are being real assholes. Grow up.

          • justinbc

            Well the race sure isn’t going to rearrange around your vacation, so you can either continue to pick an inconvenient date or do something about it.

        • maxwell smart

          Also, one would think that if this has happened multiple years in a row, or even just 1 year, one would already know how to navigate and plan for the day.

  • I’m supposed to be on a 9:30 am bus to NYC, leaving from Union Station. Anyone know my chances of ever getting there? I’ve already called the bus company, they had no idea what I was talking about.

    • I’d say metro would be the best option, but no idea where you’re coming from.

      • I meant to say what are my chances of the bus getting out of DC. I live close to Union Station, inside the race route.

    • That depends on the bus company. I don’t know what route the bus usually takes to get out of DC but there are definitely ways to do it. If they had no idea what you were talking about then I would call them back.

      • They typically leave the US parking garage on H St. and take H all the way down to starburst to Bladensburg.

    • My vague recollection is that buses to NYC usually go along H Street to New York Avenue to 295 to 95. I would hope there would be some kind of detour in place for the portion of H Street between Union Station and 13th Street NE.

    • Given that both H St NE and N Capital St will be blocked, it would appear to me the smartest way for a bus to get out of the back end of Union Station and on its way to NYC would be to turn left onto H St NW, right onto Mass Ave NW heading to Mt. Vernon Square, and there make a couple of right turns to get onto New York Ave heading northeast out of town (and across the race route at N Capital St). No idea whether the bus will actually do that, or will aimlessly circle for an hour trying to find some way out of town (as has happened to me once before) – bus drivers have to worry about height restrictions and turning radius restrictions that don’t apply to car drivers trying to get out.

  • This event is the absolute worst. It is the most inconsiderate, useless event that occurs in DC every year, and that says a lot.

    You’ve shut off all east/west and north/south movement in a city of 700K people for half a day. On top of that, you have tens of thousands of people from MD and VA that have to come into the District for work etc and it just creates one half day long traffic jam of epicness. Yeah, yeah…”it’s announced early and happens every year”, well, most people don’t expect that a vanity event would shut down an entire city for something like this, especially when other, larger events like the MCM somehow manage to inconvenience far fewer people.

    • maxwell smart

      Wow… aren’t you a bundle of joy. For starters, these “vanity events” bring in people from all over the country – so that half-a-day you are personally inconvenienced, brings in 2-4 days of hotel, restaurant and commercial revenue. It’s also on a Saturday, so I’m not sure that “tens of thousands of people from MD and VA” are coming into DC for work… and even if they were, the Metro is still open and operating as usual. MCM closes just as many roads (they are both 26.2 mile events after all)… perhaps it’s because MCM has more of the route around the mall you feel it’s somehow less inconvenient.

      Perhaps instead of complaining how an event at 7am is ruining your day (and unless you are running, why are you not sleeping at 7am on a Saturday?) – why not come out and cheer for the runners. A lot of people spent months training for this event… it’s pretty inspiring the diversity of participants and the community spirit of the runners and the spectators.

    • justinbc

      If only we had mass transit in DC!

  • Soooo Vespa it is on this very cold weekend.

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