Dacha coming to Dock 79 across from Nats Park, aiming to Open in 2018

dock 79
39 Potomac Ave, SE in May 2016

Boom!!! Vol. 79 Thanks to all who emailed the big Dacha news from Washington Business Journal:

“The location has ample outdoor patio space, theoretically for Dacha to do its signature beer garden thing, but also lots of indoor space — approximately 4,000 square feet of it.

The restaurant will face the first base gate of Nationals Park, and be practically next door to another beer garden in the neighborhood, Bardo, which is occupying a vacant space on the river next door to Dock 79 until MRP moves forward with development on that site.”

And I thought the new food menu in Shaw was exciting! Via email, Dacha’s owners tell me:

“We did sign a lease and intend to open for business sometimes in 2018. We look forward to bringing unique and authentic experiences that excite customers and reflect the incredible diversity of our proud and beautiful city.”

Dacha will also join The Salt Line and All-Purpose Pizzeria in Dock 79.  Boom, Boom, Boom!!!

7th and Q St, NW

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  • That’s somewhat odd… Dock 79 developers lured the Bardo Beergarden folks to the empty lot next door, then they lured in Dacha? Guess the Dacha folks are paying a higher rent than Bardo? Either way, I’d guess that both will be slammed before games.

    • I believe the Bardo lot is temporary until the development company builds on that land. Sounds like the Dacha situation is more permanent…someone correct me if I’m wrong?

      • You’re correct about Bardo – they’ll remain until the developer begins construction on that lot (after DC rebuilds the S Capitol bridge… so 2021 at the earliest at this point).

  • justinbc

    Wow that’s awesome news, although it will be hard to capture some of what makes Dacha appealing down there.

    • The Riverfront

      • Unless the press release is just poorly worded, the space will be on the Potomac Avenue side facing the ballpark, not on the water.

        • There is a park/plaza to the east of Dock 79. Perhaps Dacha will wrap around towards that?

        • maxwell smart

          I’m assuming they are taking the retail spot on the east corner of the building, which both faces First Base (it’s the closest portion of the building to the actual gate) and has outdoor space – so it would be between The Salt Line (which is on the back of the building) and All-Purpose Pizzeria.

      • maxwell smart

        +1. Beer Garden on the water? Sign me up! Also, at some point, Bullpen will be gone, so this will be a good addition pre/post games.

        • justinbc

          It’s not on the water though. It’s near the water, sure, but you’ll just be seeing a bunch of big concrete buildings.

          • You’re wrong. All the retail at Dock 79 (except a small 1,800 sf space facing the stadium) will have a view of the water. I suspect Dacha’s space will be at the northeast corner of the building. Any outdoor seating they have on the east side of the building will have views of the water.

          • justinbc

            The way they’ve described it as “Facing the 1st base gate” I just don’t see how that’s possible, but I guess we’ll find out once they release the renderings.

          • maxwell smart

            I’m assuming they are taking the spot on the corner, and then will utilize the outdoor space to the east of the building. So, yeah, okay, it’s not like, on a boat docked to the marina, but it’s water adjacent.

    • What makes Dacha appealing where it is now?

      • I ask myself this every time friends suggest we meet there.

      • Presence of babes (of all genders), and the “localized” neighborhood setting. It sort of feels like you’re at a house party in your friend’s backyard, except you’re paying $10/beer.

        • Yeaaaaah, I have a pretty hot boyfriend and my friend’s backyards are never packed shoulder to shoulder. I definitely don’t get the appeal.

          • I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ parties? Dacha is certainly not for everyone. Feel free to visit elsewhere.

          • I’m with you, it is no fun at all to be in a bar/biergarten where it’s so packed that it’s impossible to move around/find a seat/get the attention of a bartender/carry on a conversation without shouting. Apparently for some, it’s a draw.

          • it wasn’t even that crowded! My unique and authentic experience was way before the velvet rope (LOL) and the bouncers etc. If I was a president I would not be Baberaham Lincoln though, so it is possible it was on me =/

      • Hmm. Is it the “unique and authentic experiences?” I went there once and stood at the bar for about 10 minutes doing my best to appear friendly and thirsty and nobody even asked if I wanted any beer or anything so I left. Since the place is so popular, though, I guess being ignored was just my own special “unique and authentic” experience. YMMV.

  • Sniff, sniff. Real Washingtonians will miss having Dacha in the center of the real Washington. Understandable, though. Fare thee well!

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