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“CVSpacolypse” continues with 21st and L Going Down Next

by Prince Of Petworth March 10, 2017 at 10:00 am 50 Comments

cvs closings

Since President Trump took office – at least three CVS stores have closed in DC alone! T-H-R-E-E: 1350 Connecticut Ave, NW (on 19th Street), 15th and K St, NW and now 21st and L. Look to your left and look to your right – at this rate – one of those CVS’ may not be here at the end of the year. Just when I was starting to get on the Gold Emblem bandwagon too. Thanks Trump.

And thanks to Brett Widness for sending word:

“CVS at 21st and L NW has signs up saying it’s closing. #cvspacolypse.”

  • Warden

    What is the connection? I dont get it

    • stacksp

      I dont either

    • wobber

      If Trump is going to take credit for jobs he didn’t create, and companies investing in the the country that had already planned to do so before he took office… then he can own the CVS closures too.

  • KPS

    What does Trump have to do with it?

    • Ben

      Nothing. That is the joke….

  • AMDCer

    Considering there are 3 drug stores within 2 blocks of that store (CVS at 20th & M, 23rd & M, and Walgreens at 22nd & M) I think folks will manage…

    • That One Guy

      Don’t forget there’s a CVS next to GW too.

  • Christopher Russo

    Swing and a miss on the Trump joke, Dan.

  • anon

    its not really a stretch to assume that CVS, which has focused on its role in the health industry in recent year,s is preparing for contraction. fewer people with insurance = fewer people visiting clinics, filling prescriptions, seeking preventive care (flu shots)

    • John

      I understand what you are suggesting, but many (and possibly most) CVS stores don’t have a pharmacy. They are just big convenience stores.

      • textdoc

        “many (and possibly most) CVS stores don’t have a pharmacy.” Wait wait wait… WHAT??? I have never been in an CVS that didn’t have a pharmacy.
        I’m not a big fan of CVS, so I haven’t checked out a huge number of CVSes… but even still.

        • anonanon


        • wdc

          Are you sure? I always assumed that there was a pharmacy tucked back there somewhere. Until the day I wanted to buy the good decongestant and learned that no, many locations don’t have one. Since then, I’ve noticed it more. It’s rare that I need the pharmacy part, since our neighborhood one is great.

          • textdoc

            Interesting — I’ll have to look more closely in future.

      • Rich

        Decades ago, when they were expanding from New England by way of malls, they had lots of stores w/o pharmacies–the last one of those I can recall seeing anywhere was the Tyson’s store, which closed a few years ago. Their parent in the mall days was Melville Corp which had Thom McAn shoe stores and other chains in malls and could leverage the space but recognized that there wasn’t a pharmacy trade in those locations Frankly, the only DC store I can recall w/o a pharmacy was the Conn/19th St store which was basically an annex to the one on Dupont Circle. Pharmacy historically is the profit center in pharmacies. Cosmetics are another high markup area.

  • Anonymous

    CVS announced that it was closing 70 stores back in December. It takes a bit of time for this sort of thing to ramp up.

    As for the Trump joke, it’s not that far off. The Affordable Care Act increased the number of insured, which benefited CVS and its pharmacies. The threat of repeal is creating uncertainty. The day after the election, CVS stock dropped 10% precisely because Trump and the Republicans have insisted that they have a “better plan” and will repeal the ACA. It’s pretty clear that they don’t have a better plan, and the number of insured will drop. This is bad for CVS.

    • Christopher Russo

      “CVS announced that it was closing 70 stores back in December. It takes a bit of time for this sort of thing to ramp up.”

      So, within the same fiscal quarter as Trump’s victory, CVS decides on a whim to shut down 70 stores, solely on the basis of having a Republican in the Oval Office? No downward trend in revenue for multiple consecutive quarters, no annual budget forecasting, no nothing, just…Trump? Interesting theory.

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t on a whim. Once Trump won and the Republicans took control of Congress, it was pretty clear that their goal of getting rid of the ACA could become a reality. If you think that there’s a possibility that fewer people will be insured, and you relied on the insured to purchase drugs at your store, then you face the possibility of declining revenue. That’s the financial side of things. They didn’t close the stores to take a swing at Trump. He and the Republicans are just bad for business.

        It is likely that CVS execs had started discussing closures in the weeks leading up to the elections as a contingency plan, and once the election ended moved to enact that plan.

        • Christopher Russo

          You clearly know nothing about business. Decisions to close stores aren’t done over the course of weeks. Besides, no one expected Trump to win the election. Could it be, perhaps, that CVS just sucks, and its failure has nothing to do with politics?

          • Anonymous

            There’s nothing about my comment that indicated that I didn’t know anything about business. If anything, you failing to see how a drop in the number of people with insurance can negatively impact CVS’ financial outlook. Nice try though. “CVS just sucks” is not a very well-reasoned argument.

          • wdc

            Christopher, you don’t look good here.
            Any decent business has a strategy tree that takes into account all possibilities. One of the branches of that tree had to have been that Trump would win. To suggest that “no one expected Trump to win” and so a gigantic company wouldn’t have included it in their long term strategic planning? Sounds like something a person who knows nothing about business would say.

    • Anonynonnom

      CVS also lost it’s contract with BCBS in 2016. So not just Trump.

  • houseintherear

    He’s buying them out of hair dye and bronzer, dammit!

  • Rich

    Not a great joke. It’s not like CVS is beloved, and they obviously have had way more stores than they ever could support in DC for quite awhile.

    The Connecticut Ave/19th store was essentially an annex to the one on Dupont Circle featuring expanded selections of junk food, drinks, and cosmetics, and it should be no surprise that with the remodeling and expansion of the store on the Circle that this annex would close.

    The L Street store is in a former Safeway that had trouble surviving as the only chain grocery for many blocks back in the 90s. There are plenty of other CVs stores nearby and have been for quite awhile. The building is being redone and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lease was up with a pending rise in rent. It had zero customers the last time I was inside.

    The 15th & K store is pretty close to the one on Thomas Circle, not to mention the one at Farragut West.

  • KatInTheCity

    This isn’t all that surprising because: 1. They stopped selling tobacco products a few years ago. 2. Mail-order refills are more convenient and reliable for many. 2. Even their new stores quickly fall into disarray and empty shelves sit empty forever. 4. In spite of their convenient locations on practically every corner of the city, we stopped using them for Rx because 75% of the time the pharmacy didn’t have the medication in stock.

    • Christopher Russo

      Completely nailed it. The cessation of tobacco sales, while totally noble, put them at a huge disadvantage. And all of the other points you made are spot-on, as well. There are far better options out there.

      • Anonymous

        If removing tobacco from the stores was such a negative deal, investors definitely didn’t get the message. CVS’ share price went up 35% the year they stopped selling tobacco.

        What’s more likely is that competition with Walgreens has escalated, especially with CVS losing a huge pharmacy contract to Walgreens. This contract was lost at about the same time as the election, so there was a double whammy of the contract plus a Congress and president dead set on cutting the number of insured people.

        • Christopher Russo

          You clearly know nothing about business.

          • MR

            You must be amazing at “business,” because twice now you’ve written that other commenters know nothing about it.

        • Rich

          If tobacco is a make or break for individual stores, they would have been marginal to begin with. Smoking has been declining in the US for years particularly in the age groups they want to target–it’s pretty irrelevant to the big picture of what they’re doing.

    • navyard

      I forgot about the decision to stop selling tobacco. For that reason, I’m going to make sure I make at least one shopping trip there per month. I admire that.

      • Aglets

        I forgot about that too- now I feel guilty for going out of my way to the new Walgreens that continue to pop up….

  • Not Trumps fault. The CVS closings are definitely a false flag to cover up wiretappings Obama put on Trump tower.

  • crates

    and yet somehow there are still two stores less than a block from each other on Connecticut Ave straddling L street.

  • AJSE

    I read the joke as the new version of Thanks Obama? Not really sure why people are taking it so seriously

    • It was exactly that. What’s good for the goose and all.

    • KenyonDweller

      Right. I really wonder about people sometimes.

    • Ava16


      Come on, people! It’s Friday.

    • AMDCer

      Yup – that’s exactly how I read it. Lighten up, people!

    • Commentator

      Exactly, thank you.

  • Suse

    I miss Peoples.

    • soozles


    • Blithe

      Me too!

  • elbeech

    I’m disappointed there are no Trump 7-11 jokes coming out of this (though I’m not clever enough to make one myself).

  • Guillermo Brown

    I hope the one in Petworth on NH and Georgia goes down next. I’ve never found a need for going there over the Safeway, and it’s occupying such a prime corner.

  • What gives

    Why is this bad? CVS has become the equivalent of the Columbia Heights Giant: helpful for real estate ads if within walking distance, but not a place anyone actually visits.

  • anon

    The only good CVS in the city is the one at 1637 P Street, NW. The rest are shit–garbage! They’re always understaffed, under-stocked, and just a general mess!

    • Anonymouse

      I love the Woodley Park CVS, even if it can get a bit overrun by tourists.

  • Brett M

    Good. There are way too many CVS locations and I’d like to see a competitor fill that space.

  • brookland_rez

    There are too many CVS’s anyways. I think we have hit peak CVS.


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