Washington, DC

winning couple
winning couple Kimberly Sullivan and Jonna Mickshaw

From Mervis Diamond Importers:

“I wanted to let you know about you a pop-up wedding we’re throwing today outside at the corner of 17 and K. In honor of the 7 year anniversary of legalizing same-sex marriage in DC, we’re hosting this pop-up wedding right on K Street, in the middle of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. We’re making a statement that marriage equality is a human right and it’s here to stay!

One lucky couple is getting this wedding 100% free. They drove down from Pennsylvania when they saw our contest on Instagram.

With the help of the wedding planner, Designed Perfectly, we’ve arranged 10+ wedding vendors to participate and generously contribute their services.

It’s 6-8 pm at 1700 K Street.”


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