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  • Kingman Park

    He’s a US citizen. Might want to focus on impeachment and/or prison.

    • KenyonDweller

      I dunno–I haven’t seen his birth certificate. Have you?

      • textdoc

        And Trump had one foreign-born parent! That — plus Obama being black — was enough for the “birther” movement, so…

        • Kingman Park

          Obama remained president did he not?

          • Truxton Thomas

            Despite the current president’s best efforts, yes.

      • anon

        Trump was born in JAMAICA!

    • Duponter

      Orangutans are not native to North America.

      • maxwell smart

        I was going to say Oompa Loompa’s come from Loompaland

  • Suse


  • Mr. Magoo

    This is great! Plus it’s very near Taylor’s, which has looked pretty vacant the last couple of days.

  • enough_is_enough

    When will you guys get over the fact that he beat Hillary fair and square and he WILL be our President for the next 4 years.

    Let’s put our efforts into something positive for our country please.

    • Lisa

      I will be very surprised if he lasts four years. He’s still having a fun and enjoying riling everybody up but this is going to become unfun for him eventually, on a global level. I think he’ll walk away, actually, when he realizes he won’t get his way all the time and when he starts being unable to sleep at night. He’ll say it’s because we won’t let him get anything done and what’s the point. It’ll be his political ‘declaring bankruptcy’.

    • Anon

      Absolutely not. #RESIST

    • Mr. Magoo

      Yes, “something positive for our country” like rolling back regulations that protect workers, the environment, consumers, and womens’ health.
      Yes, “something positive for our country” that promotes white Christians at the expense of everyone else.
      Yes, “something positive for our country” like ripping up our international commitments, and promoting terrorism by spewing unhinged prejudice and bigotry against anyone who is “different” or “foreign.”
      Yes, “something positive for our country” like spending billions of taxpayer dollars to build…a wall.

      Contrary to your views, I know that every moment I am doing something against Trump and his fascist gang is “doing something positive for our country.” So, “enough_is_enough,” it is you and your ilk who are going to be in for a very long four years.

    • Blithe

      Something positive — erm, you mean like Mitch McConnell did? Or the scummy politicians who chose to close down the government? That kind of positive? Or did you mean, like, some other kind of positive?
      . A horrible thing about all of this reminds me of King Solomon’s decision: the Democrats try to compromise or find win/win decisions to save the “baby”, while the Republicans focus on “winning” rather than on governing. enough-is-enough, if you want some sort of constructive response, you might want to back off from the “fair and square” part, and acknowledge that you’re asking people to do something very different from what the Republicans — including Trump — have been doing for the past 8 years. Whining about how we guys should just “get over” the painfully evident destructiveness of the current administration is probably not going to be very persuasive, even if this time you said “please”.

      • textdoc

        Agreed with Blithe. And “fair and square” is a somewhat dubious claim, considering the extent to which Russia successfully influenced the election, not to mention that Trump won only the electoral college and not the popular vote.

    • ae

      President for four years? Highly doubt he’ll last one year. And the way things are going for him and his cabal he may not last a month. Question is whether he’ll be impeached, resign or thrown in jail.

      • Belinskaya

        He can’t be impeached without the House GOP on board, so while they probably want Pence, do they want the stink of impeachment on them?

        Impeachment isn’t happening until something really egregious happens.

    • vicki

      Impeaching trump will be extremely positive for the country and the planet.

  • ML

    I wonder if a place of public accommodation like Busboys posting this violates DC’s Human Rights law – it seems crafted to discourage patronage by members of a political party.

    • OP Anon

      You triggered?


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