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Today’s Rental is a 1 bed in the Apollo (above the new Whole Foods opening 3/15)

by Prince Of Petworth February 17, 2017 at 2:30 pm 28 Comments

600 H Street NE

This rental is located at 600 H Street, NE. The Craigslist ad says:

$2381 / 1br – 732ft2 – New finishes and spacious layout in new H Street 1 bedroom

Located at the epicenter of H Street, The Apollo brings you home to the most dynamic and exciting neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Built on the site of the legendary Apollo Theatre, the building effortlessly combines past and present. Here you’ll find the best in D.C. design, paired with a relaxed vibe and all the comforts of home.



Wood Throughout
Quartz Countertops
Barn Door
Keyless Entry Gold Certified Building
Moveable Island
Stainless Appliances
Top of the Line Cabinets from Italy
Under Cabinet Lighting
Large Terraces
Wet Bar

LEASE TERMS 6-18 Months”

  • JS

    I didn’t know a Rainforest Cafe was opening there too.

    • [rrrrr]

      You jest but this begs the question, why don’t we have a Rainforest Cafe?

  • kristen

    I looked at some apartments in that building. The kitchens were tiny, did not have a pantry, and very little storage in the bedrooms/living space. Also, very expensive, even by “swanky new apartment” standards.

    • Anonymous

      Um, no. Atlantic Plumbing apartments smaller than this are going $2800-$3200.

      • Bryan

        For a better area and closer to a metro.

        • Anonymous

          Above a Whole Foods?

          • FridayGirl

            They will be within a block of a Whole Foods sometime in the not-so-distant future (hopefully).

  • John Clarkson

    I love Rainforest Cafe!

  • L.

    The only way I would pay that for such a place is if they threw in free groceries from downstairs. Refer back to that viral $1 million home post – who are all these people, and where do they get so much money??

    • Kingman Park

      People who have high standards and live outside their means, people who have wealthy parents, or couples who don’t mind living on top of each other in a neighborhood that becomes less exciting to live in by the month.

      • Anonymous

        Or…people who make a lot of money. (see: lawyers, of which there are one or two in DC)

        • MHillPark

          +1. I’m not saying I would rent this place, but I’m a SINKY (single income no kids) private practice lawyer, and I I know many peers who pay this much or more for 1-bedroom places in Logan and Shaw, so H Street can’t be far behind.

          • Bryan

            I mean you do you….but why the hell would keep throwing away that type of money each month? Why not save yourself a couple hundred per month and buy? What does burning 2300-3000 a month on a bourgie, albeit boring 1 bedroom with very little character do for you?

          • Anonymous

            First, it provides a luxe place to live, which some people like. Second, in the context of a 25 year old making $180,000, $2,300 really isn’t that much. Third, if this is your concern, why doesn’t everyone in DC move to Prince William County to find a $900/month two bedroom apartment?

          • Anonymous

            Also, one man’s “character” is another man’s “man this apartment is a POS.” Some people like new stuff.

          • Truxton Thomas

            On the bright side, the suckers who pay for these luxe apartments are boosting the property values of the rest of us who got while the getting was good a few years ago.

          • mizark

            We need to separate the idea of home equity as the opportunity cost of renting from this. People paying this much for these kinds of apartments are receiving something different than they would by paying a few hundred less for a different type of apartment. They are buying into a lifestyle and level of service that they think is worth it. I agree that it seems like a bit much, but these buildings are well-designed and have an array of services (concierge, security, common spaces, fitness center) that are included in that cost. I don’t get it myself, but this is beyond a binary choice of cheap vs expensive housing.

            I work for a company that develops and manages buildings like this and believe me, there are many, many, many, many, many people in DC willing to pay for this kind of thing. While most people hate their management companies, the big ones do a lot to cultivate this (somewhat artificial) lifestyle idea by ratcheting up customer service while gouging you for the rent.

          • Hstreeter

            Also, if mom and dad also paid your tuition.

          • maxwell smart

            “Second, in the context of a 25 year old making $180,000” – I’ve clearly made some bad decisions in my life, as I will never make that kind of money.

    • Newtonian

      Recent transplants.
      Mommy and Daddy. Biglaw. Consulting.

  • John M

    I predict they’ll try offering these rents for about 3-6 months til they start offering 1-month concessions.

  • Magda

    One thing that apartment needs is some more chairs

  • FridayGirl

    It’s also worth noting that there are several (at least 16, likely more) IZ units in this building as well. So not ~everyone~ living there will be paying full-price. Some people (like me) have managed to swing living in “luxury” apartments for roughly half the market rent. And these rents are do-able for young couples who don’t want to buy together yet.

    • FridayGirl

      And by “these rents” I meant the market rate. At $1300ish per person for a couple, they wouldn’t be paying THAT much less individually to live in a group house in the same neighborhoods.

  • Rob

    This unit is priced right where it needs to be. I would assume you could negotiate a free month or a small reduction. Having double the thickness of wall and ceiling, outlets in the right places for 2017, decent finishes, amenities, and floor to ceiling windows is not standard on a 1930’s English basement with “charm.” You could enjoy the mildew, and the sound of your neighbors’ dog in Columbia Heights or Cleveland park for $1850.

    • James W.

      Do you work on commission?

    • maxwell smart

      And I will also enjoy the additional $900/month that I get to use towards something other than paying rent and having to be around 300+ other people all the time.

  • anon

    Building has amazing amenities, but the apartments are not at all high end. You’re paying for the pool, theater room, etc.


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