Washington, DC

sopeseso opening
1344 H Street, NE

Sospeso lets us know via twitter yesterday: “We actually made it through and opening this Friday!”

Their website says:

“Start your day with expertly crafted coffee and pastries, stop in for a classic porchetta sandwich in the afternoon, or finish your day with our fresh homemade pasta, paired with an original house-infused vermouth cocktail or wine from our carefully-selected list.

Inspired by the recipes of our grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as the sun-drenched countries and seas of Southern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa, we choose fresh local ingredients to prepare simple and modern artisan dishes with beautifully defined flavors.

Grilled fish served head to tail, mezes of taverns, and the highest quality olive oils and wines are Sospeso’s signature offerings. A seamless blend of original history and modern rustic design, Sospeso’s natural light-soaked industrial space evokes a refined dining experience with a unique sense of the comforts of the Mediterranean.

The name Sospeso comes from Caffè Sospeso, which literally means “suspended coffee.” This is a Neapolitan practice of someone anonymously paying for a coffee ahead for someone else in need. We look forward to carrying on the tradition.”

Menus after the jump.

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