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  • PetlessInPetworth

    That is…really Georgetown.

  • AnonV2

    I’m challenged to come up with any building in recent DC history that has housed two businesses as diametrically opposed as Commander Salamander and this place. Seriously, now I’m trying to think of gritty 80s/90s haunts that are now posh boutiques or some such.

    • Commander Salamander was next door – now the M&T Bank.

      • saf

        Things I miss…

    • JMo

      The J Crew in the old 9:30 space makes me slowly shake my head…

      • jaybird

        FYI Georgetown had some punk cred back in the 70s and early 80s.

      • facts

        I thought of that one too. There’s also a starbucks in the old DC Space.

        • saf

          And the Bayou is now, um, a movie theater?

          • ontarioroader

            Biograph Theater. Was art films and pr0n, now a CVS.

          • saf

            And the other theater too – the one that was up Wisconsin a bit.

  • jaybird

    Huh. I thought it was a boulangerie. Looks like a cafe/restaurant.

  • bje22201

    That’s a fancy looking bread shop.

  • Anon

    The old Cerberus theater is now Niketown (formerly B&N).


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