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  • Anon

    This project really is a complete gut job. Once it is complete, Marrie Reed will have the best campus of any dual-language elementary in DC. A great result, which is well worth the wait for the Marie Reed students from Adams Morgan, Dupont, and Kalarama who have persevered through the swing site in Petworth this year. Marie Reed’s dual-language program is now one of the most sought after ECE programs in DC, and the upper grades are getting better every year.

    • anondad

      Glad you like it, but the propaganda meter is pegging high.

  • Ward One Resident

    Since they cut down pretty much ALL the trees on the property (not all, but pretty much all), gonna take a long time before the campus looks like that rendering.

    • KindaKidding

      Had to keep the snakes out!!!

  • Michael Pierce

    I’m surprised they didn’t tear the whole thing down. Most architecture of that era is rather unappreciated these days.

  • AdMoRez

    Yeah that place really needed to be completely torn down. I used to play dodgeball in their gyms, and inside the school there were missing ceiling tiles, degrade of the interior spaces, and the whole place just seemed very old and decrepit. I was surprised that a school was that was still even operating. The modernization should be nice, and I’m excited to see what the new basketball courts will look like, I would play there on all the nice days but it never really had many people playing there, they would all be at Kalorama Park.

  • anon
  • JakeOnDC

    I was shocked to see how they razed almost every element of the mid century inspired design… very few examples on this large of a scale exist…..Yes I am a huge fan of mid century architecture and its purpose

  • JayDC

    Should have torn it down. It’s just an ugly beast of a building.


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