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Major Marie Reed Modernization Project in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth September 16, 2016 at 2:50 pm 11 Comments

2201 18th St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if you had any info on the huge construction happening at Marie Reed. They’ve been working on it for months and just recently tore out the whole pool. I haven’t heard anything and was wondering what the plans were for it.”

From DGS:

“Opened in 1977, Marie Reed Community Learning Center is a wonderfully diverse school located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Marie Reed is proud of its many services, partnerships, and course offerings. We offer English monolingual and English-Spanish Dual Language strands as learning environments for our children. With a robust public health clinic, child care center, adult education, swimming pool and turf field, Marie Reed is a hub of the Adams Morgan neighborhood. The modernization of Marie Reed intends to renovate the existing spaces or build a new school to accommodate not only the needs of its elementary school students, but the needs of the community for years to come.”


  • Grant Circle

    My first thought was, who was Major Marie Reed?

  • palisades

    So they haven’t decided yet? Seems like the last sentence of the writeup is a little outdated, considering they plan for it to be open next year.

  • andy


    Marie Reed Elementary School Modernization Project
    Location: 2201 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009
    Ward: 1
    Overall Project Budget: $61.5M (Original budget $43M prior to reprogramming)
    Project Manager(s): Teddy Gebremichael/Gregory Benson
    Architects: Quinn Evans
    General Contractor: Gilbane Construction
    Construction Completion Date: August 11, 2017
    Project Status: In Design Phase
    Construction Completion Date: August 11, 2017

  • Essm

    As someone who lives nearby, it would be nice to get better/more frequent updates. The last update is more than a month old and only covered through 8/19. Also, I don’t think they ever posted what the final site plan is. The last document they have online with a site plan is from December 2015 and it says “draft.” Those old plans do, however, look like it will be a much nicer place for the community.

  • JakeOnDC

    as a huge fan of this or what was architectural masterpiece they have pretty much ripped out all the elements true to the original design, including the concrete covered pavilions.. My other alarming observation is how they just cut down all the flowering trees that lined the sidewalk. While I applaud updating the structure.. Creating a bigger children’s health care facility in a neighborhood that is not rich or teaming with children seems odd. I live and work within a block I am not excited to see this larger health facility open in a neighborhood already strapped for parking by visitors with MD tags.. using all the valuable parking spaces on a daily basis.. ..

    • alpinepaq

      Respectfully, are you a troll? The neighborhood is teeming with children. I would know, I have 2 of them. Marie reed is a flourishing school, and Adams Morgan is filled with families. Also, you say the neighborhood isn’t “rich”. I’m assuming you mean wealthy, right? Again…wha?
      So, ok, some trees got cut down while they do a $61M renovation of an amazingly well utilized school, playground, rec center, and clinic. Sounds like your complaints are about parking, and if that’s the case…move to the ‘burbs??

  • Anon

    This modernization, which is reqlly complete gutting of the outdated facilities, will be fantastic for the community. Marie Reed, and in particular it’s dual-language program, is on the cusp of becoming a great school in the heart of the city. It will be the equal of Oyster-Adams and Ross Elementaries with a few years.

  • Otis Gal

    The health clinic is not exclusively for children. http://Www.cohdc.org

  • o2bncdg

    That’s where I vote !!!! Where will I go now??

  • CPinDC

    Weird! A part of McFarland Junior High School on Iowa Avenue; now McFarland Middle School is now Marie Reed Elementary School with a small playground on the front of the school.

  • pru

    Do we know anything about the future of the swimming pool? Will it stay, will it be improved, made bigger? I really hope that they modernize and expand this pool. DC indoor pools are just too few and far between, largely unmodernized, and with terrible hours. I wish I didn’t have to cross over to upper northwest to go to the Wilson pool with my kids.


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