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Anyone Else Notice Metro Transit Police Patrolling with Rifles this Morning?

by Prince Of Petworth February 17, 2017 at 11:00 am 14 Comments

metro police
Photo by PoPville flickr user LaTur

Quintina writes:

“Any word on police patrolling metro w/weapons in hand? Just passed one in the Dupont station. rifle. Safely pointed at the ground while walking but still. Was thinking potential threat alert or something of that nature?”

Anyone see patrols at other stations? Has anyone ever seen a patrol with rifles before?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see any officers with a rifle at Columbia Heights at 9am, though there was an officer there.

  • Anonymous

    Did not see any in Petworth, Gallery Place or Farragut North.

  • Jst

    There were a handful of officers on the platform at Rosslyn this morning.

  • Elissa

    I saw patrols (around 7:45am) at Le Enfant but no rifles. Actually thought to myself, ‘hmm never seen WMATA patrols on the actual platform of the train stop”

  • Bananas

    2 at CapSouth at 0745 – but, there’s been an uptick in presence for some time now.

  • sapphie

    last time i saw it was shortly after 9/11. Pulled up to the platform at foggy bottom and they stepped in each car briefly. One had a K9 and walked through my car. It was surreal!

  • Dave

    more police than usual around logan circle on motorcycles at 9:30

  • Josh

    I noticed that in pentagon city yesterday afternoon

  • Anonymous

    There was one in NOMA this morning with a rifle

  • Wednesday Addams-Morgan

    No one with rifles but there was a presidential escort unit car and three motorcycles parked across the street from Ted’s Bulletin at 14th and Swann this morning around 9am. Wonder if it’s related.

  • navyard

    The Citadel:Shield exercises are still going on at some of the military installations, were you near something military?

  • Anonymous

    I saw one at Chinatown on a Sunday a few weeks back

  • Aaron

    My commute is from Rhode Island Ave to Chinatown. I have noticed an increased presence of metro transit police during my commutes the past two days compared to the usual.

  • anon

    Guess they are going to start hunting the immigrants to deport, based on recent news from Drumpf.


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