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“I thought the community should know.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2017 at 12:55 pm 33 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

My Mom escorts at Planned Parenthood and there have been massive protests at the New York Ave. one this week. I thought the community should know.”

From Planned Parenthood:

“For the past century, Planned Parenthood has transformed women’s health and empowered millions of people worldwide to make informed health decisions, forever changing the way they live, love, learn and work.”

If you would like to make a donation to Planned Parenthood you may do so here.

  • Colhi

    Just an FYI, when you click donate, you will be giving a donation to the National Planned Parenthood….which is awesome. But if you want to give directly to the DC branch of planned parenthood, click on Donate, then click on the tab that says Specific Giving. That will allow you to give money directly to the DC clinic.

    Please donate!!!!

    • Q

      +1 I prefer to give directly to the local branches because it goes to operations and supplies of the clinic. Obviously, to each her own as far as giving goes, but it’s a good thing to point out because I’d never actually thought of the distinction until someone explained it to me.

    • Caroline

      Just set up a recurring monthly donation. FYI, for some reason the DC branch is listed under VA.

    • skj84

      I donated to National today, but will try to do local going forward.

    • AnonV2

      Note that if you are a frequent Amazon shopper you can set up Amazon Smile to donate to PP chapters with every purchase. It’s a small thing, but small things add up.

      • cachito

        I did this just after the election and I get so excited knowing that even my toilet paper and dishsoap help PP.

      • wobber

        just set it up to donate to PP too

    • can_i_park_here


    • anond

      Just donated. I’ve been a PP client (just for bc) and also terminated a pregnancy a few years ago at a clinic in Fairfax. I’ll support the cause being pro-choice however I can.

  • Admo_Anon

    Moments like these make me wish I had sewing skills to make some angel wings, like the ones that were made to block the Westboro Baptists protesting the Pulse funerals.

  • DE

    Just did a donation online. In honor of those marching today. :>)

  • kharr89

    Does anyone know how to become an escort? I don’t see any information on their website or on the DC specific website.

    • Colhi

      Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force – www dot wacdtf dot org

      • kharr89

        Thank you! Looks like they’ve received an overwhelming amount of support since the election which is amazing. I plan to attend the next DC training once they schedule it.

  • Traveler

    Donation made!

  • anon29

    Honestly, F these people. Back in 2003ish, my GF and I at the time had to make an incredibly hard decision and she ended up having an abortion at a planned parenthood clinic in silver spring. As we were leaving (mind you my gf is not in great shape mentally or physically) we get called murderers and lots of things I’d like not to repeat, by some religious hecklers. That was the closest I’ve ever been to physically assaulting someone. I was ready to go to jail. Big middle finger to these people.

    • Anon

      What a nightmare that must have been. I wish someone would go around heckling these people whenever they get a medical procedure done.

    • CPT_Doom

      I had a grad school friend who had a yeast infection and PP was the eaaiest/cheapest way to get it treated. She was called a murderer entering the clinic, and regretted later she hadn’t come up with the right response soon enough: “trust me, we all want to kill what’s inside me.”

      • Dcg

        I picked up a morning after pill from the PP on 16th Street a few years ago. Among other things, the protestors were yelling “please don’t do this!” I turned to the awesome escort and said, loudly, “I don’t understand why people don’t want me to get a pap smear.”
        As I was leaving, an African American PP client was vehemently denouncing the protestor who had given her a flyer comparing abortion to lynching.

    • When PP was on 16th St NW, I used to get heckled when I got off the bus just to walk to my office, which was around the corner. Wasn’t even entering the damn building. Screaming at every woman who appears to be of child-bearing age is the modus operandi of some of these folks.

  • Brooklander

    A few years ago, I passed Planned Parenthood on CT Ave., and saw protesters camped out on their lawn. I shouted “Pro-Choice!” as I passed, and a Catholic priest shook a large crucifix at me. I still laugh as I recall that delicious moment. Laughing in the face of superstition and nonsense.

    • DE

      I like this story.

      I remember running the Richmond Marathon in, what, 2003, and they were at about mile 18 with huge posters of aborted fetuses shouting at all the runners. Because there’s no such thing as an anti-choice runner, I suppose. Complete idiots. I was too tired to do more than yell a quick eff off eejits.

  • ST21

    Definitely a pain for ppl who work there but it’s their right to protest so not much you can do really.

    • DCbyDay

      I know it is their right to protest… but I’ve felt on many occasions that their “protest” is really just harassment. I don’t know where that line lies or if there even really is a legal distinction… but I wish there were.

      • James W

        Federal law protects access to clinics and makes it a crime to intimidate, physically restrain, threaten violence, or block access to a clinic.

  • Ava16

    Thank you to those who escort! PP provides so many essential services outside of abortions. I went to a clinic once for a BC prescription because my regular doctors office couldn’t get me an appointment for TWO MONTHS. PP got me an appt in days.

    • enough_is_enough

      Where was Obamacare then?? You can’t have it both ways…..

      • JoDa

        Who knows when Ava’s story happened? I know plenty of people with similar stories…from the late 90’s and early 2000’s, when Obama was a *state* senator in Illinois.

  • Reality

    I wish these people would put as much noise and action behind adoption, refugee children, healthcare access, and children living in poverty that they do in screaming at PP. What a mess.

    • rowanmae


  • John B.

    I’m just tired of these people calling themselves “pro-life” when they are really just anti-abortion. Most of them support the death penalty and oppose any kind of aid for poor women who do have the babies. Even worse, most of them also oppose any kind of birth control or sex education, which might help prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the NEED for abortions in the first place.

    • rowanmae

      +1000 I’ve noticed that there’s a new term for these people – “pro-birth” – which is more accurate, as they care nothing about the life of the child once its born (and they’ve never cared about the life of the mother!)

      • FridayGirl

        + a million. Ugh. Anyone who is anti-abortion and doesn’t care about children once they are born is a horrible person.


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