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Reader Reports Two Assaults in Logan Circle Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm 22 Comments

via google maps

Katie reports:

“Two assaults around 7p tonight at 13th & S NW, 14th & Riggs – group of teens victimized women walking alone. Please be careful!!”

Unrelated but Kristin also reported last night:

“screams of help heard, then people running outside our apt @ 15th & Mass NW. Now 4 police cars. Mugging on such a busy street??”

  • Nagol Circus

    Youth Act gives these teens a “get out of jail free” card. Heck, if I were a teen, knowing that, I’d be more likely to engage in questionable behavior knowing that if I get caught, I get off with little long-term damage. Youth Act needs to be reformed!

  • Kate

    I was the person assaulted at 13th and S, on my way to the gym. It was a group of 5 kids, the youngest was around 10 years old. They asked for my phone to call their mom, and when I kept walking one tried to hit me from behind- then the littlest one zapped me with some pepper spray. Luckily I was all muffled up and a majority of it got on my clothes/scarf and not my face. At that point I just stepped down into the street in view of all the cars, and they ran off- apparently around the corner to assault another woman.

    Major props to the gentleman passing by who helped me flag down a cop (and stayed until he knew I was alright), and to the 5 or 6 police officers who quickly converged on the scene. I’m surprised it happened with so many people around, but it’s a good reminder that things can happen even in a busy area.

    • eggs

      So glad you’re ok! I’m sorry this happened to you.

  • Mythri

    Oh my god! I believe I was approached by the same kids; I live on 11th and S and was walking home around the same time, and a bunch of kids came up to me and told me that their father has been beating them and they needed to call their mom. They asked me if they could use my phone, and I told them to give me her number and I will call them. While I was figuring that out, one of the kids was very close to me, and I could feel that he was touching my bag. I looked at him as soon as I felt it, and he just smiled at me and backed out a little. The kids then said their mom was a crack-whore and would probably not pick up, which is why I asked them if I should call the police. Then, I think they saw a car and started screaming and just ran off. I didn’t know what to think, because one of the kids was definitely between 10-12 years old. I called the police later to tell them the story, but they obviously couldn’t do anything because I had no real info on them. I am so sorry for the others who had to deal with this, and please keep safe!

    • stacksp

      A kid calling his own mom a crack-whore even under false pretenses is shocking at least to me.

      • Anon

        The saddest part is that they may not be false pretenses at all.

  • MK32

    Last night, DCPD tweeted: “Robbery F & V 2029hrs Vermont & K St, NW. Closed w/ Arrest” so I wonder if that’s related to the 15th & Mass comment. At least they caught someone in this incident.

  • bdweller

    I was also approached by what was likely these same kids last night around 8:30 pm. I was standing outside of the Madison Hotel on 15th and M St. NW with my boyfriend, the doorman and 2 other men who appeared to be waiting for a cab. The kids were walking up 15th St. and yes the youngest was about 10 yrs old, mix of girls/boys. They were being very obnoxious. As a long time DC resident who knows to avoid groups of rowdy kids, I typically would have crossed the street at that point but since I was standing in front of the hotel with others we just waited for them to pass by. When they got to us, one of the other men said something to them which riled them up even more. Then they got in all of our faces shouting stupid stuff, meanwhile I was trying to ignore them. One of the older girls (still young) held pepper spray or mace about an inch from my eyes while shouting. I just stood there because I knew if I reacted things would get worse. They moved along when hotel security came out but continued up 15th St. acting like assholes.

    • Katie

      bdweller, if you’re willing and haven’t already, I bet it would help to call DC Police and I would personally appreciate it a lot. I was one of the assault victims and I don’t remember much. Maybe if others report descriptions it could help catch them – there must be surveillance cameras somewhere these kids passed by last night.

    • Nunya B.

      Please contact the police. Maybe they can get the hotel security footage and identify these little a*holes.

      • Anon

        I’m guessing it won’t be too tough to identify them (assuming decent footage). My guess is that these kids are known entities in their schools.

  • DC Res

    And then when you’re done calling the police, call your council member and ask them to change the youth rehabilitation act. Clearly not working.

  • capitalpixie

    Yes, please call councilman! I do not know about the Youth Act, but I DO know that Riggs btwn 13 and 14 is a constant crime area. We need to keep pressure on efforts to police it. Law enforcement gives the block extra attention in summer, but it sounds like the block and surrounding blocks could use it all year long.


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