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Photos: When a Pro Catches a Cooper’s Hawk in Action

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 10:40 am 20 Comments

All photos by Josh Miller @Millerslens

Thanks to Josh Miller for sending these great shots. You can find all his photos on Instagram @Millerslens. Josh writes:

“I am a local photographer and ran into a Cooper’s Hawk on Sunday while taking out my trash behind my house in Adams Morgan. Ran back to my house and grabbed my camera and was lucky enough to snap the attached shots before it flew away. Interestingly enough, I saw another hawk yesterday over by Manhattan Laundry so it appears that there is an abundance of them in the District right now!”

More amazing photos after the jump. Not for the weak of heart or friends of rats…




  • Anon

    I’ve noticed quite a few dead intact rats above ground recently – could the frigid weather be killing them off?

    • Anon

      They’ve probably been poisoned, which makes them a dangerous temptation to our hawk friends. Many urban raptors are killed this way.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Those pictures are amazing!

  • U neighbor

    GO HAWK!! So excited to see that the hawk community is taking a serious interest in our rat community. I sent in the shots yesterday from the 10th and U spotting, but these pics are amazing. Nice job!

  • thor

    So, how does a guy go about getting a couple of hawks in his backyard?

    • Anon

      Ignore the needs of middle America for a several decades? That aughta do it!

      • TinkerTaylor

        heh, nicely done

  • bruno


  • “you lookin’ at me?”

  • anon&confused

    Beautiful bird! I saw a hawk? falcon? on Thursday in Brookland! They’re all over right now.

  • Sebastian Quartermain

    Excellent pics, but that is a Red-tailed hawk, not a Cooper’s hawk. Dark breast band of spotting, short red tail, bigger bird all point to Red-tailed.

  • bruno

    No. No I’m not a vegan. Why do you ask?

  • TropicBird

    This warms my rat weary heart

  • mvs

    Thanks for posting these, PoP! I love spotting hawks in the city, but I never manage to get good pics myself.

  • Amazing! Thanks for wild photographers and Dan for posting!

  • wpk_dc

    Shared on FB, great pics Josh Miller!!!

  • Smittty

    There’s a dead squirrel at the corner of 11th and Florida that I suspect fell victim to this hawk as well. Also, serious question, should I be concerned about my smallish dog on when we go on walks? I assume that a hawk would leave a dog alone, especially one that was walking with a human, but strange things happen.

    • PJH

      If they have an abundant food source, they will not attack a pet … especially with a human present. I would think that your dog is safe. Rats and squirrels are easier to catch and eat for most hawks. They will also eat birds if other food sources are scarce. Now … if you are anywhere near the Arboretum, watch out for the President and the First Lady … they could take your dog! (They are the resident eagles … and this is mostly a joke!) Eagles are primarily fish eaters, but will eat other animals. Again, they are scavengers, so will generally go for an easy meal.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Wow! Fantastic shots!


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