“this is great news for ward 5 residents as it will connect Rhode Island Ave to downtown”

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 11:15 am 22 Comments


A reader reports:

“Just wanted to share with you and fellow readers, from Kenyon McDuffie’s facebook page last night.

“The G9 is on schedule to begin service on Rhode Island Avenue in March 2017.

The G9 will run the entire east-west length of Ward 5 along Rhode Island Avenue and connect downtown on the same route the G8 takes.”

It looks like the new G9 route got approved and will start running in March 2017. Not sure of the exact route/stops, but this is great news for ward 5 residents as it will connect Rhode Island Ave to downtown via a direct bus route. Awesome for Woodridge/Langdon/Brookland residents!”

  • Anon

    So kind of an express G8? It seems that there are far fewer stops on this route than on the G8. Seems like a great move to me!

    • Anon. no. 5

      Geez I hope you are right that it’s express. Walking is faster sometimes than the G8, because the G8 stops. every. other. block.

    • ZetteZelle

      Yes, the DC bus routes ending in -9 are always limited stop (S9, 79…).

      • Anon

        Ah, good to know – thanks!

      • Anon

        Apparently you’ve never taken the B9 bus.

  • anonymous shaw dweller

    Hopefully this line builds the critical ridership which sets the backdrop for either a dedicated BRT or trolley system so this corridor can participate in the timely/current development opportunity and tax base to the city.

    • RegularG8Commuter


    • anon

      Fingers crossed!

  • RegularG8Commuter


    But I wonder how long until Metro decides to cut this route to one bus every 40 mins like the G8 to save $$$?…this bus line has to have additional routes if McMillian actually comes to fruition because every g8 in the am and pm is PACKED by stop 5. There are mornings that folks waiting for buses in Bloomingdale have to wait 3 or more buses before being able to get on a bus…

    On a personal note, I love that McDuffie is thumping his chest like he actually had anything to do with this. Considering I think I have sent him about 100 emails in the last 2 years begging for him to intervene as a CM and his response has always been “I wrote a letter, that is all I can do at this point”…

  • AnonV2

    “Not sure of the exact route/stops”
    It looks like the green dots on that map are the limited stops. This is great news; only 6 stops between RI Ave Metro and 14th/K. Of course the bus will still have to navigate the same traffic on RI Ave that the G8 does, but at least it can get out of the right lane for stretches where it notoriously backs up.

    • anon

      The route shown in the picture is an earlier proposed route. Unclear what the final route is. If CM McDuffie is taken literally, the western end of the route will look more like the G8 (i.e. going north/south on 7th/9th rather than 14th/13th). There was deliberation on where exactly the eastern terminus would be; best info I know is that it’s the circle at Mt. Rainier. Honestly I wish McDuffie could have released a map with the announcement, but whatever it is (and even though 14th St. would have been great), I’ll take it!

  • EMW

    I could never justify paying $4 for an express bus though.

    • RyanD

      I suspect this will be “limited stop”/”metro extra” and not “express”.
      “Limited stop” or “metro extra” buses are routes that only stop every few blocks but do stop routinely. Examples include 39, S9, and 79. These buses charge the normal rate.
      “Express” buses run without stops (such as on the highway) for large distances. Examples include 87, B30, 5A, and J9. These buses charge a higher rate (and even higher if the destination is a distant airport).

    • MM

      $4? The S9 express bus fare is the same as a non-express bus fare

  • EMW

    Ha! Good to know. I’ve always avoided them.

  • Rich

    Actually, its pretty awesome for people who live near Logan–it means the Home Depot can be an uncomplicated bus ride and opens up new possibilities in terms of restaurants from the Truxton area to Woodridge.

    • JoDa

      I thought this was only going to be weekdays, rush hour?

      • anon

        Well it’s still good for restaurants on weekday evenings and an uber ride home after. Hopefully they extend the hours after a successful trial period.

        • JoDa

          I certainly hope that’s the case. It will almost certainly be popular for those who typically use the G8 during rush hours (plus some others for whom the G8 would be a good choice but live closer to RIA and east of 4th), so I have no doubt that it will be considered successful at those times. I just wonder if people will realize that they can *get* to, say, Nido, but not back, using it, and opt not to go or not to use it to get there. It would be *far* more useful for me off peak and weekends, but we need people outside of the Brookland/Langdon/Woodridge area expressing this same sentiment to get the additional investment to make it run all hours. Glad to hear some excitement off the bat from people near the other end of the line to come up and visit us. :)

  • JohnH

    I used to drive RI Ave a lot. That road is a mess. There’s always SOMETHING screwing up traffic. And sometimes it feels worse on weekends.

    • RI ave resident

      Either it’s gotten better, or we just have a higher tolerance for traffic, but I disagree. We live RIGHT ON RI Ave, overlooking the road and often the traffic, and I sometimes marvel at how well rush hour traffic moves along it. We are closer into the city though, so location could make a difference. It is a very heavily used road, maybe that’s my perspective, how problem-free it often is when considering how many cars (a constant flow!!) move along it. In any case, it’s much better than NY Ave, and fairly empty on most weekends. There’s one really bad area where FL crosses it and everyone blocks RI, but otherwise we get up and down it pretty quickly.

    • anon

      Any large thoroughfare full of commuters will do that. Frankly, I don’t know why people drive downtown and hope we can give them better options. The G9 is a decent start. We should also consider transforming RI Ave the way 14th St. transformed in the 00’s to be more pedestrian/bike-friendly and less car-friendly. Might further entice people to not drive that stretch.


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