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One Protest Turns Ugly near McPherson Square

by Prince Of Petworth January 20, 2017 at 10:51 am 54 Comments

bank of america

Thanks to Rebecca for sending: “it turned violent pretty quick, I do not condone this at all”

She also notes:

“four huge explosions and lots of tear gas by McPherson cops everywhere”

As I said on twitter, This is not DC. This is not what the current President stands for. Create, don’t destroy our city. Our home.



  • B’Dale Res


  • Mittens

    Lame. Why trash a city populated by people who are largely feel the same way you do?

    • Gumball

      Exactly. This accomplishes nothing.

      • anonka

        or they are ‘alt-right’-sters trying to wreck havoc…

  • Herbie

    Dirt bags

  • Anonymous25

    I really hope this at least wasn’t DC locals. This is really sad.

    • RumRunner

      My guess is that it wasn’t.

    • ET

      I don’t think it was either. This like this draws lots of people looking for the opportunity to do things like this.

    • FridayGirl

      Yeah, something tells me it was a bunch of people from out of town — the same way that protests around the country the past several years have received bad coverage because of people just looking to cause problems.

    • spookiness

      These types would have shown up no matter who was being inaugurated.

      • Lyndsey

        Yeah just like in 2013 and 2009 and 2005? Yeah, no.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Not really a fair comparison – there have been vast changes in how people organize (both for good reasons and for bad reasons) between then and now, especially if you want to take it all the way back to 2005 (Facebook was in its infancy and neither the twitter nor the smartphone had even been invented yet!). It was comparatively much harder to link up with a few like-minded troublemakers from all over the country to meet up at a specific place and time, thus only those who were really motivated would do it. (Not difficult in an absolute sense, but significantly less easy, whereas now it’s trivially easy; it used to take at least a modicum of effort). The barrier to entry is a lot lower now, if you want to think of it that way.

  • Victoria

    Of all the injustices happening right now, I’m not weeping for an empty Bank of America branch. I wouldn’t have done this but it’s hardly an attack on our home.

    • RumRunner

      True, but it will be used to overshadow the issues other groups are protesting for.

      • DC kid

        It also just pisses me off more generally – don’t trash our home to make your point. Peacefully protest or go away

      • Rich

        If you’ve ever dealt with BoFA, you’d wonder why this doesn’t happen everyday.

        • KM

          No fan of BOA, but that building is where I work.

        • anon

          Yes, I recently opened an account there, but I am going to close it ASAP as every time I talk to someone there they lie to me. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at any bank before.

    • Colhi

      +1, I’m a little more upset about the 700,000 immigrants who were brought here as children that will lose their legal status on Monday.

    • -A

      what about this one? small locally owned business. https://twitter.com/jsidman/status/822476969073840128

    • TBD

      Except that now they have evidence and visuals to use for their narrative that those who oppose Trump are just a bunch of violent thugs. This plays right into his hands for the strongman/victim role he takes.

      • HaileUnlikely

        This is an important point.

      • N

        Sadly true

      • textdoc


      • anonka

        We really don’t know their motivations…. Just because they are on the streets, let’s not assume they are anti-Trump (they might be pro-Trump out there to create chaos…)

  • Ben

    Anarchists only here to cause problems… these are not democrats or republicans but filth.

  • xminustdc

    I’d imagine these are opportunists who like to destroy shit. I only hope that for the march tomorrow, the crowd will hold rioters accountable and do their best to keep it calm– not to say, of course, that rioting doesn’t have its place, but we all know that Trump is now going to insist that MILLIONS wanted to come to his inauguration, but they were prevented from doing so by evil rioters.

  • Mike

    This is madness! Its ok to protest, however, the destruction of property is a crime and these animals should be arrested.

  • Count Pheasant

    The DisruptJ20 protestors are scaring me. We need to resist all day every day but not like this.

  • -A

    as much as I despise Trump, holy fuck do i despise protesters. they were assaulting trump supporters with projectiles last night and are breaking shit now. seeing the “anti capitalist black bloc” meeting near my apartment causes more concern that a brick goes through my window than some Trumpkins from Alabama. y’all go back to Oberlin and let the grown ups stay in DC ok? (Trump supporters, please leave as well.)

    • Anonymous25

      I wouldn’t say I hate protesters, but I’m not on board with THESE protesters or protest tactics :(.

  • Josh

    Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.

  • Idontgetit

    I just read on Facebook how DC looks like a Civil war. Stupid vandalism like this helps reinforce that impression from those who want to believe it.

    • textdoc


  • neighbor

    fuck those guys. The anti-capitalist anarchist group the Black Block are dangerous.

  • Colhi

    I rode home down 16th street last night and a bunch of people had lined the streets with candles. It took me forever to see what they were trying to say. Finally, someone had a sign that said “light the way with kindness.” Is that what we should be doing? Is that at all effective for stopping this agenda?

    Bank of America and CEOs for most large companies donated to this President, to the Tea Party, to the NRA and to destroying regulations that keep us safe. Until the cost for doing that is too high, they won’t stop. And they will continue to get rid of voting rights and groups that fight against them. You want change? Sometimes it has to get messy. Screw the optics. Tea Party activist that walk around with AK – 47s on their hips don’t worry about upsetting middle America. And it worked for them.

    • Pepe

      +a gazillion times over

    • HaileUnlikely

      Can you explain the beef that you or they have with Atrium Cafe or its owner?
      The people breaking sh!t down there are just a bunch of lowlife moron thugs who are looking for an excuse to break sh!t.
      I respect the non-violent protesters, including the BLM protesters blocking security checkpoints and preventing people from accessing the Inauguration. But I despite the lowlife morons who are running around smashing sh!t and endangering the safety of peaceful protesters and bystanders almost as much as I despise the new president.

      • -A

        and the beef that they have with the Washington City Paper causing them to take all the WCPs and light them on fire?

        you’re the other side of the same toxic coin that made Trump.

        • Colhi

          Maybe but are you the comfortable person that prizes order over justice?

          • -A

            please describe the justice meted out by burning Washington City Papers and smashing the windows of Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, Bank of America, and Atrium café.

          • -A

            also, the justice meted out by vandalizing the statue of a civil war hero with an anarchy symbol.

          • Colhi

            This isn’t the point for you where you are willing to go beyond the boundaries of polite society to protest. That’s totally cool. Is there ever a time to react with violence? Deportations? A Muslim registry? Do you have a point where violence is ever worth it?

          • -A

            Random violence against uninvolved actors? No – pointless violence has no place in any protest. Breaking the windows of an Au Bon Pain or Atrium Cafe or lighting free newspapers on fire is just an excuse for violent juvenile shitheads to be violent and juvenile free of consequences. It has no link to a Muslim registry or to Trump.

          • HaileUnlikely

            If Trump attempts to institute a Muslim registry, you know what would be a pretty awesome way of protesting it? No, not burning down 7-Eleven. Registering. All of us. Especially the ~300 million of us who aren’t Muslim. (I will! And I”m Catholic!) I hope it gets a bigger response than the f*cking Census.

          • Colhi

            You can hate their methods, their beliefs and hate them but to pretend this isn’t about Trump is silly. Of course it is. And you’re 100% anti-violence, that’s also totally cool. I just happen to believe that the world needs Malcom X as well as Martin Luther King. Are these kids Malcom X, definitely not. But I disagree that the only form of protest that is valid is nonviolent protest.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Then why don’t you go vandalize the White House or the Trump Hotel? Oh, their security doesn’t f*ck around and might kill you. Ok, then, just smash the windows of Atrium Cafe and Au Bon Pain instead. White House? Atrium Cafe? Same difference. Trump will figure out what you meant. It’ll be a real wake up call for him. He’ll see that since the guys flying the anarchy flag were so mad that they smashed up Atrium Cafe and Au Bon Pain, maybe he should rethink his plans for the Affordable Care Act after all. Yeah, I bet that’s exactly what will happen.

      • Colhi

        I don’t think it was right to attack the Atrium Cafe. However, much like in Ferguson and in other protests, more outrage is given at the destruction of property than to the destruction of people. People will die with out medical care. I have a friend who has cancer and is currently on the ACA. If it is repealed, he is unsure about how he will continue his treatment. This is violence against people. I’m sorry that a business owner will have to pay his insurance deductible to get his window fixed but the policy changes that are about to happen could be life or death for people. I understand why people are feeling a level of anger and rage.

        • HaileUnlikely

          The mechanism by which smashing the windows of Atrium Cafe or Starbucks will protect the ACA does not exist. Sorry.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Also, I don’t think we have any evidence that the people who are smashing things are protesting against Trump. Maybe they are, but we don’t know that and shouldn’t assume it. For all we know, they are taking advantage of the cover of the legit protesters to greatly improve their odds of being seen smashing sh!t (more fun than doing it in the middle of the night when nobody is watching!) and slightly improve their odds of getting away with it.

      • textdoc

        Ditto to HaileUnlikely.
        Violent protests don’t make people “wake up.” Their tactics alienate people who might otherwise have been sympathetic, and inspire opponents to dig in their heels.

        • T


  • Anon, PhD

    I understand the idea of how violent and destructive protests could be used to delegitimize nonviolent protests. But is there any evidence suggesting “bad” forms of protest actually reduce the impact of “good” forms? Genuinely asking, and neither supporting nor condemning the protests depicted here.

  • Emily

    My roommate passed by this nonsense this morning. Apparently they’re neo Nazis.


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