• Anon

    I have always loved Wake Up Little Suzie. Now I love it even more. #thanksobama

    • MtP

      Its a great store and I encourage people to go if they ever need little gifts. They have random decorative gifts, baby gifts (books/clothes) and other random things. Great store and great people.

      • wdc

        I’ve never been in there when I didn’t find something cute and different.

  • lizcolleena

    +1 to this idea. Also, I’m becoming a crier too!

  • Linc Park SE


  • TinkerTaylor

    No tears (yet), but all the feels.

  • Greenie

    Thank you Mr. President for being such a great world leader on climate change!

  • Cleveland Park runner

    The next time you’re about to rail against corporate speech, remember you’re railing against things like this.

    • wdc

      Huh? Pretty sure I never railed against things like this. Spending millions in dark money to buy an office for your toady, now…

      • dcd

        No, this is a good point. There should be limits on how much a corporation can spend on this kind of advocacy, and they should have to disclose where the money went. OK, so:
        Wake Up Little Susie – Note pads and Post-Its in colors: $14.99; 3-pack of Sharpies – $6.99; Life-sized poster of the President – $42.99, for a total of $64.97.
        OK, Koch Industries – your turn.

        • wdc

          Lest you be accused of fuzzy-headed liberal accounting, don’t forget to factor in the rent paid on the space occupied by the political speech. What’s that, $70 per square foot? Times 2.5 sqf… Why, it’s almost a quarter of a thousand dollars! And the ramifications of dozens of CP pedestrians learning that someone in DC supports an outgoing politician. Whoa.

        • Cleveland Park runner

          So *some* political speech by corporations is okay, but not *too much*? What’s the line? Who decides–those 535 fine folks who have an incentive to limit the amount of speech by others about their actions?
          My point is on neither side of the political aisle. I don’t think it’s acceptable for government to decide who speaks and how much they may speak. You don’t like what someone has to say? Ignore it or say something to rebut it. But don’t outlaw it.

          • B

            Um, there’s a big difference between putting up support for a politician or candidate in a manner such as this, and big corporations or billionaires drowning our election process in piles of cash – and often in a non-transparent manner – resulting in politicians being beholden to those entities/contributors. Do you honestly not understand the difference?

          • anon

            “You don’t like what someone has to say? Ignore it or say something to rebut it.”
            Ha! That’s cute. See, when SCOTUS said in Buckley v. Valeo that spending money on political messaging was protected speech, they said that the Koch brothers get a lot more say than I do. If they say something I don’t like with their $3 million ad campaign, I can “rebut” it by telling my dog how wrong they are, but it’s not quite an equal playing field.

  • I will sorely miss the Obamas, and I am so sad that President Obama is being replaced by such a buffoon. I am very sad about this change, but I cannot blame Melania for wanting to stay in New York; can you imagine having to be the one to try to fill Michelle Obama’s shoes?! The Obamas have been, and will continue to be, I’m sure, a class act. This will never be able to be said for the President-elect. God help us.


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