• tacopuss

    Are they still charging $4 for a plain bagel?

    • neighbor

      I’ve been supporting them now because it’s a pop-up and I hope they stick around, but in the long run they need to think the economics of their 4 bagel. It sounds like their costs are just really high so it’s not like they are ripping anyone off, but I just don’t think that’s sustainable. They need to figure out a way to do cheaper production.

      • NHAve

        Real question: Why are their costs high? Wood firing? A million staff? I find Timber to be a little on the expensive side, but the quality is high and boy do I love their salads, so I am still willing to be a semi-regular (take out only thanks) there.

        Went once because I love this idea, was shocked to be paying $6+ each for bagels and cream cheese. I assumed the price was because they are the only thing in walking distance with such an option and New Petworth has money. But at that price it would never be an every weekend thing for me, and the bagels aren’t THAT “amazing”. Nevermind the coffee; I am a Qualia loyalist for life.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          I think because it’s a pop-up.

        • tacopuss

          if I recall correctly, they’re trucking their par-boiled bagels down from NY daily and firing them in the oven at Timber. Seems insane.

  • Yes!

    Yes! I’m going to be very sad when this pop up is over. I love having a espresso coffee option on Upshur. I wonder if Timber would continue offering their own coffee after the pop up is done.

  • A

    I don’t mind the prices at all… I do wish they’d open a permanent space though! Qualia is too small. We need a place nearby that can accommodate a small group coffee with better food options. Hope they look into an Upshur location or upper 14th St (maybe near Red Derby?).

    • Guillermo Brown

      I agree, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already. I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time since a couple new condo/apartment buildings just opened around Red Derby and there seems to be a noticeable uptick in the amount of people there, at Lyman’s, etc. A coffee spot like Colony Club would do amazing IMHO

  • Yum

    The veggie breakfast empanadas are delicious! So glad this was extended !

  • Kennedy St Neighbor

    The bagels and coffee are great! I hope this continues to operate! I wish Lost Sock huge success! #makekennedystgreatagain

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Yea it’s expensive, but those bagel sandwiches are delicious…

  • PW

    If you are closer to 14th St, Little Coco’s is open from 8am on weekdays and has great espresso drinks and amazing pastries.


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