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1st Vote Passed for “$1.04 million in funding for a new G9 Bus Route‬”

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2016 at 11:25 am 20 Comments


Thanks to a reader for passing on from Council Member McDuffie:

New G9 Bus Route

Another important investment made by the Council is the $1.04 million in funding for a new G9 Bus Route. Travelling from downtown to the neighborhoods and businesses along Rhode Island Avenue has long been a challenge. As residents, WMATA and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) have noted, there exists a “gap in bus service between the entrance to the Rhode Island Avenue Metrorail station and 4th Street NE. This gap means current riders east of the Rhode Island Avenue station are not able to take a single-seat transit ride into downtown Washington.”

“The proposed G9 bus line will service Rhode Island Avenue from 14th Street, NW to just beyond the District’s border at Eastern Ave, NE, thereby filling that gap and alleviating congestion on the G8 and other bus lines that offer partial service to the Rhode Island Avenue, NE corridor,” stated McDuffie. “Additionally, a G9 line will allow public transit users easy access to the many retail businesses and restaurants that are opening along Rhode Island Avenue, one of the District’s Main Streets. Finally, there is the potential that a G9 line may alleviate some of the traffic on Rhode Island Avenue by providing residents with a new direct option to reach downtown.”

  • houseintherear

    YAY. (Though I selfishly wish it went straight on down the diagonal to Georgetown.)

  • mellodcd

    Awesome, can’t wait for this to actually happen! It will be even better when this transitions from a Metro Extra route to 7-day service.

  • [rrrrr]

    Not trying to be critical or snarky — what does $1.04 million go towards funding for a new bus route? New buses? Signage? Shelters? All of the above?

    • JohnH

      Gas, maintenance, bus driver salaries, etc.

    • Timebomb

      Probably not much on signage/shelters. I don’t think this route has any new stops, so some stickers with the new line identifier on existing signs should be about it there. Personnel, bus maintenance, and maybe acquisition of a new bus should be the big ones. GGW recently discussed bus costs and compared different systems against WMATA: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/29785/heres-why-the-dc-region-has-so-many-bus-systems/

      • Timebomb

        Having just reread that post, I have more answers! WMATA bus route accounting also includes line items for storage and WMATA police enforcement. Also, the drivers have strong unions.

    • nevermindtheend

      You’re aware that bus operators get paid, right?

      • [rrrrr]

        Glad someone brought snark to spare. Clearly I know that operators are paid, my question was just about what in particular they are accounting for with the specific appropriation.

    • DC_Chica

      That’s a good question – I just looked up a post on GGW from last week which says: “non-regional routes are paid for by the corresponding jurisdiction, which means the G9 must come out of DC’s budget.” Since this route overlaps other existing bus routes I assume that there will be minimal expenses related to signage and bus shelters, and my guess is that the funding goes directly to operational expenses (vehicles, drivers, etc).

      • FridayGirl

        But they do have to replace all the bus stop signs to add the route (although shelters wouldn’t necessarily be needed).

        • Timebomb

          Maybe? Probably not. They recently consolidated the 81 and 83 buses at many of those stops and they just put a sticker on to cover up “81.” Pretty sure I’ve seen other stops with bus lines added using similar stickers.

  • ReadyForTheG9

    Great that this is moving. Since this the 1st vote, does anyone know what the rest of the process to bring this to fruition is?

  • Accountering

    Is this going to tuern down R st and then left on 9th, only to turn right on Rhode Island? I feel like going down Rhode Island woudl save a minute or so, and then people walk by the library to the metro (200 feet or so?) Seems like a better option, if you are going to continue down Rhode Island and not south onto 9th.

    • Can

      The G8 also does this. It is so riders with mobility issues can transfer from one mode to another easily and safely.

    • Timebomb

      Why would one think this is turning on R? It doesn’t look like it on the map. AFAIK, this is all Rhode Island and only Rhode Island. No turns until 13th St. NW

      • Timebomb

        I guess I should have said until Logan Circle.

  • nominon

    Why stop at 14th? How does that make sense? Why not have one line that runs the entire length of Rhode Island in DC. I feel like a line that ran from Eastern Ave to Connecticut would be far, far more useful.

    • Timebomb

      Agreed, but this was studied and come up with some time ago. The news is just that it’s being funded. Maybe it can be improved next time the corridor is studied.

  • Eddie Whitehurst

    Great news but extending it to Conn Ave and then down M to New Hampshire to Foggy Bottom would make a cross town axis real. Of course making this a streetcar route would be even better.


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