Avenue Jack Closing Soon in the former Copenhaver space; Copenhaver reopening in the former Smoothie King space North of the Circle

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2017 at 1:55 pm 19 Comments

1301 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to Jake for sending word from Avenue Jack’s closing announcement:

“I thought you should know right away: my experiment in upscale-casual men’s clothing is coming to an end soon. Avenue Jack is closing for good in early-2017.

The good news is, we’ve got some amazing sales going on, including 30% off everything in the store this week.

The bad news is, you’ll have to go back to shopping online or at one of those other, less-cool stores in town. And I’m super sorry about that.

We had an amazing run and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting a small, locally-owned business. Dale and I certainly had a ball picking out our eclectic mix of casual clothes, accessories, and gifts, and I still believe we were on to something great. Heck, The Washington Post, the City Paper, Metro Weekly, Tagg, Washingtonian, and many other publications agreed that we created something special.

And so did you! And thank you so much for that.

But it all comes down to traffic. Unfortunately, the level doesn’t justify our rent. And while we enjoyed a brisk holiday business last month, it would be financially imprudent to wait to see if people eventually find us the rest of the year.”

1621 Connecticut Ave, NW

And, incidentally, thanks to another reader for sending word about Copenhaver reopening:


  • Rich

    Something unique coming back and something not unique going. A pretty rare occurrence in the same day.

  • Khris

    DC is a victim of its own success.

  • Otoko

    Seems like only yesterday that I read that Kevin Spacey went on a shopping spree at Avenue Jack.

    The one and only time I was in there I was looking for a pair of leather gloves, something the store did not carry….

  • maxwell smart

    I have a feeling this has a lot to do with location – Avenue Jack is really catering to the Shay demographic, which likely rarely ventures into Dupont.

  • Girl on a Hill

    Can’t say I’m surprised. I went in a few times for gifts and everything was always on sale, but they definitely had some cool things. They would do much better somewhere on 14th St.

  • AsAMother

    Shrug. I went in there once, and almost everything was Penguin. If you’re going to open a boutique store, you need to sell fashions that you can’t find easily at Nordstrom Rack. Whiskey Ginger on U st does this same concept correctly, bringing in club lines you can’t easily get here.

    • AsAMother

      *clothing lines

  • tom

    Not too suprising. Conn Ave south of the circle has been transitioning from a shopping street to a typical downtown DC office street. Really no reason to venture there beyond office hours (exlcusing the bars). Dupont/Conn Ave is the only real area of the city that seems to actually be in decline. Somewhat sad, but not too suprising with the rise of 14th street, Shaw, H Street, City Center, Navy Yard, etc.

    • maxwell smart

      “Dupont/Conn Ave is the only real area of the city that seems to actually be in decline” – I would add Cleveland Park, which is doing a pretty good job of shedding as many businesses as possible.

      • What about Bindaas and the new Uyghur spot?

        • maxwell smart

          yes Bindaas is “new” but it’s really just a conversion of Ardeo + Bardeo. Meanwhile Dino’s is becoming a 7-11 and Upton Tap House and Palena have been vacant for 2 years.

          • hahaha yeah let’s just ignore Bindaas because it doesn’t fit our narrative – fine people been saying variations about Cleveland Park dying for literally years. Obviously it’s not Shaw but it’s not dead either. To each their own. Though I do agree, fucking service lane…

          • maxwell smart

            That service lane angers me to no end! Not only does it bottle neck traffic down to 2 lanes (after 6:30pm, which is still rush hour) the sidewalk is SO narrow. Grrr….

            As for CP – with the recent developments at Cathedral Commons and Park Van Ness.. even the new, albeit, chains in Tenleytown… CP is not on the up and up.

          • Khris

            That service lane is pretty great when you happen to be in the car and need to pop into one of the many shops on that block.

          • joe_baggadonuts

            @Khris, this is the biggest service lane myth out there. When is there ever parking spaces available? 11:30PM on a Tuesday?

  • AP

    Great store, bad location. I always forgot it was there.

  • wpk_dc

    Sorry to see this go. I’d shopped at Avenue Jack here and there and even went to a couple of their parties (invited by a regular customer friend). Although I agree that it wasn’t the best location for their clothes/products, I would have thought it could’ve picked up the M-F lunchtime crowd. Wish it were indeed more profitable. And I will be coming by this week to see the sales. Sad.

  • David Perruzza

    Great store. Sorry it’s closing. I always found cool stuff and despite what some.people have said I found a lot of brands I didn’t see at other places.

  • Real bummer to see Avenue Jack close. Unfortunately, the men’s clothing options in DC are predominately national/international brands and very few locally based boutiques. Rents have skyrocketed to the point where it is very hard for locally based boutiques to survive. Local stores have been forced out in Georgetown (DSW, TJ Maxx, etc) and it’s starting to happen on 14th st where the Vastus are being replaced by Lazy Boys and the like. It’s important to support local businesses so all of DC doesn’t become Columbia Heights or Chinatown. Scott and his crew were passionate about what they did and they will be missed.


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