• DC Rez

    As a wife of a Baptist Minister in Atlanta, my grandma knew Martin Luther King Sr and marched with MLK Jr in the 60s. She always said “Don’t hate. Hate only hurts the hater.”

  • aaronknights

    As President Lincoln said, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”

  • anon

    While I agree that wasting energy hating only hurts you, I wouldn’t waste energy either on trying to make Trump and his ilk into friends of women/lgtbq people/immigrants/mulsims/african-americans/people who believe black lives matter/children/those who would try to mitigate climate change/those who are anti-war, etc. (I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of people Trump and his people have spoken and acted against.)

    There are other options between hating and wasting your time trying to make someone your friend. Working to remove them from office and thus removing them from power is a more effective option, in my opinion.

    I would love to see all the energy that goes into protest marches going instead into organizing an electoral takeover of the house in two years. But protesting is fun, and the boring work of elections work is not. We have the power – we just don’t choose to exercise it through the one means we have available. This still puzzles me.


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