Washington, DC

3714 14th Street, NW at Quincy

Last week we learned that Mezcalero Cocina Mexicana, “the highly anticipated second restaurant concept from Chef Alfredo Solis and his sister Jessica, will open Friday, January 13.

Mezcalero will feature some dishes from El Sol, but will also showcase more flavors Chef Solis came to love growing up in Mexico City. Included on its menu are 17 different street tacos, a selection of Guisados, or Mexican stews and Tacos de Canasta, or “basket of tacos,” the popular soft, steamed tacos sold on the streets of Mexico D.F. Additionally, as the restaurant’s name implies, Mezcalero will have an extensive mezcal menu with craft cocktails created by head bartender Arturo Zaloga.”

Here are the full menus: Mezcalero Menu (PDF)

mezcalero_cocktails (PDF)

And here is “Gallo, a colorful, six-foot tall rooster perched at the restaurant’s entrance”:

courtesy Mezcalero


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