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Badgers Rejoice! Rare Steakhouse coming to the District

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2017 at 10:10 am 18 Comments

1595 I St, NW

A reader reports:

“My parents and sister just ate dinner at a place called Rare Steakhouse in Madison, WI. Their server told them that it was opening a location in DC in fall ’17 or early ’18. They were told it will be at 9th and I. I am not sure if that means City Center or somewhere else around there. The locations tab on its website confirms that a DC location is “coming soon,” but doesn’t list an address.”


Washington Business Journal reports a lease was signed at 1595 I Street, NW:

“It will be a large restaurant, encompassing 9,500 square feet on two levels, including the more casual, 49-seat tavern on the ground floor. In all, the restaurant will seat 337.”

You can see their menu here. Updates as they get closer to opening.

  • neighbor

    They must have taken not of the success of STK and decided to get in on the game.

  • bje22201

    I don’t go to steakhouses so I don’t know how much they normally are. But, it seems pretty expensive for a restaurant located in Madison, Wisconsin, no?

    • Ross

      Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and home of a huge state university. While they probably aren’t overrun with expense account-type steakhouses like DC, I’d bet they do steady business.

      • Drew

        Correct–fills a need in Madison it didn’t readily have (or at least, not readily available right by the capital building). Surprised it is coming out this way (and wish it was The Old Fashioned) but I’m intrigued by the move.

        • Rich

          I would guess that Wisconsin steak houses are better than Atlanta pizza chains or that shopping mall sandwich chain from Texas that came and went, so I think it’s a plus, relative to what we usually get and what seems to bizarrely excite people.

  • PretzelThirsty

    Is that papyrus font??!

    • Girl on a Hill


  • MeatSweats

    Another steakhouse? Just what DC needed. I enjoy steakhouses but a little diversity is restaurant options wouldn’t hurt. And in my opinion, the best steak in DC is the Bone-In, 22 oz., dry-aged Cowboy Rib Eye at Capitol Grill (cooked rare). I’ve tried many others in DC and they don’t even come close.

  • abner_eyewink

    Yawn. This isn’t a supper club and there aren’t even cheese curds on the menu. Please awake this badger when The Old Fashioned announces they’re opening a DC location.

    • anonymous

      haha- agree. This is not uniquely Badger/Madison/Wisconsin, and doesn’t call my name like a Culvers would!

      • condoer

        The customer service at every Culvers is amazing. Everyone is insanely cheerful, greats you warmly, and goes above and beyond to be helpful. I believe it would be impossible to keep that level of service in DC.

        • anonymous

          Yes, agree! I give them an order of random things when I am home, and they automatically (and happily) tell me they can put them in a “basket” deal to save me money. No way in heck you’d get that service out here! Love Culvers- I keep a straw from them on my desk to remind me of home. :-)

        • Rich

          Culver’s would be great. there’s a real gap here outside of the “gorumet gelato” niche/

    • abner_eyewink

      The more important – and alarming – development for Cheeseheads in the DMV this week is the announcement that The Dairy Godmother is for sale/possibly going out of business. I will genuflect before my Aaron Rodgers shrine in the hopes that a worthy badger can continue the custard culture in Del Ray.

      • wpk_dc

        I live in DC but work in the building right above the Dairy Godmother in Del Ray. I hadn’t realized it was for sale. While I don’t really go there, it’s definitely popular with the mom and kids set. But even given that I don’t go there, I will be sorry to see it go. Hopefully something good. Or just a new buyer/manager for the same place maybe?

  • dcd

    1) Well, thank goodness the nearly-vacant steakhouse niche in DC will soon be filled.
    2) I’ll get excited when Manny’s or Bern’s opens up an outpost here, not before.

  • Sam

    Investors/owners are cousins of mine. My parents say it’s good but agreed on wishing there was more Sconnie fare. Sent to parents to get more gossip and info.

  • BlueStreak

    I’ve been there a couple of times. It isn’t even close to the best steakhouse in Madison. I’m really intrigued as to why they would want to come here. There is nothing uniquely Madison about this place.


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