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“20 MILES. 1 DAY. 0 CARS.” DC Bike Ride is May 14th, Registrations Starts Tomorrow (1/12)

by Prince Of Petworth January 11, 2017 at 3:30 pm 16 Comments


From DC Bike Ride:

“DCBR 2017 will be held on Sunday, May 14, 2017. Reg Opens Thursday, Jan 12!

New for 2017:

– 20 scenic miles starting in West Potomac Park, riding past some of D.C.’s most iconic sights and finishing on Pennsylvania Avenue in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol*
MORE ENTERTAINMENT – Multiple stage performances at the Finish Festival, plus fun entertainment acts on the course
KIDS RIDE FREE – Kids, ages 3-7, or “Ride-Alongs,” are FREE.

*Course is subject to change. Any changes will be posted on our site and will also be available at Packet Pick-Up.”

  • JohnH

    $50?? Wow. The picture on their website is my nightmare – bike claustrophobia.

    • GBinCH

      Agreed. I’m more concerned about that many cyclists more than sharing the road with cars. Also, $50 for a 20 mile bike ride? Sheesh.

  • Anonymous

    A private, for-profit bike marathon that was poorly organized last year. I’ll pass and hope WABA makes progress on an actual open streets event.

    • atlascesar


      • mt

        Yeah. I am about as pro-bikeDC as it gets and participated in this last year. I won’t do it again. The crowds were only tight at the beginning for the most part (maybe different for others depending on your pace), but I thought the whole thing was just pretty messy. Bonus–tons of flat tires for riders who likely aren’t used to dealing with their own flats, and no support on that part of the course; the highway ain’t made for bike tires y’all…

  • Anon5

    $50 is a lot for a ride lasting little more than an hour. I’ll save my money for century season.

    • ah

      20mph is a tough pace in those crowds though . . .

      • Anon5

        I was figuring 1 hour and 20 minutes at 15mph, which would probably be a reasonable pace. I guess there might be a lot of stopping for traffic lights, though.

        • Anonymous

          No stopping for lights because the roads are closed for the bikes. But hard to go anything like you’d consider your normal speed in a big crowd. Most people were fine last year, but there were some who lacked judgment (as well as experience riding in a crowd) and you had to be on the alert for them.
          For the person who said it was messy last year, it was–but it was also their first time. I’m not eager to jump back in this year, but will want to hear how it goes. That place where the route crosses itself on the bridge by the reflecting pool could end up being a mess.
          That all said, boy y’all are negative. It’s a novelty ride, not a race or century. If that’s not your thing, fine. But I can see why families and groups of friends might like a leisurely and generally companionable ride in downtown DC with the roads closed and, just maybe, the sense of community. You did get that vibe last year, even with all the rain.

  • atlascesar

    if i wanted to spend $50 to go out on my bike at 8am on a sunday morning in mid-may, surrounded by novices who drove in from the suburbs… well… i wouldn’t. i mean, cycling around DC can suck with all the cars, etc, but at least you get to choose where you go and its free.

  • anon

    they should just shut rock creek parkway down every weekend.

    • Michael Pierce

      No, they shouldn’t.

  • BikeandWalkCommuter

    I went on this last year, I liked it, and I am signing up again. There were a lot of delays, especially around one particular bottleneck (not in this year’s map), and there wasn’t a chance to get up to high speed because I was never alone. But it was a nice route by a lot of landmarks, and because it wasn’t a race, I didn’t have to train for it. My favorite part was riding on the roadway of the 14th street bridge, to the Pentagon and back. I also liked sharing the city with all of the people from the suburbs who wouldn’t normally dare to bike downtown.

    • Austin

      We also had lots of fun last year, in spite of the rain. It’s not high-speed and the now-removed bottleneck was a bummer, but people were kind and friendly the whole way. So much of my time commuting these days (on bike, foot, or metro) feels combative. Last year’s ride was a nice chance to be out on the bike in the city without the defensive posture.

      • JohnH

        Visit Hains Point any day of the week.

  • KBT

    I really enjoyed this ride — I wish it was cheaper but it was really fun to be surrounded by people who just enjoy biking. Everyone was happy and cheering everyone else on.

    I do wish they did have more guidance and reminders about “rules of the road” — like not passing at a high speed on the right. WTF.

    But I highly recommend joining this, no matter your biking experience. It’s fun.


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