Stanton & Greene “relaunching itself as a craft cocktail bar that celebrates the history, heritage and flavors of these United States”

by Prince Of Petworth — December 1, 2016 at 2:40 pm 19 Comments

courtesy Stanton & Greene. 319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE by Remy Canario

From a press release:

Stanton & Greene is taking inspiration from its location in the heart of Capitol Hill and relaunching itself as a craft cocktail bar that celebrates the history, heritage and flavors of these United States. The centerpiece of this rebranding is a new cocktail menu that consists of two historical recipes and ten original cocktails each directly inspired by a different amendment in the Bill of Rights (see guide for details) .

Complete Cocktail Menu (PDF)

The two historical cocktails are Benjamin Franklin’s Clarified Milk Punch, recorded in a 1762 letter to James Bowdoin, and Martha Washington’s Cherry Bounce, a favorite of George Washington’s. A taste of these drinks is literally a sip of history. The list of original Constitutional Cocktails embraces the history of American drinking as informed by mixologist Remy Canario’s extensive background reading (see bibliography) and research at the Library of Congress, emphasizes ingredients native to North America (e.g. Concord grapes and black walnuts), and evokes flavor profiles familiar to all Americans (e.g. apple pie and peanut butter & jelly). The result is a menu that is highly accessible, but also full of novel flavor combinations and fresh ideas including: craft versions of two of the most humble of drink orders, rum & coke and vodka & red bull, the use of stickers as a medium to incorporate the scent of essential oils into a cocktail; ingredients with medicinal properties; and a 100% local cocktail.

All of the ingredients in The District (the Sixth Amendment)–One Eight Distilling’s Untitled Gin No. 2, Calabash Tea & Tonic’s Triple Goddess Tea and honey from Rest in Bees–are produced within the boundaries Washington DC. The District will rotate regularly, and will serve as a spotlight and a showcase for beautiful local products. Click here for additional Information about The District.

“The District cocktail is a beautifully balanced tipple with the charred honey playing off of the spicier notes of our Untitled Gin No. 2. The Constitutional Cocktails concept is a really nice tie back to One Eight, since we’re named after Article One Section Eight of the Constitution. Awesome work guys!” – Alex Laufer, Head Distiller, One Eight Distilling

Mixologist Remy Canario explains: “As a country founded on ideas, the US is nation united by its symbols, institutions and shared heritage. My goal is for the new Stanton & Greene to provide an authentically American experience for our guests and to serve as meeting place where all Americans can celebrate the ties that bind us together in a tactile, innovative way right here in the heart of this nation’s capital.”

In addition to the cocktail menu, Stanton & Greene has also updated its classic American décor with touches that reinforce the American theme. Betsy Ross and “Join, or Die” flags now fly outside of S&G; replicas of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence now hang on its walls; our staff now sports American flag pins; and the font used on the drinks menu, American Scribe, is based on the script of the Declaration of Independence.”

previously Pour House (and Politiki before that) which closed in 2014

  • Grant Circle

    For the Trump staffers who can’t afford spoons of wine.

  • gonzodc

    Restaurant industry PR needs disruption.

  • thor

    What’s a “craft cocktail” ?

    • TBD

      only a “mixologist” is qualified to answer that

  • Barney Circle

    I assume that a “relaunch” occurs when a restaurant isn’t doing well. What strikes me as odd is that they would double down on expensive cocktails to right the ship.

    • Hill Denizen

      But these are expensive cocktails with a theme!!! Honestly though, I only ever went there when someone else was doing the choosing. The drinks were pricey sure, but they were in line with the twenty other bars that look exactly the same in the neighborhood. The limited food options at ridiculous prices though?!?! That was absurd.

  • MadMax

    Thank god they’re focusing on “these” United States. I’m getting so tired of all the bars opening that focus on the other United States.

  • R

    Lame. Bring back the Pour House!!

    • wobber


    • Hill Denizen

      Srsly. It was nice at first when we started getting some non-dives on the Hill, but now we basically have 20 craft beer/cocktail serving bars with a similarly preppy/rustic aesthetic that are all basically carbon copies of each other. Thank God for Cap Lounge!

  • jaseguy30

    Been to this place a few times. I’ve seen it closed multiple times at seemingly inopportune closing times for a bar, i.e., an entire friday night, or an entire saturday with no signage as to why. It is also almost always closed for the general public whenever I venture that way, so I view it more as an event space anyway. Nice idea on the rebranding, but i’ll have my milk punch prepared the way I like it, Stanton Greene (never noticed the ampersand), right before bed and prepared by my mother!

  • Mojotron

    Seems they’ve got the “wrapped in the flag” part down, but what about the cross?

  • Irving Streete

    Just the other evening I asked a young woman in a bar to “celebrate the ties that bind us together in a tactile, innovative way.” She poured her drink in my lap which, I admit, was tactile, if not particularly innovative.

    • textdoc

      Actual LOL!

    • You never fail!

  • Jamin Jimmie

    I hate this place. Loved the Pour House/Politiki

  • Elkhaert

    15 bucks for an old fashioned?!? There are three ingredients in that, it’s the easiest cocktail to make.

    I’ll keep drinking at my bar at home thank you, the prices are much better.

  • divebar311

    This CAN’T be real. The Onion?

  • SEDC

    STOP OPENING CRAFT COCKTAIL BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please for the love of “These” United States just stop!


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