Washington, DC

Tymara Walker posts on youtube (thanks to all for sending links):

“This is the original recording of the woman (well… me ) singing in Union Station in early December. I’m celebrating new life, life after being a DV survivor, now I’m just victorious!
Enjoy your holiday”

The Washington Post reported:

“Walker said there have been a lot of life circumstances of late that moved her to want to hold an impromptu one-song performance in a Metro station. After years of hardship — an abusive relationship, a traumatic divorce and then a period of homelessness as she worked to get back to financial independence — Walker said things had finally started looking up in the past year. She’s remarried now, “to my Superman hero.” She has steady work doing what she loves: singing. And she felt as if she could finally afford to buy some nice things for her children for Christmas.”


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