• ET

    Oh for pity’s sake. They should have just kept it and either gone for a Charlie Brown Christmas or got some of the flocking stuff to cover it. Of course they could use some of the leftover Halloween spider web stuff and gone for a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Two Christmas Trees for the price of one.

  • mrm

    We should take up a collection to decorate the tree if its still there in December!

    • hahaha brilliant!

    • Ally

      Hahaha YES!! I will have to report back if it’s still there then, but I trust it will be….

  • Anon

    The post says it was tossed out in January. It’s not really the result of someone keeping their tree up for 10 months and then throwing it away in November.

    • It still counts!

      • meerswan

        i agree with anon; thought this was meant to be more of a celebration of procrastinating homeowners than poor trash pickup.

  • EKB

    I appreciate Ally’s dedication to the social experiment/PoPville record. If I walked by this thing every day, I would have cracked and submitted a 311 request months ago. I would like to nominate Ally for one of PoP’s unsung hero awards..

    • Expat


    • CatieCat

      Agreed! Ally for President!


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