• A Jones

    Thank you so much for taking the time and care to help out our little doggie, Astro. This is the first time he escaped, and now he will always have his collar on. I cannot tell you how much it means that you cared enough to find his home; Astro is currently helping me get through cancer treatments and is extremely beloved by my family, which includes two young children. I promise to pay your kindness and generosity forward. Thank you so much!

    • Wishing you well!!

    • amber

      Phew! So happy he was picked up by a kind soul and reunited with his family/my neighbors!

  • Carol

    This is an awesome story– thank to the finders and the owner and to PoPville for sharing this sweet story. Small things like this are restoring my faith in human kindness.

  • I almost didn’t give Astro back. Sure wanted to keep him. What a lovely hour we had together. He rode in the passenger seat of the car like we had been friends forever. But I’m thrilled that it was so easy to get him back to his family. I’d love to keep in touch and take walks together. Hopefully, we can find each other easily. I live down Taylor Street, at the intersection with Arkansas. And I have two doggies. We get it. Many hugs and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

  • textdoc

    What a sweet story! Astro’s human and his finder both sound like lovely people, and Astro sounds like a real sweetheart. Nice to have some good news.
    Astro’s human, best of luck with your cancer treatments!


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