• Josh

    Amen, brother.

  • bruno

    I early voted Thursday in DC, at Columbia Heights Rec Center. Not at all crowded that day. I recommend it for anyone next round. Happy voting! Let’s keep on being America :^)

    • Colin

      I went on Thursday as well and it took at least 40 minutes and the line was substantially longer by the time I left.

      • bruno

        I think I was there around 11:00am-ish? It was quiet….. maybe I was between surges :^)

  • caleb


  • NW_DC

    I saw the birds and at first thought it was a caption contest! That would have been fun.
    Anyway – yes – def voted.

  • textdoc

    If you’re in D.C., voting takes place tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    If you need to find your polling place:
    More on voting in D.C.:

  • ledroit park

    indeed…sobering stuff these days…

  • Trinidaddy

    After voting early at Sherwood Rec Center last weekend, I don’t know why anyone votes during election day and deals with that mess. Took 5-10 minutes.


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