“&pizza chose Georgetown because it has soul, history, and culture; because you can feel the beat of DC everywhere in this picturesque place”

by Prince Of Petworth — November 18, 2016 at 11:10 am 11 Comments

1335 Wisconsin Ave, NW

This is the former Five Guys and Au Pied de Cochon before that.

From a press release:

“&pizza is coming to Georgetown. The DC-founded chain of community-focused pizza shops known for its brand-logo-tattooed Tribe of fanatical employees, handmade pies, and craft sodas opens in Georgetown today, serving up experience and free ink.

The first 119 guests in line at 11am on opening day will get a free pie. And the first five in line to request an ampersand in ink will receive free pizza for the entire year.The brand makes the same offer of free ampersand tattoos to its employees – the &pizza Tribe – and to date more than 60 Tribe members have signed their allegiance on skin.

Dubbed “The Town,” &pizza’s 19th shop is located at 1335 Wisconsin Avenue NW, right in the heart of Georgetown. &pizza chose Georgetown because it has soul, history, and culture; because you can feel the beat of DC everywhere in this picturesque place — from the lawn of the university to the buzz of M street. Because this brand is about community, and Georgetown’s is as strong as they come. It’s a community of people who create, people who do everything, who make and influence change.

&pizza commits itself to each and every new neighborhood it joins. Not just verbally, but in action. That’s why every shop is designed to reflect the neighborhood it serves. For shop 19, the brand once again partnered with local artist Matt Corrado on a set of murals inspired by the historical significance of the area, expressed in &pizza’s signature black and white aesthetic. Designed to serve the community how it wants, when it wants, The Town is open from 11am until 12am on Thursdays, 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11pm the rest of the week.

“We’ve had our eyes on Georgetown for four years and couldn’t be more excited to have a shop in the neighborhood that is so important to the identity of this city,” said &pizza CEO Michael Lastoria.

Additionally, through &CHARITY, the brand’s localized charity arm, &pizza will launch its Buy One, Give One campaign opening weekend (Saturday & Sunday). For every pizza sold on those days, &pizza will give guests the opportunity to donate a pizza to either the Duke Ellington School of the Arts or the Warrior Scholar Project, two impactful and well-respected local organizations.”

  • GBinCH

    Blergh, cheesy press release. We all know &pizza chose Georgetown because they expect to be highly profitable with all the tourists and foot traffic. This post makes me hungry though – I guess it’s doing it job – and I know where I’m having lunch today!

  • stacksp

    Good location. I believe that used to be a pizza place back in the day

    • jaybird

      Nope. Au pied de cochon and five guys. I like $pizza but man this such a cool space for this use.

  • Hill Denizen

    1. Fanatical employees? You mean disinterested, sloppy, and rude? And if they’re tatooing your logo on themselves, they also have seriously questionable judgement. 2. Who calls Georgetown “The Town?”

    • dd

      Which location do you go to? I’ve always found the employees to be super extra friendly

    • PeopleTry

      I found the employees to be lacking when the H Street location was new. But it feels very different in there now. Probably just growing pains and training.

      And speaking of rude and questionable judgment: people can tattoo whatever they want on themselves. What’s it to you if they find meaning in their work and community?

      • Hill Denizen

        I’ve been to H Street at least twice about a year and a half to two years ago, so it had been open for a while. Maybe it was during a transition period, but I left pretty disappointed. And of course people can do whatever they want, but I find it, if not questionable, then cult-like, which I think is questionable by definition, to tattoo the logo of a mediocre pizza chain on yourself. People can do as they please, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find it odd.

  • anon

    Oof. I’m pretty uncomfortable with this promotion. People are getting permanent tattoos and only getting free pizza for a year? “The entire year” may well only mean the rest of Calendar Year 2016; hopefully the contracts are more specific.

  • TJ

    It’s been clear for years, perhaps decades now, that “the beat” of DC isn’t in Georgetown. Always good to run marketing materials by a local.

  • question

    So… which day is opening day?

  • V

    Mmmmm, not sure I’d say Georgetown has “soul”… history and its own beat, yes, but “soul”? *side eye*… great location, hope it does well


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