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“The city is apparently so against towing this car they’ve decided to just rip up the street *around* the car.”

by Prince Of Petworth — November 15, 2016 at 11:10 am 20 Comments

300 block of L Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

11 months

This car has been parked in the same spot on our block for 11 months. It has been through numerous city signs designating this as a no parking zone (for construction and staging). Somehow it has escaped being towed. The city is apparently so against towing this car they’ve decided to just rip up the street *around* the car. Thanks, DC.”

  • anon

    That’s great.

    +1 on the url.

  • also anon

    This is fantastic

  • Truxton Thomas

    Love the message scrawled in the 11 months of grime that has accumulated on the hood.

  • kapitolhill

    So DC.

  • anon

    Hyundais are from South Korea. We’re a sanctuary city.

    • anon

      As a sanctuary city, we cannot deport this car to the tow lot!

  • ANC

    Did anyone consider that perhaps the city HAS tried to tow the car? But their puny human machines are no match for what is clearly the most boring, laziest Transformer ever.

    • Elvis’s Mom


    • Anonona

      If this was a caption contest, you would win!

  • Kevin

    There are two parked Vehicles (one car and one van) that have been parked on the 100 block of M Street, NW, where M hits NY Ave and New Jersey Ave. Both vehicles are just completely filled with clutter: they are undriveable (and both are missing their driver’s side mirrors). Neither vehicle has an up to date parking pass.

    But there are literally no parking signs on this short block, so no one can do anything about it.

    • Steve F

      You can report to 311 as an abandoned vehicle on public property. The city will investigate and look for an owner. if none is found they’ll get towed. Usually takes about 2 weeks.

      • Kevin

        I’ve done a 311 request. There’s nothing they can do, since they found the owner (same owner for both vehicles), and the block isn’t zoned.

        • KBT

          Suggest reaching out to council member’s office — helped when we had one in front of our condo building for 10 months.

    • satingermandingo

      That car is so effed up. I wonder if the person/people that grazed it see it every now and then and feel guilty!

  • DC is for Winners

    Are you KIDDING me!?!? I have lived in DC a long time and have witnessed every level of ineptitude. I have seen trash trucks dump garbage in the street and drive off. I have seen cars towed to handicapped parking spaces and left to accumulate tickets. I have battled long and hard to get the DC government to stop taxing me for a business that I sold years ago. I have seen all of this and much, much more, but this one takes the cake. Well done, DC, well done!

  • accendo

    Ha! When I lived over there a couple years ago, there was another car like that that took 5 or 6 months to finally get towed. They must be trying for a new record.

  • navyard

    I would be tempted to get 5 or 6 friends, lift it up, and move it into the center of the road.

    • Alex

      +1, move the car onto a sidewalk or maybe a bike lane. They’ll tow it then

  • PC

    Car was towed today

    • anthony_

      It’s true! End of a sad era for the 300 block of L St NE.


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