IcyCode, Thai ice cream rolls, Free Tasting in Dupont Saturday

by Prince Of Petworth November 7, 2016 at 10:10 am 7 Comments

2029 P Street, NW

From Tangy Sweet to Tasti D-Lite to Zeke’s DC Donutz to Tom Foolery to Ice Cream Rolls.

IcyCode’s website says:

“Authentic Thai Rolled Ice Cream In Washington, D.C. We have cracked the code to delicious desserts.

So how are IcyCode Ice Cream Rolls made?

At our ice cream shop in Washington, D.C., we prepare our fresh ice cream rolls right before your eyes! Our ice cream experts pour out liquid ice cream right onto an anti-griddle that’s cooled below -30 degrees. We spread this liquid ice cream thin, adding in your favorite mix ins, such as fresh fruit and delicious desserts.

As your ice cream freezes, we spread the custom treat flat across the anti-griddle. Then, we put on some finishing touches, such as caramel, fudge or other flavors! Once the ice cream is ready, we take the thin ice cream sheet and roll it into ice cream rolls that are then packed together to complete your treat.
What about toppings?

At IcyCode Ice Cream Rolls, we know that our creative toppings can complete your desserts! We have endless combinations of our unique toppings. You can choose classics, such as fruit and cookies, or new favorites such as Asian chocolate filled cookies and matcha delicacies.”

Take a taste Saturday:


  • Lucy Chong

    how odd for an ice cream place to open up as soon as we start hitting 50 degree weather…

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Had the same thought. This sounds really interesting, but it is a bit odd to open an ice cream place right before winter.

  • Gumball


  • jenster8dc

    I have never heard of Thai ice cream rolls, but I want that in my face.

  • Quotia Zelda

    A similar place opened near us recently. I haven’t been yet, but the younger Zeldas enjoyed it.

  • sbc

    sounds delicious, but I agree it’s a tough time to open. Maybe they’ll sell coffee and cocoa too?

    Also, how do you eat it (pick up each roll? use a spoon?) and what happens when it melts?

  • textdoc

    This sounds interesting — like a cross between gelato and crepes!


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