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  • Anonymous

    “Proof of voting”? Do they mean the “I Voted” sticker? There is no proof!

  • Anonynon

    yeah what do you need to prove this? Might pick up a pie if its on the house

  • lucie

    For the eighty gazillionth time, DC restaurants, it is ILLEGAL to offer any enticements in exchange for voting. You can offer a widely available promotion on election day, but you cannot require that someone show proof of voting or promise that they’ve voted (i.e. asking for an “I voted” sticker is not allowed).

    • Anon

      Leave us alone. We want free pie, just a nice free pie. Vote or no pie!

    • stop_being_mean

      Wow can you be any more of a grinch? They’re giving away free food and drink, why ruin this?


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