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For Those Who Voted This Morning – How’d It Go?

by Prince Of Petworth — November 8, 2016 at 9:40 am 136 Comments


For those who voted, how long did you wait? Where did you vote? What time did you get there? Any special treats at your polling station? Ed. Note: My polling station had water and candy. I waited about 30 minutes all told. My polling station is Murch – which got moved to the church across the street.

Chelsey Christensen reports around 8:45am:

“The line OUTSIDE…and now INSIDE at my polling place in Columbia Heights.”


DCBOEE replies:

“Thank you for sharing. Please remain patient. We are all excited to see DC residents coming out to vote!”


Mackenzie reports around 9:15am:

“Polling update in Columbia Heights. I’ve been in line for about 45 minutes and still have a ways to go”


and at 9:40 am ”

I haven’t seen a single person leave my polling line in the past hour. I love the dedication to democracy.”


Phil Yabut reports around 8:30am:

“Precinct 81 (Miner Elementary) has a yuuuuge line to vote.”

  • c

    I voted in Ward 2 (Annunciation Church on Mass) and while the line seemed long, it took me less than 45 minutes from the minute I got in line until I walked out the door after getting my sticker. I got there at 8:15am.

  • TJL

    No line in LeDroit park! In and out at 8:15. Hoping/assuming that Howard students are sleeping in or voted absentee in the home state?

  • wdc

    The line at the Episcopal church on 18th Street near Dupont wrapped around three sides of a block. We waited about 30 minutes to vote last week, and so glad we did.

    • bruno

      That’s St. Thomas the Apostle Church (in case the name helps). Oh, I early voted, as earlier noted.

    • J

      That’s where I was. I waited about an hour at 10:30am. Worth every second!

    • Dlabog

      The wait took me about an hour thirty, got in line at 17th and Q at 7:30. Smart voting early!

  • Got to Oyster at 8:25, left around 9:40. Line was significantly shorter by the time I left.

  • OP Anon

    The line for voting at Mary’s Center on Ontario Road in Adams Morgan wrapped around the block, down Kalorama nearly to 17th Street at 8:20 this morning. Did not look like it was moving quickly as I walked by.

  • Vote Now

    Voting at the Goodwill Baptist Church in Adams Morgan took a little over an hour at 8:30. It’s great to see so many people coming out!

    • anon

      me too! Took me an hour and ten, got there around 7:40am. A bit of a bottleneck at the ballot box, but everyone was patient that I saw.

      An older woman near me remarked that in all her years voting there, she had never seen it like that.

  • PG

    Pretty terrible at Frank Reeves- staff didn’t really know what to do and the organization was poorly laid out.

    Got in as one of the first people and had to wait about 40 minutes for them to figure out an issue that was seemingly occurring pretty often.

  • Anon

    Wouldn’t it be great if DC got this level of turnout for the primaries?

    • Seriously. This is great and all but when I voted on primary day there was no line to get in or to get to a voting booth. Today at exactly the same time I went on primary day there was a line 3 blocks long. Do people simply not realize the primary here is VASTLY more important than the General Election?

      • Anon

        Yup. The big difference between voting today and voting in the primary is that today’s results largely don’t matter in DC (save for maybe the Board of Education spot? No clue how the crazy Trump lady got as far as she had). DC really needs a PSA campaign to explain the importance of voting in the primaries (though my guess is that most incumbents would be staunchly opposed to this).

        • bruno

          What happens in a jurisdiction (say, DC) if there is no majority winner? Does the person with the greatest percentage take all the electoral college votes? Or is there a runoff? I know it’s a longshot, but was not sure what would happen were that the case? Thoughts?

          • bruno

            As in a case of, say, a close three way outcome — C 32, T 33, Johnson 35, or such?

          • Anon

            Candidate with the most votes takes all three electoral votes.

    • LP

      DC has closed primaries, so I can only vote in general elections.

  • skj84

    Got to Miner School at 7:15am and was out by 8:05am. Working remote across the street , no line right now.

  • PretzelThirsty

    What were you in line/got in line to vote at the church next to Murch? I’m rolling the dice and plan on voting this evening. I should have just sucked it up and did it this morning.

    • LP

      The Church next to Murch was totally empty at 10:15a when I went. Teleworked today so I could go mid-morning!

    • mkdgman

      as long as y ou are in line when the polls close, you will be allowed to vote.

  • emvee

    In line at 7:45a at Eaton, was out by 8:15a. I saw the line at Oyster on my way into work and was not envious of those folks.

  • MagGal

    Took me about an hour or so from start to finish at Columbia Heights Community Center this morning. Got in line close to 7:20, finished just before 8:30am.

    For others in that precinct/polling place that are curious: line downstairs from inside doorway to stairs took 20 min, stairs to entrance of gym was 20 min, and another 20 min inside before getting your ballot (assuming you are already registered and do a paper ballot). The line for electronic ballots at the time was a bit longer, maybe 5-10 min?

    Happy Voting!

  • anon

    waited 45 minutes because my polling place (Columbia Heights) had CLOSED AND NO ONE TOLD US. there was just a sign on the door. completely unacceptable.

    • transplanted

      Report this to 866-OUR-VOTE, please.

    • AMDCer

      Polling place relocations were listed on the DC voter guide that was mailed to all residents, and on the DC BOEE website. Where do you usually vote?

    • Anonymous

      More information please! Did you see information that indicated it would be open and then it wasn’t? Or did you just show up at your normal polling place and it was closed? Did you check the DCBOEE website (or other source) to confirm your polling location?

      • elbeech

        As of last night, the website listed Mt Rona

    • Liz

      Yup this happened to us, too. Double checked yesterday by looking up my address on the DC Board of Elections, went to Mt Rona Baptist Church (where we usually vote), and found a sign saying it was closed and to go to Raymond Recreation Center 🙁 While we were at Mt Rona we saw lots of people walking up and looking confused – some definitely headed over to Raymond but others didn’t.

      I guess it is listed elsewhere on the site as being relocated, but you would think they would update the main place on their website where you can look up your polling place…

      • Q

        Same thing happened to me. I checked last night to confirm that I was still voting at Mt. Rona and, yes, BOE said I was. Except, no. When I showed up there this morning, it was closed and directed me to Raymond. For me, it was a bit of an inconvenience, but it was okay. But from a larger standpoint? That’s a BIG problem. It’s a 10-15 minute walk. What if someone doesn’t have the time or ability to do that? What if someone shows up at Mt. Rona at 7:45 tonight and doesn’t make it to the other place before 8? Also, it didn’t seem like Raymond had double the staff to process double the voters, so it took forever–and I got there at 7:30am. Unacceptable.

        • Q

          FYI–the BOE website has been updated to list Raymond, not Mt. Rona, now.

  • John

    Voted at Dunbar High School; Got there ~7:40 and finished ~8:50. Everything was pretty well organized with several volunteers providing information to people in the line, which wrapped from O St. to 1st St. then up to N St.

    • DCRachel

      It was about the same at Dunbar when I got there around 8:20. I finished up around 9:15. Everything seemed to be moving along pretty swiftly and the volunteers were cheerful and helpful. It was great to see so many people waiting to vote!

  • Dogg

    Mt P. library. Took about 40-50 min.s

  • Big T

    Ward 1 @ Duke Ellington School, line took about 50 minutes at 7:10-8:05.
    More notably: everyone in line was white, everyone volunteering as poll workers were black. Without exception.

    • rachel

      I bike past here on my way to work and it looked like there was a line wrapped around the block on Euclid when I biked past at 7:40 ish. I’m surprised it only took an hour. But my partner also just got there and said there’s no line now, so maybe it was just the before work crowd. Either way, so glad I early voted!

    • Anon

      Interesting comment. I was in line at 8:15 at noticed a lot more diversity than you. Family behind me had the cutest kids asking if a women would be running for president when they’re old enough to vote.

      • The Duke

        Just voted there at 11:15, no line whatsoever.

  • Truesdell at about 8. Got through in about 30 minutes, but the line was significantly longer when I left. Loved getting to see lots of neighbors voting!

  • B

    Ward 4, Truesdell . . . Got there about 7:30, left at 8:30ish. Would have been shorter, but neither my or my husband’s online registration showed up in the system so we had reregister there. Poll workers were helpful, voters were cheerful and while it was a little disorganized, no one was upset or annoyed!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Mr. Zelda and I got to our (Rockville) neighborhood elementary school at 6:20. Polls opened at 7, and there were already a few people in line ahead of us. By the time we left at 7:10, the line was out the door.

    Eldest Zelda just left to vote before class. I’m thinking there will be a shorter line now that people are at work.

  • HaileUnlikely

    Voted at Takoma Education Campus. Arrived at 7:45, out around 8:20. Line was moving pretty well, and when I left the line was much shorter than when I arrived.

  • NoVaVoter

    In line at 7:46am; voted at 8:52am at Aurora Hills in Northern Virginia

  • dreas

    I was third in line at Raymond EC at 6:25 am and when I walked out at 7:05 after voting, the line was out the door and nearly down to 10th and Spring.

    To the anon whose polling place in Columbia Heights was closed, if it was Mt Rona Baptist Church on 13th, the notice of change was in the booklet mailed to all registered voters and listed online.

    • colheightsvoter

      I also normally vote at that polling place and the official website wasn’t updated as of a few days ago.

      • rachel

        I normally vote at Mt. Rona Baptist Church too, glad I early voted b/c I definitely missed the memo that it was going to be closed!

    • MsSunshine

      I arrived at Raymond at 7:15 a.m. — didn’t leave until 8:10 a.m. I have never seen lines this long! Yay America! (Of course, they only had one ballot reader and they did combine two polling places.)

    • AP

      Okay, so I missed that memo as well about Mt. Rona Baptist Church closing; therefore, do you mind sharing what the alternate polling location is? Thanks!

      • dreas

        It’s at the Raymond Rec center at 10th and Spring–enter from the 10th St side.

        And colheights, you had to click on the list of changed or moved polling places on the DCBOEE website. I can’t remember exactly what the title was, but you’re right that the new location wasn’t listed if you simply entered your address to find the site. It could be better, but the info was there–and at least they had signs up at Mt Rona telling you where the new location was

        • AP

          Thank you @dreas!

        • HaileUnlikely

          That is to say, the mechanism for finding out where to go was contingent upon possession of the baseline knowledge that your polling place had been changed. Why on earth would a normal person who lacked the knowledge that their polling place had been changed click on that link? It never even occurred to me to examine the list of changed/moved polling places, or for that matter check the website at all. I just went to the place that my voter ID card had printed on it. Fortunately, mine hadn’t been changed, and I voted at the place that my voter ID card said I was supposed to vote at.
          Sure, sure, they had a sign up, that’s great and all, but the assertion that “the info was there” has all the merit of your employer moving across the city, not telling anybody, and communicating the news to all employees by putting a note about the change under the “What’s New” section of the company website, and then telling the irate employees that “the information was there.”

        • HaileUnlikely

          P.S. The title was “Polling Place Relocations.” I would have expected it to contain some legalese about the process by which sites were selected, and would have expected an electronic search form titled “Find My Polling Place” to return the right result, not the wrong result. Having an electronic search form that outputs individualized results output the wrong results and saying “but that PDF with the uninformative title over there on the bottom left of the screen has the right information” is bullsh!t.

    • Liz

      My family also missed the memo. The address search portion of the DOE website wasn’t updated, which is what we checked yesterday.

  • Kingman Park

    I got to the polling place right when it opened at 7 and the line was about 150 people deep. took me about 45 minutes to vote. This was in Ward 3, contrary to my name.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Going to the MPD station on Shepherd after work. Hoping most of the crowds are this morning.

  • jch

    Got in line at Eastern market @ 6:30. In at 7. Out at 7:05

  • anon&confused

    Got in line around 6:45 to vote in Columbia Heights at the Mt Zion AME Church on 16th. Good line at that time, and things moved pretty quickly once the polls opened. Efficient and easy! I was in-and-out in under an hour.

  • gal and girl

    Anyone voted at Barnard ES recently? I have to bring my 7 week old, kinda worried about lines…[yes I should have done absenteebut I didnt think of it in tine]

    • kgw

      I voted at 7:45 at Barnard. In/out in 7 minutes. I always vote in the morning so I have no idea about the lines later in the day. My guess is not too bad.

  • M

    No line at the Shaw Library around 9:45 this morning. Very friendly poll workers, trying to manage a bunch of tricky ballot situations…think they’ll have it down by later today.

  • SewardSq

    Eastern Market took about an hour. Line moved quickly to get in and get a ballot, but took 20 minutes to turn in the completed ballot, as they only had one collection machine that took about 5 seconds to collect each ballot. Big bottleneck.

  • MK

    Got in line at Kennedy Rec Center around 7:15 and were out the door at 8:45. The lines were even longer when we were leaving! Seemed like the poll workers were a little overwhelmed, but also trying to make things run as smoothly as possible.

    • MH

      I got in line to vote at Kennedy at 8:30 am and walked out at 10:40 am. The line was still out the door and part of the way down 7th St when I left.

  • elbeech

    Got in line at the Columbia Heights Rec Center at 6:40, out by 7:10. So glad we went early, as the line was much much longer when we left!

  • sbc

    Ward 6, Friendship Baptist Church in SW.

    Waiting in line + voting was a little over half an hour, and I probably came at the peak time. I was number 327 a little before 9am, and according to the printout on the door they were expecting 608 votes at my precinct. So turnout seemed pretty good!

  • AsAMother

    St. Margarets Episcopal Church on Connecticut Ave north of Dupont this morning at 8:30, in and out in just a couple of minutes. Absolutely no wait at all.

  • The line at my precinct stretched on for several blocks. I’m hoping that I won’t have to wait in line for an hour tonight, because everyone else was doing it this morning.

  • CP

    I was in and out in 20 min at Roosevelt Sharpe School in west Petworth/16th St Heights. The line at Powell Elementary down the street looked significantly longer, though.

  • Girl and Gal

    Any scoop on Barnard ES? I have to bring my 7 week old so I am hoping the lines arent too bad mid-day….

    • Anonymous

      Virtually no wait at Barnard as of a few minutes ago from what I’m hearing.

  • Susan

    Voted at Payne Elementary at ward 6. Got there at 830 and was out by 9:40.

  • Anon

    I don’t understand why people go stand in line for so long to vote when it’s so easy to vote by mail. Two stamps and a walk to the mailbox on the corner and I was done. Is getting the sticker that important?

    • PretzelThirsty
    • I have the day off and enjoy the camaraderie of waiting in line and getting my sticker the day of.

    • Cleveland Park runner

      I waited in line for 20 minutes on Saturday the 29th. Still got the sticker without having to deal with the stress of a Tuesday. Well worth it.

      • DeanWillow

        I voted early in Columbia Heights on Saturday the 29th as well. Took me 25 minutes. Glad I got it over with then.

    • Anonymous

      I get it, but I don’t do it. Some people like the feeling of participation in the event – like they’re putting in their chunk of time to exercise their right to vote. Also it takes no preparation to vote in person – you just walk in. And if you do it early or during the day, there’s basically no wait.
      I’m sure voting by mail is easy, but I’d have to look up how to do that, then actually do it. Probably would end up taking as much of my time as a short wait at a polling location. Plus, trusting the US mail to successfully deliver your ballot to be counted is a reasonable but not guaranteed proposition. Why insert an unnecessary potential point of failure?

    • msus

      Or vote early for those of us who don’t want to even deal with stamps and the mail. I think the longest I ever had to wait was 5 minutes.

    • DCRachel

      I really like the camaraderie of voting on Election Day. Like most people, I have been incredibly anxious over the outcome of this election to the point of almost dreading it. It was a really nice feeling to see the big line of smiling people waiting to vote this morning, and to remember that voting is a privilege and a responsibility that I get to enjoy. Though I do wish Election Day was a paid holiday for those who have trouble getting to the polls because of work situations, but that is another conversation.

      And yes, I like getting the dang sticker.

  • Faith

    Took me only 15 minutes in total at my polling place at Kelly Miller Middle School in Capitol View in Ward 7. I work at a polling place and the line was out the door when I arrived at work at 8:45 but things have quieted down now.

  • oh2dc

    Two hours at Metropolitan AME Church downtown (15/L) this morning (in at 8:15; out at 10:14)

    • logandude

      Ugh – glad I voted early!

  • PSA: We all know that Pokemon Go is loads of fun, but please also pay attention to the line moving in front of you.

  • EES

    I voted at Zion Church on 16th street at 10, in and out no line. I was lucky number 1,447

    • MCR

      Voted at Zion too at 9, waited 15 minutes. It was efficient and the volunteers were helpful and polite!

  • 20009

    Mary’s Center in Adams Morgan — in line at 7:05 and out an hour later. There were roughly 120 people in front of us. The room at Marie Reed used to fit many more tables/booths than Mary’s Center could hold.

    • OP Anon

      Marie Reed will re-open once the renovations are done. Mary’s Center is a temporary location for our precinct.

  • HDR

    Got in line at E.L. Haynes on Kansas Avenue at 6:40, cast my ballot and got my sticker at 7:15. There were about 15 people in line in front of me and between 6:45 and 7 the number of people behind me grew to 50. Including dogs and kids (who were using the lawn of the school to run off all their early morning energy). I definitely foresee a problem with there only being one “Scantron” though. The poll workers were moving people through the line solely based on how quickly they could check them in. There were already slight backups to get a ballot and another back up to scan it. Hopefully, they will begin to hold the line and let the backup clear out as the day goes on. Everyone was very cheerful and helpful though!

  • Llama

    Ward 4 – EL Haynes right when it opened, took about 40 minutes.

  • NW Mom

    Vote at the same polling location as POP. No line, no wait at 9:30. Got to take an exit poll (first time!) on my way out.

    • NW DC

      As a poli sci major, it is still my DREAM to be exit polled!!

      • BeverlyS

        Me too! I’m jealous.

  • psoccer55

    In line at Garrison at 7:40 and out around 8:20. Probably around 200 people in line at 7:40 and about a third less when I left.
    One more check in person would have moved things along much quicker as there were plenty of empty voting spots for the paper ballots (and no line for the digital ones).

  • Victoria

    Ward 6, last week, no line. Still got a sweet sticker.

  • bll

    Got to the Capper Community center in Navy Yard at 1020, walked out at 1050. They only had two electronic booths, so it was faster to use the paper ballots.

  • northeazy

    I don’t get it. Don’t people know about early voting? No way people needed all the way to Nov. 8 to make up their mind.

    • NW DC

      I voted early for the primary and it was GREAT! I decided to wait until today to vote because I wanted to be part of the hype of the day, and, honestly, early voting wasn’t convenient for me this time around. It was a fluke that I was near an early voting station for the primary. But I must say, if it is convenient to do so, early voting is SO the way to go.

    • AMDCer

      Some people like voting in person. I won’t stand in line for an hour for a free chicken sandwich, but I will to vote. To each his/her own!

      • AMDCer

        meant to say “in person ON election day…”

    • J

      It’s not like early voting was guaranteed to be quicker – I have a friend who waited two hours on Friday.

      • Yup that’s exactly what happened to me so I had to bail!

      • Anonymous

        True, but at least they had updated wait times for early voting posted online so you could kind of pick your moment. Of course if you wait til the last moment to vote early then yeah you might get caught in a rush.

      • textdoc

        Yeah — some PoPville readers mentioned long lines when they did early voting, so I figured I’d wait until Election Day and vote in my regular precinct. (Will be voting later today.)

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I voted early and was in and out in under 5 minutes. It was great.

  • AMDCer

    Got in line at 7:05 at Goodwill Baptist Church (Adams Morgan) and was done at 8:00. Went pretty smoothly, though the set-up there is always a bit problematic due to the size/layout. I had never had to wait in line for the scantron/ballot box before, though – not sure why that was so slow this time. They psyched me out this time though – as I walked up I didn’t see any line, but once I turned the corner there it was – been voting there for 20 years and for some reason this time they sent the line the opposite direction out the door down Kalorama.

    • Contessa of Cleveland Park

      I was a DC election-day worker, and my busy Ward 3 precinct had only one DS200 (“scanner”), the last step in voting. I winced to see a long line form for the scanner, the last step in the obstacle course. The DCBOEE training materials have a hilarious picture of the election worker standing, what, 10 feet from the scanner and speaking (shouting?) verbal instructions to the voter for maximum privacy. Yeah, sure. That’d mean a lot of trotting back and forth, ’cause for most voters, it was not obvious where to feed their ballot. Yes, I ended up touching the ballots of some people who were flummoxed by the technology. No, I couldn’t see who they voted for. (In fact I immediately flipped them over–the ballot, not the voter–so that I saw the blank side.) The alternative would have been to slow things down and make the logjam far worse.

      I have about two dozen suggestions to improve things but I doubt anyone at DCBOEE cares.

  • NW DC

    I voted at St. Columba’s Episcopal Church – near Janney Elementary / Tenleytown metro. I got in line at 6:50am. There were about 20 people ahead of me. I walked out at 7:12 after voting. Went quite smoothly for me.

  • hillyeah

    took about 20 minutes from door to sticker at eliot-hine in kingman park. and, super friendly workers.

  • kcdc21

    Just voted in Ward 2 at the Chinese Community Church, took about 10 min total, only had to wait a couple minutes for an electronic voting machine to open.

  • Ben

    Got in line this AM at Powell at ~6:45am and was out by 7:30am. However when I was out the line was significantly longer…..

  • OldinAM

    It took only 20 minutes to vote at Goodwill Baptist Church (Ward 1). No longer a long line out front when I arrived at 10:40.

  • DC Hoo

    I voted up at the big school in Eckington, took well over an hour but everyone was in good spirits! I finished around 10am and the line had died down significantly. Also noticed there were a LOT more people voting provisionally than I would have expected.

  • hiphopanonymous

    I voted at Sherwood Recreation Center on Thursday evening, and it took almost 90 minutes. My issue: As a registered voter, I approached the table and gave the person my ID (which is a new, Real, DC ID). He gave me a look, then asked me to verify my address. I did so, and he proceded to tell me that he needed something else with my address on it, such as utility bill, pay stub, etc. I of course don’t have anything of the sort on me (because I shouldn’t NEED IT), and leave the line without my slip. Long’ish story short, the fiance found a supervior and we explained my situation. Once she realized that the man had all but turned me away, she took me straight to the front of the line, to another person, and I was signed-in immediately. While there she asked who I had seen the first time, and when I pointed out the individual, she replied, “I’m not surprsied.” This begs the question HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE DID HE TURN AWAY FOR NO REASON? Had we not gotten it straightened out that night, I wouldn’t have had time to vote today.

    • OP Anon

      To the respondent above complaining about the USPS being unreliable, this is why I pretty much always vote via mail. USPS has a 98%+ delivery rate (and those returned will end up back at your address).
      Some poll workers are awesome and some are total dolts.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t complain about USPS being unreliable. I just said it wasn’t guaranteed, which is a 100% correct statement. I can’t see what happens to my ballot after I drop it in a mailbox, but I can see what happens to it when I walk into the polling place. In the latter case, if something goes awry I can try to correct it.

        • Anonymous

          (Assuming you were referring to my post. Maybe somebody else complained about the USPS.)

          • Anonymous

            Uh, you can track your absentee ballot in DC. I saw mine in the system weeks ago, it was accepted and tabulated. If it didn’t show an “ACCEPTED” status by today, I would have gone to my local polling station and filed a provisional ballot.

  • transplanted

    Ward 4 at Ft Stevens Rec Center — my boyfriend voted when they opened at 7 and said there were about 30 people in line; I got there at 8:20 and walked straight in, voted, and straight out. I love all the poll workers there, too.

  • NoMa NE Resident

    Voted in Ward 6 (J.O. Wilson Elementary School) was in line at 7:10 and waited about 1.5 hours. The school’s PTA was going through the line offering coffee and baked goods (for a small price) which was nice. The line moved pretty well, but there were just a long line which I cannot complain about. Glad people are getting out and voting!

  • Jen

    Voted at Guy Mason rec center this morning – got there about 8:40 and the wait in line was about an hour but once you actually got in the door they were very on top of things and the actual voting process only took five minutes. The line was much shorter by the time I left, but still longer than I’ve ever seen there before. Everyone seemed cheerful, I didn’t hear any complaints about waiting for that long.

  • BeverlyS

    Ward 6 at Greenleaf Rec Center in SW – got in at about 7:10 and was out by 7:40. I was very pleased with how efficient the sign-ins were. I did vote paper though, the lines for the 2 electronic voting machines were probably another 10 minutes or so longer.

  • m

    Bad. Weeks ago I requested an absentee ballot due to a trip. The trip was later cancelled but the absentee ballot never arrived. I went to my precinct (40 – Mount Pleasant) to vote and had to go to the special ballot table. They told me that I would need to re-register since I requested an absentee ballot. Didn’t matter that I had my registration card (and have been registered in DC for 15 years) and the ballot never arrived. They wouldn’t let me vote. DCBOEE are idiots.

    • OP Anon

      I can almost guarantee that DCBOEE was the problem, not the USPS. When I got my new voter registration card earlier this year (I moved last year), the DCBOEE said I was an Independent voter. I have NEVER changed my registration, have always been a Dem in DC. But somehow I was magically switched without explanation.
      I had to re-register about a month before the Presidential primary in order to vote on the Democratic ballot. They are a dumpster fire of incompetence.

  • Anon3

    Went to Kennedy Rec center in shaw around 10 AM. Stood in line for almost an hour – line went around the block. I had gone by mistake to shaw library earlier, and that place had no line at all – so very odd! Anyway, walked by the Kennedy rec center around noon and no line at all – so presumably, there is a morning and evening rush hour for voting, and middle of day is pretty slow.

  • FacePalm

    Ward 2 Foundry was just under an hour and a half at 8 am this morning, but the staff was very efficient and friendly. No issues, just lots of people in line. Could have done without Carter going from person-to-person in line on P. Happy to have had someone to engage in conversation with instead.

  • andy2

    I voted in Ward 3 – Guy Mason Rec Center and the line was long at 8am. I was done by 9:30. My voting address still wasn’t changed despite doing it 2 other times. Otherwise painless and the volunteers/workers at the polling location were FANTASTIC! I can’t say thanks to all they do to allow us to execute our voting rights.

    Hooray citizens – we are doing good today!

  • Blithe

    I went to the polls at 11 — hoping to avoid the before and after work crush and possible lunchtime lines. When I’ve voted in the past at Friendship Heights, MD community center it’s taken me about 10 minutes. This time It took about 75 minutes. It was inspiring to see so many people in line, and especially so many seniors — including many who were clearly determined to vote despite the lines. Poll workers brought chairs for some, and held places in the lines for others.
    . I was surprised by the procedure of handing a slip with my signature to a poll worker while putting my ballot sheets in the scanner. Not that I have any particular concerns about it, but there actually is a point where someone else can see my completed ballot and link it with both my name and my presence.
    . While I was in line, a group of maybe 20 people, obviously international, came into the voting area “to watch”. I’ve said that I wanted our US elections to be supervised this go around — and apparently I got my wish! I also ended up in line with a fellow graduate of Wilson HS — from Warren Buffet’s class. While I truly miss the old lever machines that added gravitas to my experiences as a voter in NY, voting this go around was a positive experience. I’ve been extremely anxious this election cycle. My plan now is to avoid checking the news until tomorrow morning.

  • nonanon

    ward 4, was in line at 7:03 at powell, was all done just before 8:00. saw lots of neighbors. dropping husband off at metro afterwards and there was a LONG line down M St NW to 16th and almost to L. yay dedicated voters!

  • jcm

    I went to Banneker around 1:00pm and waited maybe 20 or 30 minutes. The line for the special ballots was huge, though. Seemed like there were lots of HU students doing same-day registration.

  • tonyr

    As usual I showed up at the MLK library and there were two people voting (including me) and at least seven people helping out. It’s always like this; is this some secret location? It’s a big black building, so it’s hard to miss.

  • Allyson

    Voted last Thursday at the Columbia Heights rec center around 9:30, and waited about 15 minutes. Biked past Duke Ellington School around 7:40 this morning, and the line stretched pretty far down Euclid.

  • Manor Park

    Voted in Ward 4 at Hattie Holmes Senior Center on Kennedy Street. Arrived around 9 am, took about a half hour. There was a problem with a man’s electronic ballot in front of me, which held things up- there were only about five people in line ahead of me.

    And I took an exit poll, too! From AU polysci students.

  • Ross

    Just voted at Oyster-Adams in Woodley Park and there was no wait whatsoever. It seems like most people lined up at 7am to vote. The line was insane this morning.

  • Mt PP

    A solid two hours in Shaw at Kennedy Rec Center this morning, after getting in line at 7:20. Amazing that they had so few workers there–only two electronic ballot machines and there was plenty of room for more privacy box thingies. You’d think there’d be more workers or something at the busiest time of day.

  • llsndvs

    1.75 hours at Kennedy Rec Center this morning (8:30am to 10:15am) – they definitely should have had more people working – there were about 5 people checking in but only 2 handing out paper ballots – it seemed pretty disorganized. it wasn’t a fun experience, but I would’ve waited 10 hours to exercise my right to vote!


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