Couple More Great DC centric halloween costumes!

by Prince Of Petworth — November 1, 2016 at 9:45 am 6 Comments


Thanks to a couple readers for sending. RE Above: “This guy dressed as the metro on fire for Halloween. Ironically (?) Spotted at Gallery Place Metro station.”

While we’re on the subject I’m curious how last night’s trick or treating went? Was it the normal turn out of trick or treaters? More? Less? How late did they come around?


  • wdc

    I saw a guy dressed as a taco truck, with a menu including items such as Bad Hombre, Nasty Woman, and That Mexican Thing.

  • anon

    That is a great costume lol.
    I thought it was a little bit slow for trick or treaters, but then I probably say that every year! We are on 6th St NE right off H St. We’d get a huge group coming through, then nothing for a while, and then another huge group. We did, however, dispose of almost all of our 400 pieces of candy, so guess it wasn’t that slow!

  • LedroitTigah

    we had a trickle this year again. One little guy wasn’t wearing a costume, and his dad mentioned that it was because his mom was in hospital and he couldn’t get it together. Needless to say, I gave him half my bowl of candy 🙁

  • Trinidad Resident

    It felt much slower than last year which surprised me until I realized that last year Halloween fell on Saturday. Skipping from Saturday to Monday (due to Leap Year) definitely made the streets seem much quieter. Our area of Trinidad was pretty deserted by 8:00.

  • Egad

    We had a lot of trick or treaters just off of 11th St in Columbia Heights. I think that as the 11th street celebration grows, so does the amount of kids who stick around to trick and treat in the neighborhood. Back in the day, parents would drive their kids to Georgetown or Capitol Hill to trick or treat. Now a lot more stay in the area, which is cool. There were a lot less late night trick or treaters, which could be be due to it being on a Monday. Only had a couple of groups after 9.

  • ET

    I got rid of 3 huge bags of candy in about 2 hours – ran out about 8 but there were still people out until about 9:30 in my neighborhood.


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