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Burleith-Hillandale Getting In On the Pop Up/New Construction Game

by Prince Of Petworth — November 15, 2016 at 2:45 pm 13 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I thought you might enjoy an interesting new construction project over in Georgetown (intersection of 37th and S street). I am a bit surprised this was all approved given how much bigger the new pop-up is compared to the former building on site.”



  • bll

    oh wow, that’s a dramatic change. I used to go to parties in that house and when I moved into the neighborhood post college I was shocked at how structurally unsound the side porch looked in the daylight.

  • ET

    This looks more like a developer trying to get around some regs by saying this is a “reno” or whatever term they use instead of saying they were building something new which is what they really did.

    Looks like it is going to be big though I can’t say if this is going to be single-family or not but whoever is going to spend a chunk of change . Don’t most realtors caution people to not build/reno a their place to price themselves out of the market?

    • Burliether

      New construction / renovations in that area are now selling for well over $1m; something like that two blocks over recently sold for nearly $2m, so people are paying. And why not? It’s a great location – close to Georgetown but not in it, so it’s quieter (and safer these days), and if you drive, it’s easy to get downtown and out of town quickly via Foxhall and McArthur/Clara Barton.

  • Hill Denizen

    Is this the front or the side of the house? I like the style, but I think the bottom floor doesn’t look like a ground floor.

    • bll

      this was the side of the original house, which was much more of center hall colonial, with a front door facing 37th. Not sure if they moved the front door to the side, but that seems like it would be an odd layout if they didn’t move the stairs as well.

  • crin


  • Hoya ’05

    Well, I’ve never been against pop-ups…until now. Spent many years walking up and down 37th Street. Those two houses on the east side of that intersection were nice “end houses” compared to the different inner-row row houses between them. Red brick end caps to each block facing each other on the east side of of S Street I believe they were slightly bigger than the inner ones as well.

    The one still standing on the southeast corner of S and 37th was a hippy house for a while back in the early ought’s. Wonderful porch off the back.

    But as long as the building codes permit it, build on! Let’s see the neighbors try to blame this on the students!

    Hoya Saxa!

  • Anonymous

    Is this an addition to the existing house? Or a new separate unit?
    If the former…..WOOF.

    • Burliether

      “Woof” lol

      Jealous? It’s a nice, new, big house in one of the best parts of the city.

      What are you living in?

      • JS

        Looks like someone from DCUM found this thread. And yes, what I live in is much classier than this.

  • Burliether

    This is happening all over Burleith for a while, and is nothing new. Most of Burleigth is block after block of small (1000sf>), plain row houses that use to serve as student rentals back when GU allowed its students to live off campus. Ever since the University forced its students back on campus, all these houses have been flipping from rentals to rehabs. As for the size of the new construction, it’s totally appropriate given 1) how valuable square feet are in that part of the city and 2) how crappy those row houses are. It makes no sense to rehab a rundown one bathroom shitbox when it’s much cheaper to tear it down and build a much bigger, much nicer house. Those lots are actually quite large, as they are all set back, with about 30 feet from curb to house, then another 50 feet of back yard and two car garage. They’re great lots and they deserve better than whats standing on them now.

    • FoggyBottom

      I noticed that Georgetown University as part of their 20-year plan is trying to keep even more upper classmen on campus. Wonder if this will accelerate the rental to rehab pattern you spoke of above. As it stands, it still looks like a lot of 37th to Reservoir is student housing

  • Mars

    I’m not surprised at all. Because of the association with GU students, Burleith has been somewhat undervalued. These days 800k can get you a 3 bedroom in Burleith – where 3 blocks away in Georgetown, you’d have to pay at least $1 to 1.2 million for the same square feet, and less yard space. Big lots in a great location make it a developer’s dream. Based on how the front door and windows are, the house on 37th street looks like it could be a set of condos (maybe 3 flats).


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