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Today’s Rental is “in the heart of beautiful Brookland”

by Prince Of Petworth October 5, 2016 at 2:30 pm 22 Comments


This rental is located two blocks from the Brookland Metro station, Monroe St. Market, and 12th St. The listing says:

Wednesday, October 5: 5:45-7:00PM

Available immediately! This completely renovated, 4BR/3.5Ba home is perfectly located in the heart of beautiful Brookland. Only two blocks from the Brookland Metro station, Monroe St. Market, and 12th St., you will have quick access to shops, restaurants, cafes and Catholic University. The main level has hardwood floors throughout, and the open floorplan (with half bath) is perfect for entertaining. The kitchen features brand new cabinets, energy efficient appliances, and granite counters. The master suite has a large walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom with oversized shower and double sinks. The finished basement contains a fourth bedroom, playroom, full bathroom, washer/dryer, and brand new HVAC and water heater. There is a spacious backyard and patio, with gated off-street parking for two cars. $4000/month. Tenant responsible for all utilities.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $4,000/Mo.

  • also anon

    I don’t see an address anywhere on this post or the listing? $4,000 seems steep for a family but maybe they’re intention is turning it into a group house?

    • also anon

      “they’re turning it into” or maybe I meant “their intention”

    • there’s an email form on the listing where I assume they’ll email you details including the most important one – the address!

    • NW Guy
    • anon

      Reverse image search on the picture yields the Zillow post with open house details and address publicly available together. It’s 3317 9th St NE.

    • anon

      I agree at this price for this house, where it is, that they are looking for a group rental. Though a landlord can’t legally discriminate against any sort of renters – family, group, or otherwise. Though I am sure it happens…

      • HaileUnlikely

        If a family wants to pay $4K a month to live here, I’m sure the landlord will happily take their money, probably even more happily than if a group of singles wants it. However, I think this is likely priced with the idea that 4 singles will find this to be a good deal for this location at $1000/person, not a family finding it too be a deal at $4000/month.

      • law

        actually individual landlords can discriminate on whatever basis they want. only landlords that rent 4+ properties are prohibited from discrimination.

        • anon

          My understanding is that discrimination provisions affect landlords with even one unit. The only exceptions I know of have to do with people sharing space with their tenants.

        • HaileUnlikely

          This is a nonsense debate. There is no reason to believe that the landlord intends to actively discriminate against families. The OP’s point, which is fairly obviously correct, is that while it is rather unlikely that a family would be looking for a $4K/month rental in Brookland, it may well register as a good deal to four unrelated single people who conceptualize the total rent as $1000/person.

        • Probably true – (about the 4+) though no way to actually tell. It seems to be true, but HUD/FHA is pretty vague and a friend who rents on ABB just got sued (big time!) for allegedly discriminatory language in her listing. With only 2 apts. to rent in the home where she lives, she should not be under the provisions of FHA, (also, never discriminating anyway!) but lawyers are apparently trolling listings for any possible remote infractions in the hope of intimidating people into paying up to settle.

          Also, after talking with a realtor friend (looking for lawyer recommendations) he said the language of the listing is incredibly precise. You cannot say “2 minute walk to Metro” as that discriminates against those who cannot walk. You must say “2 minutes to Metro.”

          • textdoc

            Wow, that’s crazy (‘You cannot say “2 minute walk to Metro” as that discriminates against those who cannot walk. You must say “2 minutes to Metro.”’). I don’t see how stating “2-minute walk to Metro” could be discriminatory to those who don’t walk — I mean, it’s a factual statement. (Or should be. Real estate listings often list dubious figures as far as numbers of minutes and numbers of blocks are concerned.)
            Seems like if anything, “2 minutes to Metro” would be discriminatory — it assumes walking and doesn’t specify the mode of transportation.

          • anon

            I imagine this is more a matter of the DC HRA than the federal FHA.

          • No – not DCRA – (crazy as they are) this is federal. And big money ($13,000) and ABB is giving zero support.

          • anon

            The DC Human Rights Act is enforced by OHR, the Office of Human Rights, not DCRA. But okay.

    • also also anon

      Well, if the 2 blocks from everything is somewhat accurate, that only allows for a pretty thin sliver of 9th or maybe 10th from Otis to Lawrence. Seems pretty steep for that neighborhood regardless of their intent; they are still pretty far from the million dollar sales.


    Weird…I was under impression this house was going to be for sale. It had a realtor’s coming soon sign last time I went by there. 4000 a month seems like a lot

    • NW Guy

      Weird, I thought the same from driving by. Did they buy it and are now renting it? The rental contact is not Menkiti Group that was advertising it (I think).

      Re: Price – 3 bedroom condos sold across the street for $725k … this seems on point.

  • Anonymous

    Probably a pretty good deal for four Catholic Law students (assuming four law students could ever agree on how to split the rent.)

    • textdoc

      Actual LOL on reading “assuming four law students could ever agree on how to split the rent.”

  • anon

    Having shared a fair number of UberPools with group house residents in Brookland, I’m pretty sure the market is there. A little over $1k for your own bedroom and bathroom (or a little under to share a bathroom), all while being quite close to the red line and at least some retail, is a pretty good deal. Presumably there’d be no issues with a couple sharing a bedroom+bathroom and living for around $500/month each.

  • Tim Fitzgerald

    Sorry for the miscue everyone. I am the owner and the address in the comments above is correct – 3317 9th St. NE (between Lawrence and Kearny). Email me and I’m happy to tell you the full story of the house if you’re interested. Better yet come by and see it for yourself tonight. Thanks, Tim


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