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  • jch

    Bike rack over on Q and 14th also has a proposal for a 4 story set-back addition per there website page.

  • [rrrrr]

    Wow — as a recent transplant to this part of town, that 2010 photo is unrecognizable. Would love to see that block get livelier with (I’m assuming) more apartments coming in.

  • Anonynon

    I mean the block is exactly the same in that picture except now there are very expensive condo’s where the auto dealership use to be. I moved a few blocks up in 2013…its changed a ton even since then. Capitol view building has no retail…no piola…no trader joes…i never would have expected a la columb and a wework on the block. Really the sky is the limit for this section of town….between u street and cohi is ripe for some new development its a nice in-between part of town


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