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They Wydown – Much More than just Coffee These Days

by Prince Of Petworth October 5, 2016 at 10:22 pm 18 Comments

1924 14th Street, NW just south of U Street

From an email:

“The Wydown recently expanded its menu to offer wine, beer, and cocktails – and we would like DC to know about it!

*The Wydown’s new menu features 8 wines, 3 beers, and 4 craft cocktails.

**Beer, wine, and mimosas are available starting at 9am and cocktails are available starting at 4pm daily. We have extended hours to remain open until 8:30 Sunday through Thursday, and 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday. Coffee and espresso will remain available at all times.

*The cocktails are made from fresh, made-in-house ingredients, including a gin and house tonic, an old fashioned with house coffee bitters and cascara syrup, and a seasonal punch with gin, fresh pineapple syrup, oleo saccharum, lemon and Moroccan mint tea.

*The wine offerings include white, red, rose, and sparkling options. We are particularly enjoying the Evodia, a full bodied, fruity garnacha from Spain and the peachy, medium bodied White Hall Viognier, from a local Virginia vineyard.”

Anyone sample the goods yet? What’s the early word?

courtesy Wydown

Full menu after the jump.



  • Anonynon

    If i was going to pay that much for a cocktail, i would want a little more space…or even a seat would be nice

    • Jerry Grundle

      And I’d expect organic, artisan house made falernum, which I do not see. And where are the ice cubes from?

    • INWDC

      Their prices seem fine for the area (and somewhat cheaper than most to be fair). However, I agree this place is small and the seating limited.

      • Anon

        Yea, I’m not sure where the OP is buying cheaper cocktails in DC, though I wonder if OP sees rail liquor and soda as a legit cocktail.

  • Dave

    I loved this place for months and still go for the bakery. But the price and space is not a place where I want a cup of so so coffee or a cocktail. The bakery is amazing though, like out of this world good.

  • Anonymous

    I feel silly asking this but how do you pronounce Wydown?

  • ron

    just throw a cheap beer on that menu. is it that hard to offer a $3 high life / pbr – something you’re already have a 600% margin on.

  • DF

    Can’t say I’m well traveled to ALL the coffee shops in town, but this one has to have some of the most expensive cups of coffee. Also, what are the hours for HH? That seems pretty relevant for a coffee shop selling booze.

  • above7-11

    What’s a craft cocktail? How does that differ from a regular cocktail? Seriously I would like to know.

    • Belinskaya

      A craft cocktail is generally going to have more attention paid to the details – instead of a gin and tonic made with Schweppes tonic water, it’ll be a house tonic in order to best match the flavour profile of the preferred gin (also, there may be a selection of tonics suggested to pair with the different gins). Each gin brand has a different blend of botanicals, so they all taste different. House specialties are also likely to tend towards complex flavours rather than fruity sweetness. Everyone mocks the “ice program” for good reason, but it’s also about attention to detail: small pieces of ice melt more quickly, diluting the drink. Using small ice for shaking but serving over big ice for on-the-rocks drinks means the bartender controls the dilution and you don’t end up with a weak drink from sitting and chatting all night. You can also see how “attention to detail” frequently leads to “utter pretension” and sometimes focusing on the wrong details or failing to see the forest for the trees. But the goal is to enjoy the flavours and aromas and textures of a cocktail rather than just slinging a vodka cranberry at the non-beer drinkers.

      • Ashy Oldlady

        Problem is, so many people are doing it that the flavors of craft cocktails these days are becoming somewhat homogenous. There are some great bartenders out there who have come up with some really unique cocktails, but more often than not these drinks taste like whichever fancy bitters they’ve put in them.

        • Anon

          Which is precisely why I don’t seek out new bars to try out solely off their cocktail program (save for those run by Derek Brown – his cocktails are usually worth trying).

      • above7-11

        Thanks. Today I learned something.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Any word on whether The Wydown on H Street NE is going to have wine/beer as well?

  • northeazy


  • Manamana

    I love Wydown, but I hope this doesn’t make it more crowded. And I hope they never stop serving that almond pound cake.


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